Friday, December 17, 2010


Well, I have absolutely no idea where I am going with this post, so bear with me.  :)  We have some family stuff going on over yonder across that big lake.  After talking to my Dad, I made a tough decision.  Well, it wasn't really tough.  I told my brother Jim he should stay on that side of the lake.  He is a bit like Jackie, and that will not work here.  There are resources on that side of the lake which can help him get on his feet.  Down on his luck so to speak, but much of his own doing.  He will just have to put his tail between his leg, and ask.

Some people hold onto so much freaking baggage,  I am like get over it.  Your life- be active do stuff to the best of your ability.  My Dad is active, still spinning, and playing handball, etc...  So I say again for someone as active as me it is hard to deal with the inactivity.  Not my strength.

In other news our car broke down, or is about to.  We have a mechanic friend who looked at it.  Tie rod ends are about shot.  :)  Lisa's best friend's husband is a mechanic.  He looked at it, and he is going to fix it.  Once we save up the money.  :)

In my life, how I am, this shit doesn't bug me.  Lisa wanted to borrow money and shit, I was like Fuck No!!  I didn't really say fuck no, but ... well maybe I did.  We got ourselves into this pickle we'll get out.  I am not freaking borrowing money again.  Unless I bounce a check/debit.  :)    This is just an opportunity for me to be active, show an example, and keep the sun shining in my life.

I missed my workout yesterday due to napping through it, so today I will run to work.  It is a little under 4 miles.  Why not??  People climb freaking Everest and K2, I can freaking jog to work at 4 in the morning.  That is who I am now.  Just freaking do it.  Whatever path we find ourselves in I guess there is hope knowing I can make this work, because others have probably been through tougher things.  Remember my witto sweetheart girl Anne Frank.  In other words this ain't shit to me.  Like I put on twitter, In my life I don't have obstacles just little detours that help make me strong.  Everything positive in my world folks, cause that is how I do.  I get an early workout in.  Wooooooo!!  I hope Katie is working tonight.  Still going there.  Lisa punched me when I told her.  :)   lol

So let's see, what else is going on in my life.  Oh, something funny happened at work yesterday.  I will leave the names out although Victor was in on it.  :)   Him and some other guy, I'll leave his name out, were talking about having a drinking contest.  A freaking drinking contest.  Work has become a freaking dorm room.  lol.  They were actually smack talking too.  I laughed my ass off.  The one dude was telling Victor, " You just don't understand, I am totally going to demolish you."  omg how funny.  Oh, and btw Victor is married with a child, and the other guy is a college graduate.  :)  Crazy kids.  I love it.   :)

So I found out yesterday there is a blogger who has been holding out on us all.  She has boots, and there have been no pictures.  What is up with that??  Who hides their boots when I obviously have a fetish with girls in boots.  Sheesh!!!  j/k.   :) 

As I look at myself, through my 3-D rainbow glasses I see a man who is immature'ish.  I talk of important things though.  I see the zany stuff Joseph Heller saw, and I looked at the serious stuff Howard Zinn saw, and take this roller coaster ride of life through the hills and valleys, already knowing this race I ran has been won.  I was sad when I won it seemingly, but now I am not.  We are on a journey, and for me this is fun.  I think some of you need to muscle up some courage, as I am free to do as I wish.  You bloggers are not open with your thoughts as much as you can be.  I see that.  I like Maija's last sentence in her last post.  I mean yeah who expects all to be perfect.  Be real.  Be out there.  Why not??  None of us think you are perfect, but if you show the bad we will relate, and it is in our faults where we find love.  Our world is not perfect, and our lives are not perfect.  This is life.  Whatever is true, and whatever is honest is a good thing... even if you think it is bad.

I write my thoughts here, and maybe you think I am a bad person, but you know what???  Your thoughts are not much better, you just hide them.  Judge me if you want, many of you already have, but you are no better, probably not worse.  :)  None of us are perfect you crazy goofs.  Although Kim Kim Kim is pretty high on a pedestal right now in my eyes.  What can I say I have rockstaritis.   When someone is talented, and nice, and appreciative, and everything like that then WOOOOOOOOO!!!  :)

You know silence is deadly in a way.  You hear nothing and you think people don't like you.  When people lie to me, it makes me mad at them.  When people are out there being themselves I love them a ton.  Be true and be honest.  Fake shit sucks.  No one wants to see that shit.  Just freaking be real.

Like Nancy said, (new blogger Nancy) I would put stuff out on FB, and no one would respond.  really??  Don't you people care about others???  This shit is done together folks, quit being so selfish!!   :)

That is it for today!!!   :)

Thanks for reading!!!   :)

Hope Everyone has a  Great and Awesome Day!!!  :)  :)  (put 2 smiles there, forgot one yesterday)  :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love You All!!!   :)

p.s.  Life-live it like you won it.  You did!!!   :)

Now for really really cya cya cya!!!   :)

Everyone give Jeff Stark a big shout out.  He kinda won the lottery.  Our store after this weekend will be clsoing at 9:00 pm.  He gets to close at 10:00 pm on Friday and Saturday. What a lucky bastard.  I wish I could be at the local lumberyard til 10:00 pm on BOTH a Friday and a Saturday.  Especially when the next time we'll be open til 10:00 pm is when weekdays in February are  in the rear view mirror.  I will be in mourning next week for 10:00 pm closes.  Especially on Fridays and Saturdays.  :)

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I know it's going to be an interesting day when steve gives me a whole paragraph in his blog!

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