Thursday, March 30, 2017

Some Days.

You never know what will happen in a day. Yesterday I got pretty silly. Just having fun. You pretty much want to enjoy your lives. Be silly,  have fun. Live without a care in the World.

How can you?  You as a person are supposed to do this and that. Socially accepted norms mean you must do this and that.  You want to do this and that though. You want to be silly, have fun. You also want to feel good, have a lot of energy, and wake up rested.

I could give you the secret to life,  but I can't. I am not the author of my story. So many days of mine were hard. My path was one of learning. I learned a lot. I guess what I learned is how helpless I am.

All the avenues of me is pure and simple folly. That is where you are now I guess. You want to pave your stairway to heaven with good works, and also you want to show people your paved road you have started.  

It means nothing. Everything we have done doesn't mean anything. I currently am sitting with points while all others are being shut out. The road I made I didn't. I was led along blindly. You don't know the suffering I've endured to get points, but one does. For some reason it is pleasing to him my path is solo. Hidden from all. Also it is how it's always been where one gets the message. Delivers it cuz that is their purpose. Their job if you will. It is ingrained in their heart. Their labor is not from them,  like mine is not from me.

Our message we bring from elsewhere does not get received. Hearts turn hard, cuz they want their life. They want to show people their greatness. You want to show people your stairway to heaven.

Also is it possible to bring happiness and contentment out of nothing?  The World was made out of what was once nothing. What great deeds will you do? 

We are pretty insignificant huh? 

Okee doke. Just getting something down.

I think it's raining.


Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A Difference In A Week.

Some things remained the same as I had stuff to do after work on Monday. That is 3-4 weeks straight. Typically I have nothing to do after work. We got our taxes done,  and set up our roof.

First off I wanted to say I have been bundled with energy this past weekend, and beginning of this week. Last week I was tired I definitely will take the energy and the part of feeling great.

As to our roof running a roofing business is not easy. He has to pull permits,  set up delivery of supplies, do the estimate, hire employees,  payroll and whatnot. You never really think of that shit.

Anyway we are  all set up. Good to go as it were. Taxes are done. Fine for no HC is close to $700 this year. Next year will be closer to $1000. That fine really is a tax on the poor. I doubt rich people go without HC. In my opinion the problem is insurance in general. Very inefficient.

People with insurance with low co pays probably go to the Dr. for every little thing.   I haven't been to a Dr. in forever. I am healthy. Insurance = incentive for waste.  You show me someone working in the insurance industry, and I'll show you someone who spends a good deal of time in a cubicle. Looking at computer screens,  and talking on phones. Maybe eating donuts by the water thingy.

I think higher education is a waste now too. You going to go in house size debt to get a cubicle job?   That's dumb. The system is broke. You ain't gonna fix it. You want an education?  Read Catch-22. Laugh, but get mad.

Get a job where you are on your feet. Don't go into high debt. Enjoy your years if you are able. I suspect that enjoy part is out if your hands. A good heart is a good thing to come by, but probably out of our hands. I know the steps I made, and I don't know how I'd be if I didn't do what I did. I suspect not as happy.

The World goes on in its shitty way. People who think they are smart continue to do stupid shit. Rich people who were born that way typically are the stupidest people in the World. They do the most damage too.

Arrogance is an awful thing misplaced. When the arrogant think they are smart when really they are dumb, that is a bad thing.

The World is full of these people. Many times money is what makes the difference in classes. It makes up our hierarchy, and money may be the dumbest thing of all.

Your World though. I have no use for it. I have my day to day. I'll think I'll stay on this route.

That is it for today!!!   :)

Psyche.    ;)

Cya.   :)

Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Day Is Before Me.

Good morning. How's it going?   Me, I am good. It is my sleep in day, so I slept in. Kinda. Not sure what today will hold. We got our garage door up. Another thing off the list. Lisa got her new glasses too. Another one off.

Not sure about today.  I looked up movies. I guess that's a possibility,  although leaning against it. I do have a couple things I want to get done. I guess in my mind I have a big list. I should get it down so I can see it. Cross shit off.

Not really sure what to do for dinner. I feel we should try something new. We went out for dinner last night. A day starts with all kindsa possibilities. Rarely if ever do I accomplish what I set out in the morning. You can imagine how I am in the morning. Ready to go, but I am active every day. I don't sit down til I am done with work. I do eventually lose steam.

I will say this. I like the direction our house is going. We are getting shit done,  and Spring is upon us. So that's good.

Other than that I guess I'll drink my coffee. Take Hope for a walk,  and have a day. There will be dinner at the end of it.

Cya later.  :)

Friday, March 24, 2017

I Think Spring Is Here

The 10 day has one high of 48°, and the rest in the 50°s or higher. We are close to getting everything done we wanted help with. Garage door goes in today. Our roof guy comes out to look at our roof. We have to do some fence repair in back. Hope is an ass. He's trying to eat his way out. Really we just need to make it taller. 10' posts instead of 8'  it will make our fence 7' high. She can't jump that high. We'll cement them too. The original owner didn't.  We also want to paint our house. Change out a couple windows. Finish up the basement. A lot to do still.

The basement is all framed and insulated. We never finished the walls. I did the ceiling, but don't like it, so we took it down. I'll be busy, and I like to be lazy. 

It is Springtime though. Everything is new again. The season has changed, and once again everything looks different.  That is what Midwest living is.

Anyhoo,  enough about me. Not really though. Am I to talk of you?  I don't even know you. I know me. I know this World. I know my little life here. I know it has an end. In the end I did have a purpose. The reason I am here is what I will finish. My job will be done.

It wasn't what I expected, and it wasn't what I planned.   Left to my own devices from way back when who knows?  I know  I wasn't perfect,  and my life would have been pretty Fucked up.

