Saturday, July 31, 2010

No Blog Today

Title says it all. May take a couple days off. #travel. :)

Hope everyone has a Great and Awesome few days!!

Xo's!! :)

Really Love You All!! :)

p.s. I understand a few things about this blog. It is o.k. Don't worry!! :)

p.p.s. "Let's Go Whitesox"

Friday, July 30, 2010

My Favorite Time Of The Day-- perhaps some history??

I was asked by my brother title first, or title last.  You know?  Mostly title first.  I really have no idea what I am going to write.  I get ideas from the bloggers I read, FB, and every day life.  Things I see day in day out.  I have an idea of what I am going to write.  Throw down a title, and go to town.  :)

Okay I was going to do this write up about yesterday.  I will just say two girls I worked with opened up to me a bit about their life.  Not all things are always great with them, but they both typically smile a lot.  I think they both are great.  Going, or have gone through some tough times though. 

hard blogging while making weekend plans at 3:00 am.  I think all the fucking Pejchls are up still.  Hey??  wth??  Pejchl gets a red line?  stupid blogger!!

Okay off track.  looked at my title, so that is what I will write.  My favorite time of the day is when I wake up.  My thoughts are clear???  perhaps, who knows.  I worked 2nd shift at the hospital before and after I went in the hospital, so I always got a ton of shit done before work... except for that year or so of physical depression I went through.  Physical as in my energy was non-existent.  More than anything, I think I would have liked not to live to be honest.  Life seemed so stupid.  Natalie my friend at the time got me exercising.  That helped a ton.  One night while I was up in a surgery room I believe, my energy was returned.  I don't know really why I had to go through the physical depression.  I guess I did some things wrong pre-hospital, but God knows I didn't know what I was doing.  I survived it though.  Yes, I knew the exact moment the energy came back.  I was excited, I was back to my normal self.  Wow though.  What a journey.  Summer of 92 all the way til now.  That is a long time huh? 

Ha!! It just came to me.  I didn't do anything wrong.  It was the old lady in the old people's room.  The one who told me to have the patience of Job.  I was angry at God for sure.  I wanted to die for sure, but I didn't curse God.  I did last summer though.  I was as low as low can be.  I thought I have hit my breaking point.  I cursed God for making me alive to see such days.  He lifted me up that night, and took my heart.  Yes a vision.  I was awake.  There is a vision too of the eye of the needle.  Eye of the needle is birth.  That is what it looks like from a babies perspective.  The lesson of they eye of the needle???  With God all things are possible.  :)    That is what I had to learn.  That was the end of "The Journey", and the start of "The Wait"!!

Anyway off track again I guess.  Working 2nd shift meant I wake up and do shit before work.  I kept it that way, even when many times my job meant I came in early.  I wake up 3 hours or so before work since I have been working at Menards.  Even now that I work at 5:00 am. 

I drink coffee and blog now.  I used to clean the kitchen and read.  With the computer and online, I would do shit online.  I used to even workout.  indoor bicycle for 72 minutes every single day almost.  That was before I started running. 

Yesterday bike to work and back was it. 

That is it for today!!   :)

Hope you all have a Great and Awesome Day!!

xo's!!   :)

Love You All!!  :)

p.s.  blogger Barb is great!!  :)   Ha ha!!  so are all the others, but wanted to say that.  :)

How about them White Sox!!  Woo Hoo!!  Twins could start losing anytime.  Tigers suck.  Tigers suck, mostly cause of injuries.  Need to have a good bench.  Ozzie's secret?  He has two.  He always always always uses bench players.  Everyone gets to play.  Makes the game fun for everyone.  162 is a long time.  People need days off, and people like to play.  Ozzie lets them.  Our pitchers stay healthy for the most part.  Seemingly better than other teams I think. 

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Words Were Scary!!

Me:  "So what's the workout??"

Alan:  "For the 1/2 Marathoners 5-1000's"

Me:  "Sold on the Half!!!"  (kidding of course  Ha ha!!)

8-1000's was the workout.  200 M activ-ish recovery.  We ditched that after the first 4, unless activ-ish means walking.   It was still hot out dammit!!  ;)

7:28 was the pace for the 1000s.  My goal after the 4th was to break the overall time of the first 4.  I failed, but by only 5 seconds.  I will take it.  On our hardest workout to date my 1000s lost 1.25 seconds speed/ 1000.  I probably had it too, but I think I spaced on the last 1000.  I felt good, but my mind just zoned.  I think I was spent.  :)  Good thing I took this week easy, because that sucker was hard!!

4-mile warm up/cool down @ 8:45 pace.  Temps were a bit better, humidity was a bit better.  We still run under full sun.  As it cools down, I'd definitely like to see my times be closer to 7's, but I'll take that as a successful workout for sure.  FWIW, I have no idea the times of my last 2-1000's- I wasn't even looking at my watch.

Oh and same old thing-- my dinner after was just a salad.  It was all I could stomach, plus some fruit.  My sleep 4 hours.  :)   wth??

Any other news.... hmm... not really.  A friend is moving with her fiancee to Minnesota, so we're going to Buffalo Wild Wings after work as a going away thingy.  She said I wasn't invited.  :(    I said... but....but..... Lisa will want to drive someone home.   :)

That is it for today!!    :)

Hope everyone has a Great and Awesome Day!!!   :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love you All!!!   :)

p.s. 84,000 push ups really = around 50 I think.  :)  -- done with pull ups.  

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Okay, Okay another not so great day of training.  Yesterday after work I planned on doing my 6 mile route when I got home.  It was hard biking home...again.  Wth??  I haven't been biking much.  My 6 mile run turned into a 2 hour nap.  I should learn never to sit down while I am taking off my shoes I guess... nothing good will come of it.  :)  My workout ended up Lisa and I taking the dogs for a walk.  I also posted some pictures.  I have to do it, because Lisa doesn't know how to.  Oh, and I am lazy with that shit too.  When she wants me to do it, I think I'd rather have Turkey buzzards take me away!!  (hope they are real monsters)-- we have them by our house, but they look like Hawks.  Someone told me they were turkey buzzards.  This guy likes to yank my chain a lot too.  Guess I should just google it.

Not all is lost however.  I get to run the track tonight.  I am not going to ride my bike before the track,  I don't think.  Just my to work and back.  I am going to do 84,000 push ups however, because I have been slacking.

Oh well some things came to me in the last couple of days.  It had to do with this weekend, and also from another time.   I don't really know how to explain it, but perhaps soon.  It is interesting for sure.  I wonder if the two people know about it?  That is what I wonder.  I wonder if the two people know who I am talking about too.  Interesting.  Of course I already told Gina.  She had a shit day yesterday.

