Thursday, March 15, 2018

That Cup Of Coffee Went Down Good.

Good morning. How's it going?  Me, I am fine. I slept pretty good last night. I am a little tired, but not too bad.

Nothing crazy going on with me. Yesterday when I woke up I wanted to make a to do list. After work I was going do this and this,  and this. I was tired after work. I took Hope for a walk,  and my fit bit said I walked 12 miles today. I've noticed I walk just a little bit more at the new place. So basically just by living I will almost always walk 10 miles each day.

To me that is normal. I think I may have always done that. I've never had a sit down job. I wonder if a sit down job is a weight gaining lifestyle.

I never weigh myself, but I figure I am at a good weight for me.  A fast running weight actually. I haven't run since I got sick way back when, and when my gut ached.

My normal daily activity has me burning around 3500 calories each day. I doubt I consume that much, but I don't think I am wasting away or anything.

10 years ago I bet I could eat way more than I do now. I don't know why that happened really. I wonder if you get older you just don't eat as much.

Many times if I go out to eat I cannot eat the whole meal placed before me. These are things I just noticed throughout the years.

I got a text from a friend yesterday to meet up for happy hour. I had 3 beers, and I was good. Would I have drunk more in the olden days?  Not sure.

Life goes on. We are like an innocent bystander looking at what our bodies lead us too. Drink, food,  sloth, drugs, etc...

We know this too, so we may discipline ourselves to such and such activity. People diet with cheat days, go to the gym run, bike, eat clean whatever.

If you followed your heart to what it wanted where would you end up?  I know a lot of you would end up in a barn brothel with your favorite type animals for such stuff. You gross fuckers.  How about the rest of you? 

The desires of the human heart are kinda whack huh?  We know what's right,  but we sure aren't.

There are unwritten rules about stuff, and we surely fall short. A lifetime is a time of hiding how fucked up we really are. We show what we perceive our good side to be, but suppress everything that seems unacceptable. Truly our weirdness makes us afraid of the light. We remain in the darkness. Keep our weirdness hidden, and pretend it isn't there.

In the end you have to face the light. Let everything be seen. Something that seems so simple you need help with though,  cuz none of us is perfect,  and none of us can be. For a long time the light has been my strength. Me being mostly spirit since forever has me being seen since forever.

I cannot take you through the eye of the needle. I couldn't take me either. So, I am of little help. I can just kinda explain how things are on this side.

Anyhoo,  I gotta go.

Have fun

xxoo.   :)

xoxo.  :)

Laterzzz.    :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Normal Garb Of A Merchant Marine.

Good morning. How's it going?  Me, I am fine. I got another good night sleep.  I have to check the weather. The last two days were colder than I expected. I think basically cuz of the wind. It was supposed to have a pretty good warm up this weekend, and now I think it will not be as warm.

So I finished my 36 hour book. I definitely read it before. I also read the 2nd book, which will take me 30 hours. I just don't remember when. I don't ever recall reading this author. Go figure.

I am busy at work this week, but I think everything will be pretty normal'ish next week. A lot of stuff takes time. A delivery comes in you have to help,  and organize. A cake place person stopped by, because we got some vanilla delivered on accident I guess. You try and sort that out, especially since we took one vanilla to the other location already.  :)

A guy works on a couple machines,  a sign guy comes in, plumbers check the heat of the sink,  and where in the Hell is the can opener?  On top of that you got work to do.

Luckily the business is an established one, so it won't take long to get a pattern,  and a type of normalcy.

Other than that our kitchen tile got grouted, so we have to sponge that a few more  times to get the film off. We still have to grout the bottom part too with maybe a small brush or something. It will be nice to get our kitchen back to regular.

So basically a day was had. The hours filled up like they always do. Another day of my life done.

These days I find it remarkabke that people think it's major news when someone dies. Ummm, there was never going to be a different ending for that person. The truth of the matter is no one even knows that person. You see what he did on the surface,  but you have no idea what happens on the inside. That is pretty much how we all are.

I know my inside, and I know the inside of all humans I guess. I know what makes us weak, and I know the source of what overpowers you,  so you cannot be all you'd like. That I know this puts me in pretty exclusive company.  It was my days in the wilderness where I learned all my shortcomings,  and in so doing learned others.

I don't think that necessarily does you any good. A physicist died. His ending was never going to be different. All his outwardly accomplishments amount to zero points. In the end it doesn't matter.

