Saturday, December 9, 2017

The Weekend.

Good morning.  How's it going?  Me, I am fine. Yesterday was a good day as far as days go. Work was fine, I found my wallet,  which is always nice. Couldn't find it in the morning. We took Brian out to dinner at a restaurant near us. It is expensive,  but good. I had a nightcap, and listened to music. Lisa read.

I got a Christmas gift from a HS friend. Not even sure if we knew each other in HS, but we definitely have a past. I know a lot about her,  and her life, and she knows stuff about me. I remember her having a tough time several years ago. We were exchanging messages, and this might have been pre the wait times. Her life today looks different now.

Anyhoo, it was just a good day. Looks like we got enough snow too to use my snow blower.  Fun fun.   :)

Not a lot going on with me. Some things remain the same. Work, eat, sleep. Also this crazy way I wake up in a good mood every day. I have no sacrifices I need. I am not going 100 days of such and such to prove my worth in whatever area. That is what I mean about that. Just work,  eat, sleep, and let the chips fall where they may.

I think that is probably the best gift, and why I am in a good mood every day. My future is certain. I don't really know how the days will look, but I am in good hands,  and nothing can change that.

No one has any say or any power over that. As far as that goes you have no part to play in that. My route was solo,  and currently I am strong on my own.

It is really good to be me, and that is all from the gifts given to me,  cuz when life was set before me, I didn't see any good avenues in this dirty World, so the only option I saw was if there is a reason for me being here, let me do that instead.

It is the turn. You read this so you know. You cannot run away from what you know. Your heart will help you, although you won't be confident,  and most likely you'll be scared. Your coin given up for a better coin, although you don't know what it will look like.

You have me saying it is good,  and you may have to play the fool. I know I did, but that doesn't mean the same for you.

You are not the rich person with many coins. You are the poor old lady with only one. It's yours to play the right way. If you are willing. It basically is overcoming yourself, which in its own way is overcoming the World. As far as you can anyway.

Anyhoo,  have a good one. :)

Luv Ya's.   :)

xoxo.   :)

xxoo.   :)

Thursday, December 7, 2017

A Wrinkle In Time.

Good morning. How's it going?  Me, I am okay. Ready to start another day. Yesterday we got our ducts cleaned. You probably should do that every couple years, and we've never done it. We've always had pets too. My snow blower got delivered too. Pretty exciting.

That pretty much is everything.  Besides us finishing up the downstairs we are done. Everything for downstairs is already purchased, but the flooring. I decided to pay off the car too. I can't make 4% interest so why pay it is what I thought.  I only owed $2000 anyway.

Currently, I have a house payment, and utilities. At least once I pay off current balance on credit cards. There are only 2, and I pay them off each month anyway. I sometimes use Discover for the cash back thingy. A built in discount. I used the Best Buy one for the laptop,  for the 5% cash back.

So, I guess it's been a good year financially. It started with us refinancing our house,  and getting a new roof,  and my Uncle left us a lot of money. We haven't even received the Lion's share yet. I know crazy. With that the house will be paid off,  and I'll still have more than what I just got left over.  Probably double what I just got a bit ago or so. Really ridiculous.

I know I tell you all my stuff. I can't help it. It's like a diary, except I let people read it if they are so inclined. It's probably boring though. Maybe that is why few people blog. This shit is too boring to read. Imagine someone like me publishing as much as I do.

I still do it though,  cuz I've done it for a long time. I wake up well before I have to go to work. I bet I've done this for 10 years now.

It started with running blogs, and shortly after that a death. That was a couple blogs ago. My life has changed some. New jobs. I am older. I still bike to work most days. I haven't run in a while,  and I may start that again.

I know when I first started blogging I figured the end of my story was sooner rather than later,  so I didn't have any long range plans. I still don't really. It is kinda like I have insider trading knowledge of the future.

I guess I always was just waiting for my final suffering that must take place. Everything kinda changed when the wait started up. Everything for good was the promise. I knew I wasn't perfect, and that was out of reach. I was accepted though,  and able to be used. For a purpose I guess, but my heart still remains meek in things, cuz this guy here shouldn't be anything but. I am not special. I am not some great person who was destined for greatness. When life pulled I listened. When I just wanted to be the best a person can be, I found out my impossible desire.

It turns out it isn't impossible,  but left to my own devices it is. I am not left to my own devices though. I have to carry forward with the plan for me. My heart is in good hands. I wouldn't have made it this far if my heart wasn't strengthened at the proper times.

So now everything is easy. 

Anyhoo, today will be a day. It will end in a meal.  Should be a good one. 

Have fun.   :)

xoxo.   :)

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Some Days This Seems Silly.