Oh well, that is it for me today!!!  :)

Hope everyone has a Great and Awesome Day!!!!   :)

xo's!!!  :)

Love you All!!  :)

p.s. something funny.  A couple weeks ago Gina's daughter Alyssa friend requested me.  I commented on like two of her things.  She is 12 years old.  She did the creeper test.  I was her #2 creeper.  YIKES!!!  :)   Not commenting on her shit anymore!!!  Ha ha!!!   I feel like such an old creeper.  :)

p.p.s.  A great picture of Lisa!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

OMG lol

First off I warn you, this may be boring.  I really have nothing to write about.  I know, I know weird for me, I always have a ton of shit on my mind, today...not really.  Ooooh, maybe a list, it has been a while.

First off, I had an off weekend of training...for me.  Well, except for the run.  Nothing Friday, and short-ish for a Sunday.  My bike to  Nothing in the legs.  Quads felt like they just biked 872 miles the day before.  How do I know this??  I often bike 872 miles in one day, so I know exactly what that feels like.

I was tired.  Not my normal totally beat Monday, but still not great.  I am officially boycotting all Mondays!!  I came home, and napped outside in the shade, and decided to get a bit of a run in.  lol II-- Holy crap!!  Legs had nothing there either.  I cut my 4 mile loop short to 3.12, and my pace was 9:16.  Yep, and that is what the legs felt like.  Of course I ran during the hottest time of the day.  Oh well.

lol III  I don't even have anything for a list.  Ha Ha!!

That is it for today!!  :)

Hope You all have a Great and Awesome Day!!  :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love You All!!!  :)

p.s. I almost forgot.  Miraculously my shuffle works like a charm.  Now what the hell else is seemingly broke that can be miraculously fixed??  hmm...  :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend Over...finally???

So it wasn't my best weekend.  I obviously was not in the best of moods, and I am one to let people know about it.  I am not going to keep it inside.  You don't even know half the stuff that bugs me to be honest.  It is Monday today, and I have a challenge before me at work.  Try and get everything accomplished I want to.  I am already feeling it might be a chocolate milk first break.  :)

Anyway some news from my end.  My shuffle is toast I think.  I believe the ride home in the pouring rain was the death of it.  I was soooo soaked it was unbelievable.  It was a blast though.  One of those things I am out in the elements, and people wouldn't even think of it.  That shit kind of motivates me at times.  Doing things others won't.  On the bright side our stove miraculously works again.  I forget where I commented about it, but our stove went berzerk.  couldn't turn the stove part on.  No frozen pizza's for Kevin. A staple in his diet.  His 4 food groups, are tacos, pizza, pepsi, and peanut butter and jelly.  He never met a vegetable or a fruit he liked so he has gone his whole life without any of those wasteful pieces of food.  :)   I ate around 9000 tomatoes yesterday, and probably have around 9000 ready for today.  Woo Hoo!!

I biked yesterday.  I planned on going anywhere from 50-100 miles and went 27.  :)   I told Lisa I just wasn't feeling it.  Knee was kind of bugging me too.  I feel rested though for a Monday too, so that is good.  I will probably get a run in today I think, with my bike to work and back.  I think I am approaching 2000 bike miles for the year already between the two bikes.  Maybe 1700 + miles.  A good year as far as that goes for me.  I am not sure about running totals, but every month has been over 100 miles, so at least I am lucky as far as that goes.  I do feel bad about one who is injured.  One of the blogger's I read.  I let them know.  Nothing I can do about it though.  Oh well. 

Well, I have a 10K  I can do this weekend.  weather looks like it will be good for a p.r., but I am not sure if I will do it.  My goal is the marathon, I think I'd rather do a long run with the group.  We'll see.  My priorities are the marathon first.  5K second, and the half marathon 3rd.  The half marathon will be a tune up.  A marathon pace the first 10 miles and hammer it home.  I should be able to beat last year's time. 

Well, next weekend should be interesting, I will tell you all about it later.  :)--hint-- other side of the family.  ;)

That is it for me today!!!  :)

Hope you all have a Great and Awesome day!!!  :)

xo's!!!  :)

Love You All!!   :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Day!!

My day was early morning run.  Well first I had an honest blog entry.  Obviously it upset me when I saw injustice at work.  I also was angry that Hailey's boyfriend was being annoying to people he is living with, or visiting.  I am not sure what Hailey's intentions are.  I told him to listen to Savannah.  She has a good head on her shoulders. 

I had a run,  most of it was in the rain.  13.7 @ 8:48 if I remember correctly.  I was going to go an extra mile, but had to poop in the woods, and decided to add on at the end.  When the end came I decided not to add on.  :)

Lisa worked to help out.  I guess everyone and their mom asked for this weekend off for some reason.  She was tired when she came home.  I cooked out, and went to bed early.  I was frustrated more than anything.  Trust me I don't normally go to bed at 7:30 or whatever on a Saturday. 

One thing I noticed is those who open up a bit tend to be happier.  They have less baggage.  Those who try to calculate are playing a fool's game.  Honesty is right 100% of the time.  Nothing bad comes from it.  If you feel you are stuck in a hard place, just realize that truth will set you free.  It even says so. 

That is it for me today!!!  :)

Hope you all have a Great and Awesome Day!!!  :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love You All!!   :)

p.s. I want to tell you something that cracks me up.  Gina and I were talking on the phone yesterday, and she told me a story.  Her ex- showed up at Alyssa their daughter's softball game.  He was wearing some designer matching outfit of some sort.  She told him.  "You cannot help pay for summer school, but you show up in that faggy outfit you Fag!!!!"

Ha Ha!!!  That cracks me up!!!   :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Name Of My Blog Is The Wait!!

That is what I am doing.

Lisa doesn't always like it when I am so honest.  She thinks I will hurt some feelings.

Hailey and her boyfriend came home to pick up some stuff.  I told her boyfriend to be real.  Be fucking honest.  Don't pretend you know some martial arts shit you don't, or that you've never seen fireworks.  People don't like him, cause he is a know it all, and a fucking liar.  I told the son-of-a bitch to fucking be honest and people will like you.  Lisa tried to keep the reins on my honesty.  Me telling the fucker to be real will do him more good, then pretending I like him, and telling people the fucker is a dick behind my back.

I hugged the two biggish lesbian girls who were their driver. Why??  Because Savannah was honest.  She told me in one sitting she lived in a foster house, because I think her Dad beat the hell out of her or something.  They needed gas money so I gave them $20 instead of the $7 they asked for.

I haven't always been honest, but I swear a lot, and have for a loooooongggg  time!!  Honesty to me was hard.  Now it is pretty easy, keeping the reins on is hard.  I was going to yell at some people in our front office for changing someone's schedule without telling them.  This guy who has a set schedule got scheduled on a Sunday, and no one told him.  Who the fuck changes a set schedule without telling a person??  What happened here??  This person was suspended.  Is that a big deal??  yes, because it is going to make it hard to feed the fucking kids.  I told Lisa I was going to go off.  She told me not too.  I said yeah you are right why not.  In WWII we killed tons of kids, what is a couple more starving ones.  It would not have been pretty, and I walked away mad for Lisa not letting me say my piece.