We are born in this World,  and we try and show we are strong, and great, and whatever,  but the path is where you learn how insignificant you are. How much we don't matter.

I cannot help you with that at all. It takes a lot for a person born of this World to overcome themselves, and go a different route. That is one thing I learned from my years doing this.

Anyway, I gotta go.

Cya.   :)

xxoo.   :)

xoxo.   :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Western Hemisphere Has Jury Duty Next Week

Good morning. How's it going?  Me, I am fine. I feel I got a good sleep last night. I slept in yesterday. I rushed to get ready for work yesterday, cuz that one mile commute had me worried for time.  ;)

The first few days of the work transition are a little crazy, just cuz covering a vaca too,  and the other daytime guy switched to nights. I have help if I need it, but we are still filling up one place for a couple more weeks.

This is a pretty good time of year. Spring Is on the way. One thing about our windows is our big picture window in the front does not open. Our new one will. Also we have some shitty ones in a couple more rooms. We've replaced some windows,  and now the rest will be replaced. That is exciting to me.

Other than that not much. One thing I noticed is I don't really do social networking too much. I thought about that yesterday. The reason is I don't feel I have anything important to say. My day to day goes on, and nothing remarkable is going on. I don't have anything important to say. I only do FB and Twitter. I don't follow many people on Twitter, and not many follow me. That is as it should be.

I probably have around 200 friends on FB is my guess, and whatever.

I guess the most you will get out of me is what I put here. Unfortunately not everything will seem all peaches and cream here. My heart is in the wilderness,  and that is a tough area. Not tough for me anymore, cuz my heart is cool with my lot in life.

When Solomon saw his end he saw how worthless his life was. Like the thief on the cross. I guess I see it too, and I am cool with it. Being secure, and assured is a good feeling. I am in a different spot than you. I still kinda have a comic book version understanding of things I guess. True understanding is the real deal. I know where one must go to get it, but none can make it on their own. We dont hold the keys.

That is my story too. I've known for decades what I must do, but I surely did not know the way.

The night I received my energy back I knew where I stood. I had more work to do, but the labor was nowhere near. Nothing I could do to make my labor be closer or make it happen.

The dead years stopped once the running blogs happened. How far I've come since then. As a matter of fact the running blogs don't even blog anymore. 

We all just got older. I am a guy, so I continue to get more and more distinguished though.  :)

Oh well. I better get going. I have a big commute today.   :)

Laterzzz.   :)

xoxo.   :)

xxoo.    :)

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Some New Things.

So I picked up my new bike on Friday. I walked to work, just so I could ride it home. It is faster than my fat tire bike I've been riding exclusively for over a year. It will come in handy too, since my commute will be like 1 mile each way on Monday. I still cannot fathom that. That will be pretty sweet. I have no idea how work will change. It is a brand new place. Clean, with a lot of space. The big question is how Summer goes with two places open. We will just plug along, and see how it goes. No way to really predict things.

That is the new things. Not much else besides that. I'll be able to listen to my book at work next week. I have around 10 hours left of my 36 hour book, and a 30 hour book after that. It is part of a trilogy. I read the first one some time ago. The title of the 2nd one has me wondering if I read that one too. Those two books I got free from the library. I have other things on Audible to listen to, and a credit for a free book I have yet to use.

There are movies out I want to see, and Spring  quickly approaches.  I guess it is a good time of year. All our laundry is done,  and dishes are clean.

Not really much to worry about. In just over 2 weeks all the windows in my house will have been replaced. Comfortable living I'd guess you would call it.

Other people I don't really know. We all just plug along, and do our thing. There isn't really anything epic about our lives. If you think about famous people in History, I say fuck them. I don't give a shit. They are dead.  I don't even give a shit about the living.   :)

I am secure in my less than perfect heart, because I can be. For me to be the best a person can be is not in my power,  although that is my path. Not being the best a person can be is something all have in common. Me knowing that truth is probably a difference between you and I. If for some reason you can quit all your vices, labor to 200% of your ability,  and only do productive things while not sleeping, you still cannot make your heart perfect.

The difference between you and I is i know that matters. You live in the World of good enough. You believe a lie.

When it came time to make life's choices I seeked, and found the truth. It was different than I expected. I guess what helped me the most is my realization I was NOT all that.

I definitely wanted to be better than I was. I was NOT good enough. You settle,  and I went further. Settling is easy I guess, but the truth does matter, so it doesn't help you.

