Sunday, December 19, 2010

I Owmost Forgot I Work Today!!

So I am up early, as I always am.  I really don't have much to write about, but this is what I do.  I am going into work at 8:00 am btw.  To help a dept. do some stuff, which actually helps me with my job too.  It is why I do it.  :)  For the record my run to work is 3.5 miles to an area where I can map it.  The street to the entrance.  If I ran up to the entrance door, it would probably be maybe 2/10 of a mile.  I stop at the street, and walk tho, so I can get a true measure.  I am anal about that.  I forgot to stop my watch though, so when I tried to see how long it took on my Friday run to work, it said 5 hours.  :)   ooops!!  :)

Yesterday all I did was run.  I didn't do push ups or anything.  As a matter of fact I was pretty lazy yesterday.  I wanted a day off, so I just did dishes and stuff, and went to New Holland around 2 or so.  I then came home and listened to music. 

This is my life.  Exercise, work, blog, music, sometimes I watch tv, but not too often.  I like to have a beer or two time and finances permitting.  I will say for the record, I am loony with or without beer.  I have been hung over twice this year.  I haven't got sick off of liquor in I don't know how many years.  I drink, but I don't overdo it.  I am not a let's see how much we can drink til 3:00 am type of person.  Have a few, have some thoughts, and sleep.  It is how I do.  I have a lot of freedom in my life, because that is how it is.  I do as I wish, although I purposefully don't hurt people, we ALL do though.  I am honest about things though.  This is what I do.

As I told my brother yesterday... via message.  What I am doing is important.  Hanging out with me is not important, but this silly little blog is important.  I take it seriously.  Why else do I get up early ALMOST EVERY DAY to write this??  So yeah, I take this thing to be more important than most other things I do.  So there.  Just so you know. 

Some thoughts I have had recently is about an athlete and their coaches.  I don't have a coach, except for Alan, and our Wednesday and Saturday.  I go by feel.  I guess if I had something on paper to say I need to do this or that it would be easier.  Look at my to-do-list so to speak, and get it done.  Me I do as much as I can, and as much as I want.  Less than others and more than others.  So that means to me.  I definitely see the value in a coach.  Some of us are just out here though doing it on our own, and having fun, making friends, etc... 

Yesterday's run begins with my first ever season with the running group.  Remember I got down to around 174, and ran my first marathon.  Well, I got back up to 195 or so after.  I still ran, but I had an injury, and didn't do as much as I did before.  Now this time was pre-blogger time.  I ran the Chicago marathon that fall, and I was pretty big.  It was the heat Marathon, and I finished in like... you know what I am not sure what the time was.  I probably shouldn't have run it.  I think I was 2:10 at the half.  It was brutal.  Smarter people than me didn't run it, although they trained for it.  My cousin Rudy was one, and Barb was another.  I did go that far back yes.  :)  It was a long time ago tho. 

During my first season I ran with Nancy, and Carol.  I ran with them yesterday.  That was Nancy's first year with the running group, and my first year.  Nancy was a first time 5K'er to now a multi-marathoner.  Her carrot is Boston.  It is a tough little carrot for many people.  I had no idea.  I don't even know what my Boston qualifier is to be honest.  It was once something I thought about I guess, but not too much now.   I am in it for fun.  So little Carol is a trooper, and she got her Boston mark at Bayshore last year.  In the heat she got her little body to get to the finish in her time.  There were some remarkable runs at Bayshore.  Remember Rick somehow broke 3-hours at Bayshore.  He definitely is not the fastest in our group, but when it comes to race day he sure is.  I don't know how he does it.  Miles and miles of slow slow miles I guess.  Carol said yesterday on their Sunday long runs, they average like 11 minute miles.  UGHHHHHHH  wha???????  It works for him I guess, but not sure if I enjoy running that much to run 11 minute miles for 20 miles 20 weeks in a row, or whatever the heck it is he does.  :) 

So anyway it was fun to run with the girls yesterday.  They both did the Disney tri-fecta last year.  5K-1/2marathon-full marathon.  Their training would be a 10 miler followed by a 20 miler, or probably the other way around.  20 followed by 10 back to back.  Carol has her Boston, and Nancy wants hers.  Nancy has been running through pain for a couple years now though.  eeeeeek.  How lucky am I??  If I get injured it heals completely.  Even Jerry battles his hamstring all the time.  This is a tough sport.  Running is the hardest part, because it is the toughest on the body. 

Well these are just thoughts out loud.  I saw Amanda running yesterday on the ice melt.  I don't think she is training for anything, but she said she may do Riverbank.  A great distance.  Over a half and under 20.  It is always my favorite race. 

I have some thoughts surfacing.  Not to the surface yet, so this entry doesn't have much.  Like I said though this what I write here is important.  I hope it is entertaining, because well, just because.  So... as I said I don't really have much today, so you know what is coming up....

That is it for today!!!   :)

Thanks for reading!!!   :)

Hope Everyone has a Great and Awesome Day!!!  :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love You All!!!   :)

p.s. I am going to see if I can get some more sleep before I go into work.  Wish me luck.  :)

Now for really really cya cya cya!!!   :)

Oh, and for some reason I think Olga is the best tweeter in the wiiiirrrrrrrllllllldddddd!~!!   :)

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