Love lives in the light.  Open and honest.  It isn't easy.  You have to just fucking toughen up and do it.  Fuck it!!!

It is raining again, so I assume you will not have the best of days today.

I am going to run in this shit, and I don't give a fuck!!

That is it for me today!!!  :)

xo's!!!  :)

It is for your own good!!  trust me.

This blog post = lol!!!   :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hmmmm 2

Hey,  how's it going??  Just stopping by to say hi!!  :)   Hope you all are having a good day. 

I am going to tell you a story.  I told it already to the O'Toole girls via I e-mailed  one to forward to the other.  Wait, you know what I will do?  I will copy and paste the letter I sent them. 

--subject line was "I Forgot Your Name"

I was going to send you an e-mail to send to your sister, and I forgot your name.  Ha Ha!!  I thought it was ayuromixed.  :)

Anyway, I remarked on one of her posts, and told her about one of the guys I work with who was having problems at home.  I wanted to update.

I have known this guy since I moved from Normal, IL.  When I was a manager of the Plumbing dept. he was my best worker.  He is a geek.  Everyone thought he was a geek, but we were good friends.  He was a good worker, and a decent guy.

Something happened.... He has been in a bad mood for like 7-8 years, or so.  Maybe he thought life was always supposed to be great or something.  He spends too much time on the computer.  Migraine causing too much time.  His family life has suffered, and he has two kids. 

I de-friended him on FB, because he was always in a bad mood, and I wasn't in the mood for it at the time to be honest.  I was just kind of like blah toward him you know?? 

Anyway now he is opening up, and telling me his problems.  His wife put a restraining order on him for some reason.  He is not a violent person at all. 

She has taken a leave of absence from her job, and now their financial situation will be a mess.  She moved in with her sister in Illinois with the kids. 

Just wanted to keep Nancy up to date with this.  Still a work-in-progress, or whatever.  He asked me how Lisa and I do it.  We work together, see each other every day at work, and at home. 

Good question.  We have had a pretty easy marriage as we both have always got along really well, and are friends.  We haven't been perfect in all things, but none of us are. 

Oh well, I hope things work out for him.  I am glad he opened up, because now I feel I can talk to him you know?? 

Anyway keeping Nancy up to date, and you too I guess.  :D   Forward it to Nancy please... in case she is interested.  :)

Hope you two have a good day and night, and ttyl. 

You both are great!!!   :)


Steve Pejchl

Why??  I don't know!! 

Is what this brave soul doing important telling me and others things so personal?  Yes!!

Is it bad to bury it??  Yes!!   

Is it easy to do it??  No!!

Are you going to do it??  Yes!!

I pray it is easyish for you.  :)

Yesterday at the track:

I had to cut the grass, as it was too high, so didn't do my customary Wednesday bike before the track.  Legs felt much better.  :)

4-mile warm up/ cool down @ 8:34

On the track we did my favorite workout.  We usually do mile repeats, but we did 1200 M repeats.  We did 5 of them.  3-tempo 1200's and 2 marathon pace 1200's  Marathon pace is the recovery, although I took a water break after the 3rd one.  Most of us took a break here or there for fluids. 

I just totaled the whole workout.  My pace for overall was 7:50.  My goal pace for my marathon is 8:00.  It is hard to tell how fast we are right now in these temps.  We'll know more as it gets colder, but for now we keep getting strong!!  :)

Hope you All have a Great and Awesome Day!!  :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love You All!!!   :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I realize it is hard.

6.20 miles @ 8:57 I think.

I linked to a site a couple days ago.  This blogger is so much more courageous than even I realized.  She has my utmost respect, I will say that.   :)

cya!!!   :)

p.s. I am not mad, because I know it will happen anyway.  It is easier the sooner you do it though.  Less rainy days.  That is how that works.  :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


You know what??  I really have nothing today.  :)

All I am doing right now is drinking coffee.  I want to get my 6 mile loop in this morning, but it is really really raining.  Hmm.  I am going to drink coffee, and see if the rain dies down in the next 20 minutes.  If not I run this afternoon.

That is it for today!!  :)

Hope you all have a Great and Awesome Day!!    :)

xo's!!!  :)

Love You All!!!   :)

My White Sox have a 2.5 game lead.  Gotta like that!!  :)   

For the title, the dog jumped on the laptop so now I only have half a screen to work with.  :)  The Stupid Fucker!!!  cya!!  :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

How Did I Do It??

That is my thought. As you know I usually wake up pretty early.  I had a full day on Saturday, and I was beat.  As a matter of fact, I fell asleep, while we were hanging out.  After dinner we stopped at a friends house, and I proceeded to fall asleep on the couch.  I had some drinks throughout the day which made me tired, but I think we were all tired.  Plus I had the 15 miles of running.  Anyway we got home, and I went straight to sleep.  I slept til 8:00 am.  I woke up tired, and my legs were tired, my core was sore.  I got ready, got on my bike, and took off.  I did my 27 mile loop,  came home peed, filled up with water, and finished up another 24 miles.  I don't know how my legs take me on a bike when in all honesty I barely wanted to walk.  One of the good things of biking as a x-train exercise.  I got off the bike, and I had that weird biking rubbery leg feeling.  The legs were toast, but the funny thing also of biking is once I rested for 20 minutes the legs were better.  I felt better than I would have if I didn't bike.  Pretty amazing.  One other thing, before I tell you something of myself from days long ago.  I know my training has started.  A switch was turned on inside my head that said time to go.  Time for the training to go.  I didn't know I was in maintenance until I realized now I am training.  Just something I thought I'd let you know. 

Now some of you may know this and some of you may not.  After my step-mom died of cancer my Grandpa died around 8 months later.  My college girlfriend and I broke up on my birthday.  (Katrina)  I was relieved.  I was alone.  I wanted to be alone, because I was searching.  I was "Into the Wild" searching.  What I ended up doing was working, and reading the Bible a lot.  I wanted to be a good person, but the more I read the worse I seemingly felt about myself.  It was a hard journey.  At this point I had the mirror.  I had an idea of  what I felt a good person would do.  What they should do, and how they should be.  I could not live up to it.  I prayed for help.  I said I try to be good, but I cannot.  It was right around this time Lora and I became friends.  I don't remember the timing of it.  She had a rough life, and I felt so sorry for her.  She was so honest.  I really don't remember the timing of it to be honest.  Being honest with ourselves is a tough thing.  We might not always like everything we see.  It is a necessary step though.  Realize I have been through it, and have come out fine. 

This is a journey, this is not a Boom today everything is done.  Be patient, all will work out.  There will be some bumpy days, but your hobbies will still be your hobbies.  Fun you still will have.  Smiles and laughs you still will have, but you will have those rainy days.  Those days to reflect.  Those are necessary too.  An important part of the journey.  Some paths will be easier than others.  Like I have said before we will have plenty of good days, and I hope for a lot of them for you.  Don't be afraid of the reflect days, they help us on our way.  