Anyway, I guess that's good. 

Laterzzz.    :)

xoxo.    :)

xxoo.    :)

Thursday, March 8, 2018

The Days Keep Coming.

Good morning. How's it going?  Me, I am fine. Yesterday was a pretty okay day. I don't know what the difference between corned beef, and brisket is, but I put a corned beef (I thought brisket) (I also thought they were the same) in the slow cooker, and made reubens for dinner. After work I went and saw Death Wish. That is one of the great things about my life. When I am done with work,  I can go see a movie.

If people like alone time, I got nothing but. My pain I've been dealing with is almost all gone. That is nice. Also our kitchen is almost done. All appliances are in. New dishwasher is awesome. Our stove is too for that matter. I asked the guy what is different from those $3000 stoves,  compared to the $1000 model I bought. I didn't see any major bells and whistles, and it turns out there isn't much.   I think some people have too much money, so they have to buy the $3000 model.

My 4 mile commute each way ends tomorrow. It will soon be a 1 mile commute each way. Monday actually. I think I may stop by the bike shop today, and get a new Summer bike. I won't make it that way often,  and that is my bike  shop of choice. I'll buy a nice one, but just for cruising. I won't buy anything I need to wear bike cleats or whatever. I am happy to pedal with my gym shoes.

I'd say our Winter is approaching its end. I got my February heating bill. It was $66. I did not spend over $100 any month this Winter. In 2-1/2 weeks my house will be sealed real nice. Heating will not be terribly expensive.

I spose everything looks pretty good on my end. I am going to Chicago to spend a week getting my Uncle's town house ready to put on the market. I guess we will pretty soon have everything liquidated, which means another good chunk of money coming my way. The majority actually. With that chunk I'll pay off my house, and then we will plan I guess. For bills we will have utilities, and food,  insurance and whatnot.

Basically we will just sock away cash. We may travel to a city once/ year perhaps,  but I am happy in my own bed, and happy in my own head. I think that's what we all shoot for. To be content at the end of the day.

That I guess is a difference between you and I. There is no grand thing I shoot for in the future. I am fine with work,  eat, and sleep. We did come into some money, but outside of upgrading some things I can't say I am any different. We dont eat out much more than in the past. I still work 3 jobs, cuz I enjoy them.

All 3 of my jobs I didn't need a college degree to do, and maybe 2 of them I could have done while in HS.

After College I seeked out a purpose. Looking at my life from the exterior, I really didn't graduate to any great career or anything did I?  I didnt really make the World any better. I didn't help make peace on Earth or anything. My whole purpose was hidden. My story was hidden from all eyes, except the one who made it. In the end it was all way worth it. I haven't even received yet what I wanted so long ago. Of course I thought I needed that for security,  and happiness. My eyesight never could see as far into my future, as the maker of my story.

When all things are possible,  one can make any number of assumptions.  One can play the fool one might say. My story is believing,  being obedient, and never doubting in my story I had more to do. This story is approaching 30 years in the making.

Prior to overcoming the 2nd time there sure was much fear everyday. Things you cannot know of as you are. I sometimes don't even think about that difference between you and I.

All I can say is I know my path,  and I know where this is leading. You? I have no idea.

A lot of things I don't know, but I am not the maker of this story. Just a vessel to be used in making it. Not special in anyway at all. I don't need the World to know my name either. The World is not my master so to speak.

Anyway, I guess that's good.

Have fun.   :)

xoxo.   :)

xxoo.    :)

Laterzzz.    :)

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Geesh, I Guess Another Week

So, I've been quiet this week. I've been battling a thing I guess. I've had it once before. I self diagnosed it this time, once I decided to look. I got a blockage in my intestine. It creates a bump. It doesn't really hurt, but it presses on a nerve. The bump on my stomach presses a nerve in my back. It hurts quite a bit at times. I've been taking my prescription I had last time. Also, I think I'll buy sauerkraut too, and eat some everyday. One thing I like it, and two, I think it would be helpful for that type of problem. Not really sure what causes it. Having that pain has me wanting to do less than normal.

You never really realize how much you take Health for granted. Just thinking about it, can you imagine people with chronic pain?  That would definitely take the spice out of life.

On Friday I binge watched the rest of the killing on Netflix. I enjoyed it. It's hard for me to get through 4 seasons of anything. I watched the first two like a year or two ago. I enjoyed it.

