Friday, July 2, 2010

Adding To The List

For the heck of it sometimes I like to disclose things.  Full disclosure!!  :)   I have added another person to my list.  Knowingly, unknowingly it was from a request from one of the original 4 bloggers.  So this person is a leader.  She has just looked at her own mortality.  She did it bravely with grace, and with humor.  I read her before, and think I almost added her to my list before I deleted almost everyone during the end of "The Journey"  I know I was going to add her, but never did.  I did tell one person about it.  She also was one of the original 4.

You can look at my website.  This is also a full disclosure thing.  I don't use google analytics.  If you read this thing, I would never know it unless you told me somehow.  Marit is the person I added.  Does that matter??  Does it matter when I add people to my reader's list?  I don't know.  Do people want to make my list?  Sometimes my world is big, and sometimes I think so.  For some strange reason I think people like it when I comment on their site too.  I comment when I feel comfortable to comment.  That isn't always, but most of the time.  As some of you know I mis-read things sometimes.  Sometimes, like everyone else, I think people don't like me.  These days my world is pretty big, and these days I think people generally like me.  I don't totally know the reason why.  Honesty???  Confidence???   I don't really think too much about what I write.  I don't really re-read as often as I did last summer, that is for sure.  I kept trying to get some understanding.  I think what I am doing now is what I said yesterday on another site.   I have done less for a long time via God's will so later on I could do more.  Now is where I do more, but the truth is God does it all, and I am basically along for the ride.  I could disclose a lot to you, but I don't.  I may soon.  I wanted to teach you a little secret today, but perhaps I will wait.  It has to do with how I see things compared to how you see things.  Okay, okay run on paragraph!!  :)  You should check out Marit's last entry.  She really looked at her own mortality with grace.  Like all these bloggers I read...the athletic, training wise they do more than me, and they are tougher as far as that goes.  I have my other ones who slowwwww me down.  I like them too.  I have fast days where I train like a madman.  I also have my slow days where I ponder things.  You know, Marit after looking at her own mortality wants some of those slow days too.  The bloggers on my list are the best.  They make me strive, and they make me smell the coffee.  Well, some don't do anything cause they never update, but whatever.   :)  I am gonna take a couple off, no offense okay??  :)   Okay that really was a run on paragraph.

Bike to work and back, and smelled the coffee!!  Now I am drinking coffee.  :)

It is Friday, and I am building.  Friday is now a bike day!!  :)

Wanna tell you a couple more things.  I have a race next weekend.  The miracle run.  This brings me back to Heimleblog.  This brings me back to last summer.  I ran with the, at least two time winner for a bit last summer.  Not sure if he won last year or not.  I saw him at the race.  He is a 31:xx 10'ker on the track.  He wins the race in like 41-42:00 minutes.  Hard course, hard race.  I wanna break 50 minutes in a 10K.  My goal for this race is to break an hour!!  :)  I will be fully prepared.  I run 4+ miles to the start of the race.  I love running to the start points of races, except the one where we ran 11 miles to the start of the 15K in the pouring rain, and that course had 271 steps to climb in the middle.  After the steps the race gets hard.  :)  Still one of my hardest days ever, but made it to the finish.  :)

Hope you all have a great and Awesome day!!!  :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love You All!!!   :)

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jen gray said...

wow, i just finished reading her story, thank you for the link.. happy friday to you ! xo