Friday, December 24, 2010

I Had To Get Up And Pee Anyway...

So I guess I should blog.  I have absolutely nothing at all to blog about, but who knows maybe something will pop up.  So I will start off with my workout.  omg I had such a laaaaaazzzzzzyyyyyy day yesterday.  I don't get many days off during the week so I guess I lived it up a bit.  I spent 97 hours on the computer, before I got going.  All I did yesterday was ride the trainer for an hour, and did push ups, not sure how many sets, and 4 sets of 6 pull ups that is it.  No run, and no swim, like I planned.

I had a nice discussion with someone who was mad at me AGAIN!!  I hope she never gets mad at me.  I seriously don't do things intentionally to make her mad.  She lives in Poland.  I make a lot of people mad here and there.  Isn't that nuts?  The more I open up in stuff, the more I show people, the more they get mad at me.  Do they judge me?  A lot of times I feel people judge me, and that makes me mad.  I don't judge them.  I even told Lisa last night, "You know you point out my negatives a lot what about my positives???"  I mean what if she was married with any other guy?  I have things I can get mad at her about, but I typically don't.  I forgive pretty quickly.  I think she felt bad.

Oh well like I said I don't have much today.  I definitely have to run today.  I am going back to bed now though.  I hope everyone is enjoying whatever you may be celebrating.  Tomorrow Lisa and I are seeing a movie.  :)  We typically don't do much on Christmas.  She is going to bring her mom a dinner tonight.  I am not going.  She wanted me to go, but I don't want to so I won't.  Mean???  perhaps but honest.  That is how that works.  Why should I go there to bore myself??  No reason.

That is it for today!!!!   :)

Thanks for reading!!!   :)

Hope Everyone has a Great and Awesome Day!!!   :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love You All!!!   :)

p.s. yes the pull ups are up to sets of 6.  I won't go higher, and I rarely do a max set.  Once a year maybe if that.  Push ups the sets are about to jump up to 20.  I am definitely getting there.  I am going back to bed now though.  Hope you all have a great and AWESOMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEE  DAY!!!  :)

p.p.s.  I love love love the word AWESOMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEE!!!   A WOT!!!   :) 

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