I am going to link to a post.  I don't have permission, but this blogger is so courageous and so honest.  You should check this out.  She really is amazingly brave. 

That is it for today!!!  :)

Hope you all have a Great and Awesome day!!!  :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love You All!!!  :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Almost Took The Day Off

from blogging.  :)

The truth is scary.   Being honest is scary.  What we end up doing is telling people we personally are not as perfect as we really would want you to believe.  You will find we can relate to imperfection, as we are full of it.  All I know is honesty and truth are right.  Be honest with yourselves, with others.  It is important.  We have the ability.

I don't really have much other than that to be honest.

Yesterday was fun.  I got in 14.85 miles, which was my goal.  I wanted to be close to 15, and that was good enough.  I thought I ended up closer to 14, because we made some changes to our loop.  John is the name of the guy who once was 67  (I swear!!)  but is now turning 66.  :)  I ran with him, and he called them tempo miles for him.  :)  Then little Cathy Fenton caught up to us, and I got some tempo miles myself.  :)  She is remarkable.  I don't know how she gets her short frame to run so fast.  I can't keep up with her.  Matt caught up with us, and them two hightailed it home, and I solo ran it home.  I took a ride home, instead of a run home, because my socks were soaked with sweat, and I didn't want to risk a blister.  It was pretty hot, but not too bad.   Ended up being 8:48 pace. 

Woke up from my nap, went boating with Beau and Charity, and C.C. and Tim.  Lisa lost out, she was out to lunch with a friend.  We all went to dinner, and I slept in this morning til like 8:00.

That is it for today!!!  :)

Hope you all have a Great and Awesome day!!  :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love You All!!  :)

Know what?  I wish I could hide scary stuff from you all.  If that is in me I would not mind it at all.   I wish you all the best that is for sure!!  :)   We will see what the future holds.  

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I Believe Everything Is Open Now!!

All things will work out for the best.  That is the promise I have been given.  I believe I can open up.  Tell almost everything, and use everything I have at my disposal.  I do know where all this leads.  It is what John the Baptist preached.  Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.  That is what he preached right?  Remember I wanted to be right, but God wanted me to be faithful.  Abraham believed God and he recognized it as righteousness.  It is something like that right?  Even the Lord's prayer is Thy Kingdom come thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

What we find is none of us are perfect.  The Churches fall short of what they teach.  All of them.  Not on purpose  mind you, but people believe something leads to heaven, some famous magical prayer, and then they do their best.  Their best btw really isn't that great, and either is mine.  Remember it says only God is good.

The mirror I asked for is what leads to repentance.   Funny I saw Myrna last night while I was out.  I told Barbara some things, which I don't even share with you yet.  I am sure she showed her sister Cathy, and perhaps Brian, and all.

Here is what I know.  God is using the bloggers.  Out of this comes my story, and out of it comes your story.  I know when I first started being honest it was pretty hard.  I was nervous and rather embarrassed.  You know my story of me cheating....almost cheating on Katrina with the little blond girl at my party.  You know the story of me confessing to the pretty blond I worked with about it.  I was pretty ashamed, but she probably didn't even think twice.  Remember I learned honesty from Lora.  She, Katrina, Hal, Jim, and Darren were 5 who visited me in the hospital.  So did my brother John, and I got a call from my friend Doug, and I think my Dad stopped in, and I think my supervisor Khien Pham stopped in, and shed a tear while I was almost sleeping.  He escaped a North Vietnamese prison by poisoning the guards.  I know what happens with the first 5.  I know what happens with the 4 bloggers and Barbara.  That was the parable of the 5 coins.  The Gospels are real, like I told Barbara.  5 and 5, and then whatever comes after that. 

There is a lot that goes on with me, that cannot be seen.  Here is something I told Gina, as she had the ability to deal with these types of things better than most.  I am mostly spirit.  It is something I can feel.  I can feel it in my ankles, in my head.  I close my eyes and can feel the tingle.  I am a bit whacky, because of my faith.  I believe everything is possible.  With God all is possible.  Remember faith starts off small as a mustard seed, and grows to be one of the biggest plants right??  something like that.  Faith starts off small, and then gets big, but faith of a mustard seed can move a mountain right?  Our faith works in heaven first.  Store up all your goods in heaven right??  so it cannot be stolen.  Everything on Heaven happens so much quicker than on Earth.  Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.  It happens on Earth after it happens in Heaven.  I found my way.  It was the end of the journey, it happened in Heaven, and now "I wait" for it to happen on Earth.  It will happen with the bloggers.  I don't really know what I am doing to be honest, as God does it all.

Remember I was blessed right before going into the hospital.  I was judged, not by anything you can see mind you, but by what God could see.  I was going to die, and going to hell.  There was a false way out.  I could save myself, at the expense of the others.  I knew the 5 at that point, but not of the others.  With help I was given the right answer.  I said God's will be done.  I sacrificed my life for my friends, but God saved me anyway.  I sacrificed all and more at the end of the journey.  This fall I do it one more time.  It says do not fear I have overcome the world.  So I don't worry about it at all this time, because God's will will be done.  Also I have no fear thou art with me right??

There are a lot of things that happen inside me.  It is for a reason.  I was thrown into the most fearful of all circumstances at many times.  It made me strong at times, and other times I was made weak.

Well, I guess that is good for now.   I don't know how you will take this to be honest.  It is the truth.  I know that.  I always write in the morning what I feel like writing.  I guess I write this today, because it seems everyone is not sure what we are doing.  We are being open, we are being honest, and we are showing people.  Open is light.  Love lives in the light not in the darkness.  That is our journey.  We just write what is in our heart.  Some good some bad.  Life.

p.s. 37 miles on the bike yesterday.  Excited maintenance is over and training has started.  Woo Hoo!!

That is it for today!!!   :)

Hope you all have a Great and Awesome day!!  :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love You All!!   :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Second Thoughts On Humidity

As bad as yesterday was on the track, I had different thoughts today.  Heat and humidity is hard to run in.  As a matter of fact I think humidity is what is the worst.  It makes it hard.  Last year was a very mild summer, so now I realize I am not used to running in this stuff.  My track workout on Wednesday was a shock to my system.  Now I think I will use it as a motivator.  We run hills not because our times look faster, but because they make us stronger.  Running in heat and humidity is the same.  It is hard, our heart rates will be used at a higher percentage going the same speed, but it should make me stronger.  So instead of wanting to hit times, I will try and hit effort level.  My effort level was pretty good at the track, except for maybe the last 10:00, although to be honest it still was hard.  I think looking at things this way should help me stay more motivated.  I am training for a marathon, so I have to be good when maybe I am not feeling all that great.

So weather = blessing in disguise.

