Friday, April 30, 2010

Bad = Good

Hard day for most of the day yesterday.  I kept wondering why???  why???  I got the answer.  The bad is for good, I guess I forget that.  There is a lot of stuff going on with me that cannot be seen.  As a matter of fact when I tried to show it before it didn't turn out that well.  No biggie, it is something I deal with, and you know how I say I keep my heart open for God to see.  He sees all with me, and knows all with me.  He has given me someone to share stuff with, so that is cool. 

So we will all have our personal rainy days, and we'll deal with them how we deal with them.  Like I said our rainy days help us turn into flowers.  So good comes from bad weather days, whether it be in nature or in our own lives. 

I am thankful for so much.  I think everyone is doing great!!  I know I blog in a weird way, but hopefully that gets better.  I said a little prayer about that.  I don't really think too much when I write, I just spit it out you know, and hope I don't offend.  It really is just my thoughts being rambled out.  Sometimes I think about what I write later in the day, and think.... Oh Shit, what if so and so thinks this or that about what I write?  Definitely not intended that is for sure.  :)

Anyway it is a good time of year.  If you read this I think you are great, and if you don't then you suck!!!  just kidding.  :)

Biked to work and back yesterday.  I knew I had nothing.  Today I get new running shoes.  My old ones have over 900 miles on them.....  oops!!!  :)

Have a good one!!!

Love you all!!  xo's!!  :)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Season Done Except For the Racing

My year in a nutshell.  5K New Years Eve, then start training for spring races.  I basically have been in training since January for my Spring races.  Missed my 22:00 on the 5K, but met the man who lost his wife of 61 years.  So now starts my Spring races.  There are two more.  An 8K this weekend.  I ran last year in 39:40, and I think this year I can knock a couple minutes off that p.r.  The following week I have the Riverbank, and I should be able to add another p.r. as long as I race faster than I train.  :)

So for the 5K, a 8K, and a 25 K I do this.

Jan--120.28 miles
Feb--102.91 miles
Mar--119.86 miles
Apr--112.78 miles

I also do biking a lot, as it helps keep my legs healthy, and helps me do more.  I don't keep track of my biking miles as a total, but will keep track of miles for workouts.  So far most of my biking is to work and back, but have been able to get some long-ish ones here and there weather permitting.

You know yesterday wasn't so hot for me.  It was a tough day.  I think I will say that here, but I am not going to tell people everything I am thinking like I did last summer.  Some people I can tell stuff to, and some aren't ready to hear it.

I know for my life, especially now, nothing is random.  I look at everything, and wonder the plan.  Not knowing obviously, but out of the blue I think of a lot of people, who over 1 year ago probably never even heard of or hadn't thought about in several years.

Some things frustrated me last night, while I was at the track.  I am better.  Last summer I was solo, but one friend stayed with me, and although she didn't know what I was going through, it helped me immeasurably stay together.  She should know who she is.  I didn't let her in on stuff til, well... before Thanksgiving.  Just checked it was Early November.   

I'll tell you something, and this may seem weird maybe not.  The summer of me going to the hospital was one summer.  Last Summer was another summer.  This is the last of what I am doing.  This one is relatively easy, as it is not solo.  God has allowed me to enjoy these days.  I know the ending, and so does one other.  I knew the ending before the hospital.  It isn't the ending of my life, don't want you to think that, but a beginning.  An ending of one way and a beginning of a new way.   I'll still be here. 

Not sure how much you will actually get to know of what I've been through, but I have a feeling sometime this Autumn it will be explained, and you will know.

I give thanks it is easy now.

Last summer was hard!

Crap the workout:

4- mile warm up/ cool down

3-10:00 runs

mile splits were 7:11,7:15,7:20

I know it looks like I was going in the wrong direction, but this was an easy workout.  I could have gone faster on all of them, but no need.  I was doing 10:00's others were doing 12:00's I had no one to follow, it was a solo workout of sorts.  It was pretty easy.  I am in pretty good shape.  Now I am ready to grab a couple more P.R.'s the next two weeks.  After that I solo-train for the Diemer 5K.  I put the pedal to the medal on those track workouts.