My life still isn't perfect cuz I am not. Not yet. I know the human experience though having been one. I was taken abruptly out of the World long ago, and I saw it for what it is. I saw people's lives all dressed up. I know people's inside thoughts though,  and we don't want to show that.

Why?  Cuz we all are Fucked up, and we only want to show a dressed up version of ourself. The World overpowers in that way. People judge. The World judges, and none are strong enough to stand up to it.

If you knew now the folly of life you would wish you did something different. Was on a different route. You were always going to be tangled into your life. No one escapes that. Only way out of your dilemma is a turn. The turn is blind. A blind turn eventually helps you see. Through the eye of the needle the log gets removed. This is out of your power.

A strong person needs no help. A strong person is foolish.

Anyway. Today will be a good day. We are getting shit done.

Cya.   :)

Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Things That Are On My Mind.

That title is kinda a joke, cuz not much is on my mind. Yesterday was okay as far as days go. I worked,  and had dinner. There really isn't anything of real importance I thought about. Just doing my day to day. The days come. I typically don't get everything done I want after work,  but I have dinner, and I sleep.

Pretty simple really. Yet my days are never perfect. When you live in my head there isn't much of anything that is so grand it is very important. Life is a big thing in our mind, but it's not important.  It's just something we do cuz for some reason we are here.

We didn't choose to be born. We didn't choose which Country we would be born in. Most, probably all, besides me never threw everything away. Country,  upbringing, teaching we've been taught from the World. Why are you here? 

In a World that offers nothing I guess that is a good place to start. I am going to have a day today. I am sure people will post stuff they think is significant to make it seem their life matters. It doesn't.

We've been preceded by trillions. We aren't better, and we aren't smarter. I am the only one who knows this though. Everyone else thinks they are better and are smarter.

We're just humans. Gross really. We all have a bunch of shit that pops up in our head. If we wanted a head that had perfect thoughts it isn't in our power. You are a slave to all the shit that pops up in your head.

In a World where you think you are master you are not. We are just humans living an imperfect life. No life was better way back when. We aren't better either.

This World is a crazy and insignificant thing. Those of this World can't see it. You have to step out to look at it objectively. You cannot be a part of it if you want to see it.


I'll cya.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

It Don't Take Much To Disappear

Good morning How's it going?   Me, I am fine. I kinda disappeared from this thing for a bit. It mostly had to do with sleeping in. From staying up too late to not sleeping as good as normal, I slept in.

Even today I was sleeping pretty hard, and having crazy dreams, and my early alarm went off. My first thought was to maybe sleep in again,  but I was done sleeping.

You would think for not blogging in a while I'd have a lot to say. You'd be wrong. :)  You know my crazy life.

We are pretty busy though, and that may be a reason for me sleeping in. Last week I had stuff to do all week. Got my truck fixed. My brake line was bad, and it needed replacing. Then my brake lights didn't work. One side was just the bulb,  and the other the wire. I did replace the socket, but it didn't work. My mechanic came over, and replaced the wire.

I thought he charged me too little last time so I gave him an extra $40. He thought I was too generous so he didn't charge me for redoing the wire.  :)  We have another big job coming up for him on our white car.

I got a flat on the way home yesterday too on my bike so I have to replace the tube.

See my life is pretty interesting. Also Friday we are getting a new garage door put on,  and we are going to get a new roof soon. We have a lot to do this year.

So,  life goes on. I ain't doing anything real important in my day to day. The day to days keep coming though.

Anyhoo, I guess that's good.

Later.  :)

Thursday, March 16, 2017

It Is Rarely, Perhaps Never Light Out At 3:00 AM

As long as I've been doing this I don't recall it ever being light out at 3:00 AM. I am getting old though so not sure how much I would count on my memory.

Anyway. How's it going?   Me, I am doing good. We got our new fridge yesterday so that's cool. Ours was done. Toast as it were. Nice to have a good functional one for the next 8-12 years. Our other one lasted probably a decade give or take.  It feels good to get that done.

Not much else going on with me. Just day to day things that occupy my time. It is like I do work. A couple things here and there. Dinner at some time and then sleep.

I have a feeling most people put some type of value in our day to day labor. It's just shit we do. We have to make money, and live somewhere. It's the way of the World. You have to be a part of the World to live in it. It just so happens no points come from your labor you do in the World.  No matter how hard you try. It matters to you in a way, but in the end it doesn't.

Life is full of hard truths few find out about. I found out about them. My life was set apart to learn these things. Then I was supposed to teach these things. What I've done has fallen on deaf ears so we went in the wilderness. In the wilderness hearts are cold. No one really cares. There is no meaning anywhere really. Nowhere to get a foot hold. In the wilderness I become very much indifferent to a lot. Especially when people place value where there is none. All our guilty.

I was too. Don't worry. We all are guilty thinking we and our lives are important. It is just time we are putting on this Earth. People rack up their trophies, and diolomas, and accepted things we gather from other people. Compliments and smiles.

Life is a hard hard thing cuz we were born here wrong. It takes much to make us right and better. It also is out of our power to do it too.

Perhaps the worst curse is being born in this World,  cuz it takes much to overcome our lot. I have overcome my trials with help. I would not have made it on my own. Others haven't even done anything. Once again I cannot help you at all. You have to make the right steps, and I know your tough position.

If everything is wrong than you have a pretty doozy of a Web. That is known. Everything is possible,  but not left to your own devices. Then pretty much nothing is in the important things.

You have to take the trip. You have to be willing even if your heart is scared and unsure.

I am glad I did my shit early and long ago. Where you stand now is hard. That much I know.

Anyway. Today will be another day.

Should be fun.

Cya.   :)