Thursday, December 9, 2010

To Blog Or Not To Blog

I have been toying about that.  Not forever, but just for today.  For some reason though, I think people want to see an update.  I don't think they like to see an angry one, but they don't mind sad, I guess would rather see happy, perhaps funny??  Not sure, I'd be the last to know.  :)   (just a joke)   hee hee

We got a card in the mail yesterday from Myrna with a little letter. That was nice.  Did we always get cards from her??  I don't remember.  Didn't I get a picture of Barbara's kids last Thanksgiving??  OMG that was such a hard day for me.  That was my 5K remember??  I posted On Dee's site I liked her picture, and something else anonymously, and caught all kinds of crap for that.  I meant well though, and let them see my story.  That dude from Minnesota too.  I haven't read him in like 1000 years.  I remember he was funny.  He had a thing on his website follow me on twitter.  So I did, and he didn't follow me back.  I was like screw that.  Why would you have a follow me if you don't follow me back.  I took it the wrong way, because I believe in me.  I am not glamorous, I am not rich, I am not fast, but I made a small step a long time ago.  I did not know where it was leading, but I did it.  Do you know where it leads???

It sets you free.  Unknowingly that was the path I took.  The one to set me free.  It even says so.

If one decides to check out my blog.  I am sorry for being mean, but I am sometimes.  When push comes to shove I believe in myself, and I have help.  When I read you all on your bad days I am there.  Maybe I can make you laugh a bit on your good days.  If you give me some I give you more.  I already have given you a lot.  I plan on giving more.  I am not mad.  It is all forgotten and all forgiven.  That is how I roll.  You know I would have never made it through Heimleblog without you.  You were my strength when no one believed in me.  I told you that before, and am reminding you here.  Yes tears are down my face as I wrote that.  So know you still are very important to me, and that ain't changing.  You are important to others too.  Look at Barb's post.  Look at Audrey's  Not the date one, but the one before.  A lot of people look to you.  You help them, and you don't even know it.  Maybe I do too sometimes when I update and comment.

I still love you !!  :)   I sometimes wonder between the two of us who is the more clumsy minded.  We are definitely alike in that way.  :)

Well anyways...

No workouts yesterday.  At work my hamstrings were a bit sore.  It would have been at max a short run, push ups, pull ups, and trainer day.  At minimum I would have not run, but done the others.  As is my case sometimes I did less than the minimum.  :)  I at least have that in common with some of the other bloggers I read.  Others are pretty much way much more better than that than me.  :)

So anything else???

hmmmmm.  Well, I do plan on getting my workout in today.  I kinda had a Wednesday = Friday yesterday.  So today I can get some work in.  I just listened to music and stuff yesterday.

Now I remember why my hamstrings were sore yesterday.  I bent down a lot.  You ever get that at all??  bend down a lot and boom the hamstrings are sore??  I know we do that when we plant a lot of flowers... usually some weekday in February.  :)   Ha Ha j/k.  We really do that in the spring.  :)

That is it for today!!!   :)

Thanks for reading!!!   :)

Hope Everyone has a Great and Awesome Day!!!   :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love You All!!!   :)

p.s.  Dunn and Konerko.  Go long on the Sox this year.  :)

Now for really really cya cya cya!!!   :)

UGH!!!  there it is AGAIN!!!   :)

Oh one other thing.  There is a pretty girl who works at the liquor store.  She dresses up a lot in the summer.  I complimented her a few times.  She really looks nice dressed up.  She for a while looked either mad or sad, so I didn't say much.  The last two times she had really shiny pretty nails.  I commented on them, and said they look nice.  They were Lee press on nails.  All she could afford.  I told her I asked my wife about nails.  Do they do more with them now??  They do.  It seems over the last year or so they made huge improvements.  I think that is one positive step for mankind.  :)   lol

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