Volleyball made me stop with the push ups and pull ups due to being sore, but I did 3 sets yesterday.  Easy... 3 sets of 10 and 3 sets of 5.  I think my problem is  my core, not my groin.  Push ups for sure help with that.  Pull ups, just cause I did them for so long I might as well keep it up.  I'd like to find a good ab workout too for the core. 

I also got a bit of a run in yesterday too.  Just a 4.25 @ 8:48 pace.  I really want to start upping my mileage a bit now.  Tonight I pick up my road bike, so I will get a bit of a ride in.  It seems yesterday was a turning point for my thinking.  Downtime from winter training is over, and now it is marathon full bore.  All for the marathon, but hope to pick up those other p.r.'s along the way.  :)

That is it for me today!!!

Hope everyone has a Great and Awesome Day!!!  :)

xo's!!!  :)

Love You All!!  :)

Now I am in training.  I still will fill myself with some of those bad carbs here and there though.  :)   I do like exercising with my race in my mind though.  Gives me that extra motivation.  :)

Now that I look at the 10 day forecast I am glad I have this new outlook on heat and humidity.  :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Not My Best!! Heat!!

Heat just radiates off the track I think.  I think we ran quite possibly when it was the hottest out.  Maybe it seems that way, because the track just seems to radiate heat.  Anyway my track workout was not the best, that is for sure.  The warm up cool down was 2.5 miles.  I didn't do my normal run to the track-warm up-run home after.  Good thing in hindsight.  I forgot what time we met, and drove to the track at 6:00.  We started at 6:30.

A couple track workouts ago, and even maybe the last one I wondered how in the heck do we do 12:00 runs?  I found out last night, not very well when it is hot out.  :)  I don't think anyone was really running real well out there.  We ended up doing 2-12:00's and a 10:00.  Too much carnage out there.  Some people didn't even finish the 2nd 12:00.  It was that gross!! 

My times at the mile split were 7:26-7:36-8:12.  The last one I took it easy, and finished after the mile.  So my 10:00 ended up being a 8:12.  To be honest I don't remember a track workout ever being that hard.  I could have gone on to finish the 10:00, but I wasn't going to get the full lap in, so just quit.  It is nasty running in that stuff.  I remember the 2006 Chicago Marathon.  The dude who won still ran a 2:07 or something like that.  Like heat and stuff don't affect the Kenyans.  I still think that is pretty remarkable.  Heat definitely affects me. 

I tacked on a 90 + minute bike ride in too, so that is cool.  Going to take my road bike in today to get fixed.  I'll pick it up tomorrow.  Still have to air up my "work" bike.  Still at 18psi I am guessing.  :)

That is it for today!!  :)

Hope you all have a Great and Awesome day!!!   :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love You All!!  :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Blog

Wow, I am actually a bit hungover today.  I rarely rarely rarely ever get hung over.  I never get a headache either.  Boom... headache.  :)  Going to be a looonnnggg morning.  I have speed work tonight too.  That isn't a big deal, I'll be fine in a bit.

Now I guess I want to discuss a few things about myself.  I blog, because this stuff I cannot talk about.  I am not a good communicator about stuff when I talk.  It is easier for me to write my thoughts.  When I am talking, I mostly joke around.  Rarely ever talk about anything serious.  That is just how I am.  You want to get to know me, you have to read it.  My joking and stuff like that   just touches the surface of who I am. This gets to the real me.

Is that important??  Pretty sure it is.  :)   For us all!!!   :)  You know what??  I know it is important.  very!!  :)  That is what the bloggers I read do.  :)

Hope you all have a Great and Awesome day!!!  :)

xo's!!!!   :)

Love You All!!!   :)

p.s.  I do know where it leads.  :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Welp No Run Today!!

I love the word welp btw.  The red line tells me it isn't a word, but it says the same thing about btw, so I think the red line is wrong.  We all know btw is a word.

I don't really have much today to be honest.  I woke up late.  We are going kayaking today, so I am working a short day, and I have a day off tomorrow.  I planned on running today, until I realized I slept til 3:30.  Those dang Sunday sleeps.  If I sleep in on Sunday, then I don't sleep so good on Sunday night, and I still have to get up for Monday.

Yesterday I tacked on an extra 10 miles or so on my work bike.  It was a nice day out.  Humid as hell to work, but nice afterwards.  I need to put some damn air in those tires, because they are probably down to around 18 psi or something stupid.  Should be 40'ish.  :)

I think that is about it for today.  Kayaking is great.  In the water under the sun enjoying the atmosphere.  As the day drags on we start doing crazy and stupid stuff.  Always wonder why that is.  ;)

It should be a fun day.  So I ran Saturday and then Wednesday.  :)

Wanna know what my running plan is for my races??  Long-run Saturday, speed work Wednesday, and then whatever I feel like.  Nothing ingrained.  I just kind of do what I do.  I like to do a lot, but cannot always.  We'll see where it ends.  :)   Me, I personally think I will hit all my goals.  Never a doubt.  :)  That is how I roll!!!  :)

Hope everyone has a great and Awesome Day!!!  :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love You All!!!   :)

btw movie night was Lisa watching a movie, and me sleeping.  :)  


Monday, July 12, 2010

Some Good- Some Bad! Life Happened Yesterday!!

I took the day off yesterday.  I didn't feel like bopping around on my "work" bike, and you know the story of my road bike, so I took the day off.  We got a bit of rain last night, but sounds like I will be able to ride my bike to work.  I need it.  :)

The good:

I got a bit of stuff done around the house, not enough, but some.  I did some grocery shopping so we'll have stuff for meals.  I sat outside relaxed, cooked dinner.  The White Sox won, and they moved into first place. 

The bad:

I was in a bad mood still.  Like I said I am not happy with all the people who live here.  One of them told me they "Fucking Hate Me"  This person has made a decision to move in with her boyfriend to a place where she THINKS she can enjoy herself by being lazy, doing nothing, and living the rest of her life with not a care in the world. 

I guess we know everything after High School huh??  The thing is her friends all have drive, interests, and are all pretty neat in their own way.  Her and her boyfriend have no drive, and no ambition to do anything really at all. 

Are you thinking what I am thinking, and Lisa, and Brian??  This trip down reality lane is going to be a quick one huh???  Welcome Hailey to Jackies world.  It is a miserable existence.   :)   Life is full of tough lessons, and she will learn hers quick.  Hopefully her boyfriend does too. 

I do believe my capacity to live with lazy un-driven people has reached its threshold. 

Funny thing, I know I am not perfect, and I have not been the perfect step-dad.  I have not set a horrible example.  Laziness she learned not from me.  She says she fucking hates me, well what about your real Dad??  You have spent probably a total of 24 hours with him in 18 years.  Hate me, fine, but make sure your anger is directed to the right place.  I am not mean to your Mom.  You do her a disservice. 

How's that?? 

I had a dream last night.  A tornado was across the street, getting ready to wreak havoc on the surrounding area.  I looked on fascinated.  I was not scared.  :)   In Normal, Illinois the day I saw 13 funnel clouds a long time ago.  I was scared.  FWIW.

