Thursday, July 8, 2010

Interesting Day!!

First off disregard the Peavy post from yesterday he is out for the year.  Parts of his arm muscles separated from parts they are normally supposed to stay at.  Surgery and out for the year.  They aren't calling up Hudson either, so not sure what Kenny (GM) has in mind.  Our #5 now #4 pitched great again last night, but the Angels lineup sucks!!  They must have some injuries or something. 

Yesterday I ended up doing my longish bike ride.  A bike to work and back, and took my road bike on my normal route.  Of course about 10 miles away from home I popped a back spoke...again.  Tire became off balance or whatever, and I had to Alberto Contador it home.  It was rubbing against the brake.  :)   That started really sucking I tell you!!  Damn bike. 

Also did speed work.  We did 5-1000's, and I went pretty easy.  Not really me being smart, but I don't think I could have gone very fast anyway.  Not able to get much push with my groin, but it should be good by Saturday... I hope. 

short warm up/cool down  2.7 @8:34
5-1000's  @ 8:01 pace
I forgot to log Tuesdays run which was 4.25 @9:01 pace.

I will take it easy for a couple days.  Heal up for Saturday.

Also some important news really for me.  My Grandma from my mom's side turned 93 yesterday.  Now some know my story via The Journey, but I haven't seen her since before 1970 I believe.  I have come into contact with her via friends via FB.  You know of Melanie, and recently I became friends with her sister Stephanie.  That side is all great!! 

That 93 year old lady is something.  Lives in her same house, and answered her own phone.  She talked of work she used to do with her dad as a kid.  She doesn't get around like she used to,  I told her get going.  You got races you need to train for.  Ha Ha!!  j/k.   I was surprised to hear she wanted a phone call from me, and surprised she was excited about it, and surprised that side of the family was.  SHEESH!!  it is just little old me.  :)

I guess that is about it!!

Hope you all have a great and Awesome day!!  :)

xo's!!!  :)

Love You all!!!  :)

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