Yesterday I worked. I listened to a lot of my book. I still have 25 hours left I think. I stayed up late watching Netflix,  so I dozed,  and listened when I got home. I caught the last couple minutes of the MI basketball game. It looks like they may be able to make another run in the tourney. Their coach has them playing good this time of year.

Today, after work,  I am going to take out our dishwasher, and level, and attach the countertop. Well get our new dishwasher installed this week sometime. It is March too, so a few weeks we will get our new windows,  and all the insulation,  and attic work they will be doing.

Before long, I'll have to start cleaning up the yard. Garden time will be here before you know it. So will grass watering and stuff. It will be a busy Summer. Also we are not really sure how the main job will be. It's always busier in the Summer with one location. We'll have two.

Not much going on besides that. It's funny last weekend I was amazed at how much time I thought I had. Spring, Summer,  and Fall pretty much close that up right away.

It is true though, once we get our kitchen done, there isn't much inside work to do. Just some painting and stuff, but people always have that. It will be easy to keep everything clean too.

I guess that's it. Obviously not a lot going on with me. I know a lot of people barely blog anymore. I saw some whispering you randomly see sometimes on social networking where people miss doing it whatever. It is therapeutic and stuff.

For me, I just do it. Maybe it's dumb,  and maybe it's boring, but I do this you know?  A lot of times it's just part of my daily routine if I get up early enough.

Anyway, I'll cya later. 

xoxo.   :)

xxoo.   :)

Bye.    :)

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Play It By Ear I Guess.

It's going to rain today, but it will be done by the time I get off work. Will it start before work,  that is the question. That's about the time it is supposed to.

Yesterday was strange kinda, cuz I took a nap.  One of those days you don't know you are tired really, until you get home. I sat on the couch, listened to my book and dozed. I had some things I wanted to do, but if you are tired you are tired.

The book I am listening to now, I either read before, or, no I must have read it. Not sure when. My memory of it makes me think it was years ago. I am not sure why. I don't recall reading that author before. Maybe it's a book I bought at an airport to read on a trip. I am guessing that's it. I used to read a lot when I visited Hawaii, so maybe it was one of those times.

Anyway, it's part of a series so. 32 fucking hours though.  Sheesh. I'll have to listen to some everyday. I only get these books for 2 weeks.

Other than that yesterday was uneventful. Work, eat, sleep. I am not sure what is in store today. Not much is my guess. Just day after piled up day. I think I am tired this week. You can tell, cuz sometimes the internal sunshine isn't as bright as other times. Maybe we just got a lot done in a short time, so I need to recharge. Who knows?

What is a purpose to a blog?  Just day after day after day. For me I just kinda do it. It's in me to do it. If people read or not is no concern of me. I suspect what's in here is for other people,  if they choose to pay attention or not is up to them.

I've done this a long while, and I don't really know if it accomplishes anything. Like I said a million times before my heart is in the wilderness. No one's life is really that exciting to me.  No one has some great personality that puts them up above any other. No one has labored so hard their hearts are a notch better than another.

You are in this World with other people. Living out your days as others do. Tied to the whims of yourself, and the direction society and family have led you.

Many/all thought you are supposed to get married,  have kids, get a career, and yadda yadda yadda. You have to work, you have to live, pay bills, and stuff. I think the area of question is do you get points for that? 

The answer is no. The answers to life  do not come from how it's always been, society,  family and what not. In all the years I've done this I cannot say even one person has gotten any better at just being a person. Time goes on and on. Lives go on and on, and you remain today as you were before. Maybe even worse as far as you can see, cuz if you have the mirror you surely see you better and clearer. I  know what the mirror shows. It isn't the fairest in all the land, cuz there is no such thing. Just another form,  totally imperfect. Not better than any other. One day you'll die,  and all your efforts did not make you a Saint.

That matters,  because what you cannot see, and what you don't know is what is possible, so all along you've been grading on the curve.

The truth just grades straight up. For those with  courage who want to look where they stand. Your heart will lead you to the truth. It won't be pretty though, cuz your heart is whack. It is filled with all kindsa things you don't want there. Surrounded by a lot of rotten snakes who overpower it. Why else would you have the thoughts that pop up you don't want? 

Anyways, I guess that's good.

Didn't even think I was going to write anything. Knowing the truth about people ain't no joke is it? 

No kidding.

Anyway, I'll cya later. 

Bye.   :)