That is it!!  :)

Hope you all have a great and Awesome day!!!  :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love You All!!!  :)

White Sox 25-5 the last 30.  I told you they had a streak in them!!  Woo Hoo!!!!  :)  Tonight is dinner and a movie with Lisa!!  We'll cook for the other Bozos like we did last night too.  I am a dick, but I don't mind cooking for the others.  I am cooking anyway right??  :)  cya!!!   :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Off!!--???

That is what I am feeling today.  Not really sure if I want to do anything.  Feeling pretty lazy, as I type this.  :)   Maybe it is because my road bike needs fixing again, I am mad at it, and I am not riding it. 

I think what I want to do today is NOTHING!!  :)

I want to sit outside, listen to music, have Lisa read, and cook something out on the grill!!  :)

Let the others fend for themselves.  Just me and Lisa!!  :)  I think Lisa and I are going to start being selfish.  It is our time!!  :)

I am not terribly happy with all who live here.  I'll leave it at that.  :)

Yesterday my run  was 12.7 @ 9:07 pace.  The run started off pretty good, but the sun and heat started taking its toll.  The man with many first names with 2 miles left put on a surge.  In the blink of an eye....3.5 seconds he was 400M ahead of me.  :)  I didn't follow... couldn't if I wanted, even if groin was 100% healthy.  A good run for him.  He said he likes warm weather, I guess he was right.  I was faster in the 25K remember, and he just blazed by me.  A really good run for him.

I was long run tired the whole day yesterday!!  I might be still long run tired.  :)

Come on coffee do your stuff!!!   :)

Hope everyone has a great and Awesome day!!  :)

xo's!!!  :)

Love You All!!!   :)

p.s. in a totally going to jinx them move.  How about them Sox???  7 in a row now, and like 24/29.  The good Sox, the ones who wear white sox.  You know, the good guys who wear black!!!  :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pre-race = No Race!!

I decided not to run the race this weekend after all.  My main goal for the weekend was miles.  Last year the run to the race was fine, the race was fine, but the run back sucked.  So I thought I am not going to pay for this race, when I can run with the group.  My goals for this Saturday will be accomplished.  My goals this year are 5K, 10K, 1/2 marathon, Marathon p.r.'s.  I have the 25K, and the 8K p.r. in the book already.  None would have happened on this race this weekend, so I saved...or at least didn't spend.... so called money on the race.  :)  I'll find something else to blow it on... or at the very least Lisa will.  :)

In other news I am mad at my stupid road bike.  I am not riding that piece of crap for at least a week.  Teach that sucker!!  I am going to leave him in the garage, and let him think about things for a while.  He is going to have to get on board if he wants to be part of my summer!!  ... excuse me a second..... YOU STUPID FUCKING ROAD BIKE!!!!....  there better!!!   :)

That means my plans on Sunday will change a bit.  I may take my work bike out for a couple hours, just bopping around town, and what not.  I may go to the beach after too, or hang outside and listen to music.  We'll see Sunday is up in the air.  Actually so is Saturday to be honest.  I'll only run til like 9:00 am or so.  We shall see. 

Tuesday we are going kayaking.  I am going to leave work early, and took a vacation day on Wednesday.  I may not want to wake up early.  :)   As we get toward the end of the kayaking session.  About 4 hours into it, we end up having to pee every 16 seconds.  Funny watching the  anti-mosquito bite pee dances.  Good to be a guy as far as that is concerned I guess.  Ha ha!!!

That is it for today!!

Hope you all have a great and awesome day!!  :)

xo's!!!  :)

Love you all!!!  :)

Friday, July 9, 2010


That is how my day was yesterday!!

That is my blog today!!!  :)

Hope everyone has a great and awesome weekend!!  :)

xo's!!!  :)

Love You All!!  :)

still blah though!!  :)

Fucking hate blah!!!  :)

Hope yesterday/today morning blah means happy weekend to all!!!  :)

Gonna put some fucking ass shit fuck swear words here for the fun of it... shake things up!!!  :)

Now I feel better.   lol

cya, and really have a good weekend!!!!   :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Interesting Day!!

First off disregard the Peavy post from yesterday he is out for the year.  Parts of his arm muscles separated from parts they are normally supposed to stay at.  Surgery and out for the year.  They aren't calling up Hudson either, so not sure what Kenny (GM) has in mind.  Our #5 now #4 pitched great again last night, but the Angels lineup sucks!!  They must have some injuries or something. 

Yesterday I ended up doing my longish bike ride.  A bike to work and back, and took my road bike on my normal route.  Of course about 10 miles away from home I popped a back spoke...again.  Tire became off balance or whatever, and I had to Alberto Contador it home.  It was rubbing against the brake.  :)   That started really sucking I tell you!!  Damn bike. 

Also did speed work.  We did 5-1000's, and I went pretty easy.  Not really me being smart, but I don't think I could have gone very fast anyway.  Not able to get much push with my groin, but it should be good by Saturday... I hope. 

short warm up/cool down  2.7 @8:34
5-1000's  @ 8:01 pace
I forgot to log Tuesdays run which was 4.25 @9:01 pace.

I will take it easy for a couple days.  Heal up for Saturday.

Also some important news really for me.  My Grandma from my mom's side turned 93 yesterday.  Now some know my story via The Journey, but I haven't seen her since before 1970 I believe.  I have come into contact with her via friends via FB.  You know of Melanie, and recently I became friends with her sister Stephanie.  That side is all great!! 

That 93 year old lady is something.  Lives in her same house, and answered her own phone.  She talked of work she used to do with her dad as a kid.  She doesn't get around like she used to,  I told her get going.  You got races you need to train for.  Ha Ha!!  j/k.   I was surprised to hear she wanted a phone call from me, and surprised she was excited about it, and surprised that side of the family was.  SHEESH!!  it is just little old me.  :)

I guess that is about it!!

Hope you all have a great and Awesome day!!  :)

xo's!!!  :)

Love You all!!!  :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Glass Is Half Full!!

Okay we will start off with the White Sox.  We lost Peavy for a bit.  Peavy is a stud, but not quite the stud this year due to lingering injuries.  We may lose him for a bit.  We will bring up Daniel Hudson who looks to be a solid major leaguer.  His numbers are decent.  Ratios are great, gives up a few too many Homeruns, but it will be o.k.  Those Whitesox bloggers are so pessimistic.  It changes our rotation quite a bit.  Our #5 theoretically becomes are number 4.  Our #5 sure has been pitching like a 2 or 3 though.  That is how the Angels won the World Series.  No Number ones but 5 #2 type guys.  We'll be fine, and Peavy may come back stronger anyway.  A blessing in disguise type thing.  I mean if we get Peavy coming back as PEAVY then look out!!  :) 

Yesterday was good and bad.  My thoughts weren't all that great at work, and I wasn't really being productive.  I left at 1:00.  :)  I realized when Lisa got home that not everyone knows this about me.  I have some bad days, but still laugh and joke around a lot.  Lisa was asking me some things, and I told her.  You know I didn't have that great of a day today.  She would have had no idea. 