Good morning. How's it going?  Me, I am fine. Just living my silly little life. Yesterday I guess was okay. Nothing too crazy. It was cold and windy on my way home. My first wintry bike ride this year.

I took Hope for a walk when I got home,  and had to run to the bank. My stuff is getting close to done. Outside of stuff we will do ourselves there isn't much to do.

I don't really need much. We'll be hunkered down for the Winter so to speak. Next year promises to be exciting too, with work expanding, and all the questions that raises.

There really isn't a lot on my mind I don't think. I just do my day to day, and I feel I have a pretty good routine.

There isn't much important about my life.  If I look for any significance I see none. That I am cool with, cuz it is the truth of things. It doesn't make me sad, and as a matter of fact I accept this truth positively.

How others will receive it I don't know. I am different. So much of me is not who I would have been if I lived the same life as anyone.

I like living my simple life. I am not out to make a name for myself,  cuz it isn't a priority. Not much is  a priority I guess. Just continue to work, eat, sleep. If you found a simple way to live your life that keeps you mostly in a good mood it would be wise continuing to do that.

In the end my life was simple. I just had to learn a lot to get to this point. Suffer hidden terror too. Suffer on my own with no one to tell.

I think a funny thing of life is I know the dark hidden secrets. I think the scariest thing for all people is to let your sheet down. Your sheet covers all your flaws. The things you don't want people to see.

No one is perfect,  and no one nails life. That is important I think. I don't think anyone has time to think of that though.  I feel many times people want to count their so called feathers in their cap instead.

Life mostly is hard I think,  but it isn't for me now.  Hasn't been in a long time. I can't take credit for that though.  I received something right prior to overcoming the first time, and entering the hospital. It is the story of Jacob played over again kinda. I didnt really care about the blessing when I got it. I was in the wilderness for a long time at this point suffering every moment of every day.  I wanted security, and it seemed so far away.

Right now with that gift I received I have security. The story isn't over. I guess I thought others may eventually play a part,  but I cannot see that at all. As long as I've done this i don't really know what people do.

They got older,  and I suspect they have done as the multitudes.  Authored their own life to wherever that is. Things probably seemed exciting when they first started out.  It would be interesting to see how their heart thinks about stuff now.

I surely don't know. 

Anyway, I am out.

I am on the not drinking coffee thing again. No reason why, just not feeling it.

Cya.   :)

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Starting Off The Week Right.

Monday came,  and Monday went. I think it went pretty good. I got a lot done at work, I have a new furnace mount humidifier in. My furnace guy actually did most of my heat  run thingy I wanted done. He has just a little bit more. I also bought a new snow blower. I went to a friend's business instead of a big box store. He'll deliver it, fill it with gas, and have it ready to run. I'll get one free tune  up next year too.

Wanna know what I was thinking about yesterday?  I will soon have an abundance of cash on hand, and nothing to do with it. You are supposed to make money with money, but where is that avenue? 

You make nothing in interest. The stock market is as high as it's ever been, and maybe too high. Everything is a risk, but cash isn't. The least risky anyway. I feel interest rates can only go up. I will be in a position of no debt, a lot of cash. Cash coming in with work,  and just utilities for bills . I can sack money away for 15 years all things being equal, with little to worry about.  Make a big nest egg.

If the economy tanks I'll have cash, and a house. Anyway that is the shit that goes through my mind. I guess what I am thinking is money is supposed to make money, but if you think Economically things can only go down,  then it will be good to have cash. So when I get money it will make very little for me in the short term, but I still work,  and my wife does too.

I cannot outsmart the World,  but I can outwait it.

So anyway, I started off the week productive. I did laundry,  and made lasagna for dinner too. It is the kind of day I want. I don't have much to do today,  but tomorrow my ducts get sucked clean.

So my life goes on. There isn't much exciting to it, just the little plans that run in our heads.

I have nothing really significant to write about. Today will be a day, and it is best to start with a good attitude. I am pretty lucky in that way. I wake up in a pretty good mood each day.

Okee dokee.

Cya.   :)

Monday, December 4, 2017

What Is One To Say

This weekend was just a little messy I guess you'd say. It started off normal enough. I worked on Saturday, I had time to take Hope for a walk before the movie. I got some good news in the inheritance. I wasn't sure the tax consequences,  but really you are only liable for any capital gains. John is transferring all assets to the estate, so that automatically moves our cost basis to the day of the  death. So basically minimal tax exposure. I had no idea.

So that just is ridiculous. Plans run through your mind, like what will you do?  We did go out and look at a property someone told Lisa about. It is 2 acres on a wooded lot. There is a driveway,  septic, and well already. Ready to build so to speak,  but we sure aren't. I looked at properties around here, and some have been on  the market for a while.

I am not sure if we are up for that sort of thing. I am new to that game, and pretty much know nothing. Not sure if I even want to do that stuff. It won't be soon.

