Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Day Of Rest...kind of

This one wasn't really planned.  I cut my run short on Saturday, so I thought I might be able to run M,W, and Friday.  Volleyball took care of that.  :)  I took a day of rest.  I had to work, I biked to work and back, and cut the grass.  It was ready to cut last Monday, but there wasn't much rain in the forecast, so I am hoping for rain today.  I don't want to fry it.  I cut it high this time of year anyway to help protect it.  :)  I like it if it stays green, but I definitely don't bust my ass over it that is for sure.  :)

I think I will just write down what I was thinking before I got up this morning.  I was thinking DANG everything seems to be moving fast.  When I got up everything seems back to a normal pace.  My pre-blog thoughts are definitely different than blogging thoughts.  :)

Lisa and I will have to do some work on our budget today I think.  I don't have any major plans today.  I'll get my bike fixed, and I'll do a short...for me... run of 4.25 miles before work.  My Tuesday runs will start to increase in distance, or I will add a Monday run along with it.  I have a feeling Saturday runs will start to increase a bit too.   This Saturday I have that race, which is just a VERY challenging 10K.  I want to break an hour, but it is also part of my long run.  So 4+ miles there, and 3+ miles back.  Should be fun.  On Sunday I am going to try and ride my bike up to Grand Haven to watch a Triathlon.  I've never watched one, and only participated in one.  :)  Some girl from work has a nephew coming from Milwaukee who may just win the whole dang thing.  Should be neat. 

I missed my double race.  I thought it was this month, but it already passed.  :)  I guess I'll pick up the Grand Haven double to get my 10K p.r.  I may not do the 5K though beforehand we will see.  It is a pretty hard course, and if it is going to be 974 degrees, I am only doing one.  :)

Guess that is about it today!!  :)

Hope you all have a great and Awesome day!!!   :)

xo's!!!  :)

Love you all!!!  :)

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Beth said...

Good luck this weekend Steve!! I hope it's not 532343 degrees, but even if it is, you will still rock it. :) By the way, we try to kill our grass on purpose. Less cutting that way. ;)