A list because I am Superman!!!  :)

  • I am drinking a lot of White milk these days for some reason.  Crave it!!  Weird!!  :)
  • Lisa picked up some watermelon from the local lumberyard.  YUMM!!
  • I will soon be eating tomatoes every day!!!   :)
  • Today is longish bike ride day and my bike is fixed!!  again!!  :)
  • After my longish bike ride I have speed work.  
  • Gonna take it easy at the track to keep groin healing, and not de-healing!!  :)
  • That is it for today!!  
  • Hard being Superman with so few phonebooths around these days!!!  :)

Hope You All have a great and Awesome day!!!  :)

xo's!!!  :)

Love You All!!!  :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Day Of Rest...kind of

This one wasn't really planned.  I cut my run short on Saturday, so I thought I might be able to run M,W, and Friday.  Volleyball took care of that.  :)  I took a day of rest.  I had to work, I biked to work and back, and cut the grass.  It was ready to cut last Monday, but there wasn't much rain in the forecast, so I am hoping for rain today.  I don't want to fry it.  I cut it high this time of year anyway to help protect it.  :)  I like it if it stays green, but I definitely don't bust my ass over it that is for sure.  :)

I think I will just write down what I was thinking before I got up this morning.  I was thinking DANG everything seems to be moving fast.  When I got up everything seems back to a normal pace.  My pre-blog thoughts are definitely different than blogging thoughts.  :)

Lisa and I will have to do some work on our budget today I think.  I don't have any major plans today.  I'll get my bike fixed, and I'll do a short...for me... run of 4.25 miles before work.  My Tuesday runs will start to increase in distance, or I will add a Monday run along with it.  I have a feeling Saturday runs will start to increase a bit too.   This Saturday I have that race, which is just a VERY challenging 10K.  I want to break an hour, but it is also part of my long run.  So 4+ miles there, and 3+ miles back.  Should be fun.  On Sunday I am going to try and ride my bike up to Grand Haven to watch a Triathlon.  I've never watched one, and only participated in one.  :)  Some girl from work has a nephew coming from Milwaukee who may just win the whole dang thing.  Should be neat. 

I missed my double race.  I thought it was this month, but it already passed.  :)  I guess I'll pick up the Grand Haven double to get my 10K p.r.  I may not do the 5K though beforehand we will see.  It is a pretty hard course, and if it is going to be 974 degrees, I am only doing one.  :)

Guess that is about it today!!  :)

Hope you all have a great and Awesome day!!!   :)

xo's!!!  :)

Love you all!!!  :)

Monday, July 5, 2010


Well, I was in agony yesterday morning due to my groin.  I went on my 27 mile route, and trust me it wasn't easy.  First off my back wheel was jacked due to a bad spoke.  It was out of balance or whatever the heck they call it.  When I rode it didn't rub on the brake, so I guess I could still go.  Now I really thought of not going, but I really couldn't stomach not getting in my Sunday bike ride.  It was a short one...for me, and it was a slow one...for me.  I had no power, because both sides hurt, but I finished the 27, and noticed my groin felt quite a bit better!!  Active Recovery!!  :)  Firm believer.  The nurse after my back surgery wanted me to get up and walking as soon as possible.  I told her I wanted to go back to full time one week later, and she said something to the effect like a man after my own heart.  I always remembered that though, the active recovery thing.  Also blood is a healer, so when I am sore it is good to get the heart rate up some easy way to get the blood flowing.  That is why I am glad I do more than run.  Running is hard on the body.

It was a pretty good weekend all things considered.  We laughed a lot, hung out a lot, and the weather was nice.

I am a bit different than all in the way I see things.  I think I will tell you some of this stuff sometime.  It isn't in me to do it now, but perhaps soon.  Is it important??  Not sure, but I guess I kind of want to do it for some reason.  I have been different for quite a long time.  Different in a physical way that I can feel.  I can close my eyes and feel it, and keep my eyes open and feel it.  If some of the things I say are hard to understand, it is because of this.  Is that important?  Don't know.  I know this is an interesting time, and the bloggers I read have a really tremendous outlook in so many ways.

Oh one other thing too.  The 67 year old who is miraculously turning 66 now also has recovered from a heart attack.  He really is quite a nice guy.  :)

That is it for me today!!  I really don't have much, today was more important to read the people I read, and not write about what I do.  I really enjoyed today's updates!!  :)

Hope you all have a great and Awesome day!!  :)

xo's!!!  :)

Love You All!!!  :)

This is one of them that updated.  It doesn't show up on my thing as being updated though, but you should definitely check it out.  :)   Jen Harrison is her name!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Company, Poopy Pants...NO!!... and I am old Dammit!!!

Saturday was long run.  My legs felt good, because I took 2 days off of running before hand.  I had to cut it short, because I didn't want poopy pants.  I also didn't want to jump in the foresty areas, as there were 5 billion mosquitoes.  I tried, and got the heck out of there.  I ended up going 8.7 @ 8:34 pace.  It was surprisingly cool out, hence the fastish pace. 

Let me tell you who I saw.  The 67 year old guy who paced me to 7:30's on the track last year during one of my bad days.  I found out the 67 year old guy is going to be 66 this month sometime I think.  I think I'll take some of what he's been eating.  :)  His mileage is down from his Fargo marathon, as he is cut it down to 60 miles/ week...  Um.....what???  Before Chicago last fall he was running 90 miles/week.  There are some crazy awesome people out there huh?  Some do great things athletically, and some have a great viewpoint, and great outlook.  This gentleman, I totally forgot his name, but his son-in-law is running to be our Federal Representative.  His name is Jay Riemersma.  Yes that one.  He is proud of his son in law that is for sure.  We ran together a good 5 miles... give or take.  I'll see him Wednesday for speed work. 

We played volleyball at the beach yesterday.  Now I am not a good jumper that is for sure, but put me on sand it is pathetic.  1 inch off the ground maybe??  on a good jump!!  :)  It is fun though.  We lost the 3rd game to lose the series.  We were up 10-2 and lost 15-12.  :)  We were all beat, and tired.  I couldn't stop laughing at every little stupid thing that happened.  I was getting winded from laughing so much.  I think I strained every groin muscle I have too.  If there are 90 of those muscles I strained 467 of them.  :)   Ouch!!

We also jumped in the lake for a bit.  I even swam for a bit.  I thought... hmmm.  I went to bed as soon as I got home, because I am old dammit!!!  :)

That is it for this Sunday!!  :)

Hope you all have a great and Awesome day!!!  :)

xo's!!!!  :)

Love You All!!!   :)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Long Run Saturday!!