My best course of action is work,  eat, sleep. We can take a look at that stuff further down the road. What you can know is I will shortly have my mortgage paid off. That is ~ $150,000 In assets.

This weekend was a mess though. I stayed up fucking around too late on Saturday. I made it to work at 5:00 AM. I wasn't tired,  but I'd rather get my regular sleep. After we checked out the property I took Hope. A dog got loose,  and came after us. The owners were really slow getting that stupid dog of theirs. Hope would have killed that little fucker. I would have let her too if that dog tried to bite Hope. I kept Hope on the chain, but I let Hope face that fucker to defend herself. The dog was smart enough to keep her distance. She was just loud and annoying. If I had my wits I would have yelled at the owners to get their fucking dog ffs. They were slow, and stupid about it.

So, anyway my adrenaline was up. I ended up not cooking dinner, and we just picked up KFC.

The weekend was kinda a mess. Today is Monday, so back to my normal routine. I have a lot to do this week, so here is to me being productive.

As of now I have no plans for the future.  Just work,  eat, sleep. Everything is much easier that way. It helps you not to have to read the tea leaves of how the future will play out.  I suspect that is a good source of stress in life.

Anyway, here is to getting back to my regular scheduled program. Keep life easy.

Later.    :)

Saturday, December 2, 2017

A Saturday Matinee

Good morning. How's it going?  Me, I am fine. I stayed up late Thursday,  so slept in yesterday. Lisa needed a new tablet,  so we went tablet shopping.  We ended up getting a lap top instead.  It was on sale for $200 off or something like that. They were running a 5% cash back or 18 month 0% financing, so I took the 5% cash back.

I pretty much only use my phone. Not sure if I'll use it, but Lisa will for sure. Kinda amazing how handy phones are.

Other than that not much going on. Excited to get the humidifier put in, and also our air ducts sucked clean. It should be a good week. Everything is coming together I'd say. There were certain things we wanted to get done,  and that is happening. I still eat a banana every day. Try and eat more veggies,  and I take Hope almost every day after work. Today probably not, cuz I am going to a movie after work. Murder On The Orient Express. 

A pretty easy day planned. Not sure what to do for dinner. We made homemade pizza last night. I got my deep dish pizza down.  It was perfect.

Other than that not too much. One day after another,  I find life to be pretty easy. More of the way I feel inside I guess. Not a lot to worry about. I am free I guess. I owe no one anything. No one really has any say in who I am. I am me, and happy to be so. I have no idea how others are really. There definitely are things I have that others don't. Just this feeling inside. I pretty much wake up every day the same.

Life can be pretty busy I guess, but mine isn't. I guess that is why it is easy. I don't need to escape the stress of every day life, cuz I don't think I really have any.  To my knowledge anyway. I wish I did more stuff throughout the day I guess, but I am not losing sleep over anything.

Anyway,  just getting something down.

Have a good one.   :)


Thursday, November 30, 2017

A Simple Enough Day.

Good morning. How's it going?  Me, I am fine. Yesterday was just your typical day. I put in a day of work. I took Hope for a walk.  I saw they were picking up leaves,  do I decided to mow up my leaves one last time. For the ones the wind blew back, but they already picked ours up. Leaf season is officially over. The stragglers we will get next Spring.

All my plans for dinner blew up. Mexican store had no meat,  so no fajitas. I looked around the fridge, and freezer, and nothing jumped out. I thought I'd get a rotisserie chicken from the local grocer down the road,  and those were sold out. So I made chicken fajitas.

After dinner I crashed. A pretty simple day all things considered. I find my life to be like that a lot. Pretty simple.

Today I got nothing crazy planned. I may just go out to dinner. Make a night of it.  Around the house here I have a furnace mounted humidifier scheduled for an install, and a duct cleaning scheduled too. Just stuff that makes the indoor environment better.

Talked to my brother yesterday, and it seems the estate will be settled sooner rather than later. Like before New Years sooner.  He's talking to a tax accountant soon to see how we should handle it. It is about as much money as I figured give or take. Quite a bit more than I ever figured I'd walk into.

It's not a retirement sum, but at the age of 51, I'll be sitting pretty good. I have 15 years of just making money, and paying utilities. Also with a good jump start of cash in hand.

All things being equal of course, but I do not count on that AT ALL. As a matter of fact I count on things being very much not equal in this World, cuz that is the story anyway. None of that is up to me though, so I will just continue to live this simple life, til the time comes for whatever.

Nothing I need to worry about.

It is good having an easy life. Not a lot to worry about you know?  Plus I am more than happy with work, eat, sleep.

It is good to be me.   :)

Okay, I'll cya.   :)

Have a good one.   :)

xoxo.   :)