I don't really have much today, so this will probably be long and boring.  :)

I added a pretty good biking day to my weekly routine.  It is a little under 35 miles.  I think work is like 7.75 there and back, and then on my road bike I do my 27 mile route.  My 27 mile route is pretty cool, because at the halfway point I am in Saugatuck, and I can see all the people shopping and stuff.  If I am one thing I am a people watcher.

Today I run long, and I think we are playing beach volleyball, so that should be a fun day.  I should have had Lisa lose my wallet a couple days ago, that way for sure I would get something done around the house.  Jury is still out on that one.

My weeks end on Sunday don't start on Sunday, but if tallied Sunday through Friday you would end up with 134 miles.  That is pretty good for me.  I like biking!!  :)

That is it for today!!  :)

Hope you all have a great and Awesome day/weekend!!!   :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love you all!!!  :)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Adding To The List

For the heck of it sometimes I like to disclose things.  Full disclosure!!  :)   I have added another person to my list.  Knowingly, unknowingly it was from a request from one of the original 4 bloggers.  So this person is a leader.  She has just looked at her own mortality.  She did it bravely with grace, and with humor.  I read her before, and think I almost added her to my list before I deleted almost everyone during the end of "The Journey"  I know I was going to add her, but never did.  I did tell one person about it.  She also was one of the original 4.

You can look at my website.  This is also a full disclosure thing.  I don't use google analytics.  If you read this thing, I would never know it unless you told me somehow.  Marit is the person I added.  Does that matter??  Does it matter when I add people to my reader's list?  I don't know.  Do people want to make my list?  Sometimes my world is big, and sometimes I think so.  For some strange reason I think people like it when I comment on their site too.  I comment when I feel comfortable to comment.  That isn't always, but most of the time.  As some of you know I mis-read things sometimes.  Sometimes, like everyone else, I think people don't like me.  These days my world is pretty big, and these days I think people generally like me.  I don't totally know the reason why.  Honesty???  Confidence???   I don't really think too much about what I write.  I don't really re-read as often as I did last summer, that is for sure.  I kept trying to get some understanding.  I think what I am doing now is what I said yesterday on another site.   I have done less for a long time via God's will so later on I could do more.  Now is where I do more, but the truth is God does it all, and I am basically along for the ride.  I could disclose a lot to you, but I don't.  I may soon.  I wanted to teach you a little secret today, but perhaps I will wait.  It has to do with how I see things compared to how you see things.  Okay, okay run on paragraph!!  :)  You should check out Marit's last entry.  She really looked at her own mortality with grace.  Like all these bloggers I read...the athletic, training wise they do more than me, and they are tougher as far as that goes.  I have my other ones who slowwwww me down.  I like them too.  I have fast days where I train like a madman.  I also have my slow days where I ponder things.  You know, Marit after looking at her own mortality wants some of those slow days too.  The bloggers on my list are the best.  They make me strive, and they make me smell the coffee.  Well, some don't do anything cause they never update, but whatever.   :)  I am gonna take a couple off, no offense okay??  :)   Okay that really was a run on paragraph.

Bike to work and back, and smelled the coffee!!  Now I am drinking coffee.  :)

It is Friday, and I am building.  Friday is now a bike day!!  :)

Wanna tell you a couple more things.  I have a race next weekend.  The miracle run.  This brings me back to Heimleblog.  This brings me back to last summer.  I ran with the, at least two time winner for a bit last summer.  Not sure if he won last year or not.  I saw him at the race.  He is a 31:xx 10'ker on the track.  He wins the race in like 41-42:00 minutes.  Hard course, hard race.  I wanna break 50 minutes in a 10K.  My goal for this race is to break an hour!!  :)  I will be fully prepared.  I run 4+ miles to the start of the race.  I love running to the start points of races, except the one where we ran 11 miles to the start of the 15K in the pouring rain, and that course had 271 steps to climb in the middle.  After the steps the race gets hard.  :)  Still one of my hardest days ever, but made it to the finish.  :)

Hope you all have a great and Awesome day!!!  :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love You All!!!   :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Shit!! I Better Not Do That Again

Okay I missed one damn day, and I hated it.  I was TIRED!!  I didn't know it.  Do we ever??  I got home from work, and knew I had nothing.  I relaxed.  i.e. had a couple drinks.  Lisa said I fell asleep before 7:00 p.m.  I slept in til like 4:06 or something, and got out of bed at 4:16.  Of course I had like 5 bloggers update, and no time to read them.  I checked the Sox, saw they won, and decided I can still bike to work if I time trial it.  VROOM!!  Off I go.  I punch in at 5:02, so I am on time.  We have a 5 minute leeway.  I know stupid stupid!!  You know if you no call/ no show it is the same as punching  in 6 minutes late.  :)   Sometimes companies get too smart.  The smarter they get the dumber they get.  Probably from getting too big.  

I had so much stuff on my mind yesterday, but let me show you what makes me tick.  Tuesday night I read a blog to slowwww things down.  Oh man!!  I am all over that.  I slept for 9 hours!!  :)

Yesterday I was biking home, and man the legs had nothing to be honest.  I went outside and laid down for a bit.  I checked my messages.  I wanted to originally double like I did last Wed.  A 20+ mile bike ride plus speed work.  I get a message via Twitter of someone who plans to do some biking in Jupiter, PA or Saturn, PA I don't know somewhere.  I think to myself, can I?  Will these legs take me??  Oh yes!!  I am done resting.  Time to get on the bike.  I knew my route.  My 27 mile route I do not have time for.  I go and do my close to 19 mile route, the halfway point is a hill.  Not a huge one, but I huff and puff on the way up.  Very steep.  I make it home, and still have an hour to kill before speed work.  Of course I realize shit!!   I am fucking tired!!  :)   Excited though.

I remember I was gonna do upper body stuff again.  So I do my push ups and pull ups.  Now remember my standard workout is 4@15 push ups and 4@6 pull ups.  I do 15,10,10 push ups.  Those suckers are hard.  No cheating either.  Touch the chest, and arms lock on the way up.  I was able to do 3@5 pull ups.  I always wonder why the hell do I ever stop doing push ups.  :)  Those suckers are hard.

Then we do the track.  It is marathon training time, so since we are at the track my warm up cool down is 4 miles.  wu/cd was @ 8:37 pace.  I sucked on the track, but my legs were not fresh.  I ended up doing 6-800's.  Times were definitely not descending.


I forget, but it was something like that.  My legs just couldn't move.  I feel good about the effort.  I put in a hard day, and man I felt good about it.  I love hard days, but have learned not every day can be hard.  Some days it is good to just watch the puffy clouds roll by.  Some days I am going to hit it though.  The days where I watch the puffy clouds are great!!  You know I love those days where I just go and go and go too!!

I have no idea what I'll do today, I want to do a ton, but my legs are absolutely toast!!  :)  I'll bike to work and back, and then we'll see.  Maybe take the dogs on a recovery walk!!  :)

Hope you all have a great and Awesome day!!!  :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love You All!!  :)