Have a good one all!!


stayed after yesterday to see if one of the guys from our group could get 2 miles on the last 12:00.  He hit the 2 mile mark at 11:50.  WOW!!!  That was impressive.  I told him I would have beat his ass if he didn't do it, cause I was done, and could have been home eating spaghetti.  :)  j/k.   That was great.  

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shiraz or Merlot??? questions to ponder...

Starting this sucker without a title,  as I have no idea what the heck I'll be writing about.  Last night was a typical night for us.  I biked to the grocery store after work (.25 mile perhaps)  Just bought some stuff for the grill, and a bottle of wine.  I was talked into getting a bottle of Shiraz.... for the record it was o.k.  A lot of times I go for the Merlot... as a more bang for the buck type of theory, but the Shiraz definitely tastes better.  I'll remember that.  It was on sale for $5.99.  I always always always buy the cheap wine.  :)

For me wine + outside + sky + plants + flowers =  GREAT NIGHT!!  wife too.  :)   We sit outside a lot... if you can't tell.  That is what I do.  I love that on the days I don't have other things planned.  Tonight I run in circles.  I know what we are doing, but am not telling.  The Marathoners have a tough one.  Mine won't be easy, but I get to do one less 12 minute run than them....   DOH!!!!! 

That is it for now, but may add some red-lined stuff later, as it is only 3:16 am.  I am determined to make it at 5:00 am today though, so we'll see.

I got it now.  Today is not about me in any way shape or form.  It is about you two.  I hope today is a good one.  One is missing her family, and one is cherishing.  Dessert tonight for everyone!!!  I don't do dessert, but going to let Hailey and Lisa go get some ice cream from Captain Sundae.  You know what???  I may have her get me a hot fudge Sunday.  May need it after my 3-12:00's

Love you all

xo's  Gotta love the double signature!!!   :)

Have a good one!!

xo's  :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Planes Trains and Automobiles

Don't really have anything today... I don't think.  That is why I stole the title.  Yesterday was a Monday, but nice weather in our neck of the woods.  We had full sun all day.  Lucky us!!

Workout wise was just my 6.2 mile route.  It came out to around 8:50 pace.  My legs started feeling pretty good at the 4.5 mile mark.  :) 

My friend Hal stopped by for a couple hours, and we talked and laughed as usual.  I'd tell you what we talked about, but what happens in college stays in college!!  That's the philosophy I am going with anyway. 

Like Hal said....or something to this effect....  You'll be telling a story, and people will think they are with some lunatic,  this guy should be locked up,  wonder if they should  be scared???  end the sentence with "In College"... and you get a free pass.   Ha ha!!

Luckily I have grown up and haven't done anything like those type of things for .....hmmm..... at least a year I'd say.  Progress......!!!  :)

One thing I remember similar about Hal's time in College and mine... we did a lot of soul searching.  We had a lot of fun, but our eyes were open inside our head a lot.  It is these times as much as any other where we find ourselves, or perhaps step out from our upbringing and view the world objectively.  I remember one time perhaps right after I graduated.  I told my Dad we are no longer Father and Son, but friends.  It was my life, and my decisions.  Success or Failure depended on me,  no one else. 

That is where we all stand. 

Good times!!!

One other thing, we were standing outside, and last night the sky looked great.  Huge bright moon, you could see the clear sky and some puffy white clouds.  I am always looking at the sky to look at God's canvas.  :)   (Gina's term)  

Guess that is it, and guess I did have stuff to say.  Who knew?? 

Hope you all have a GREAT day!!  I don't have much on the docket today.  I will get into work late today (probably half hour early)   :)

I am thinking of cooking something on the grill tonight.  No major workouts, just whatever gets done with the bike.  :)

Love You All!!!

xo's   :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Lazy Sunday For -bike ride

Lance does it again!!!!

Some know, some don't, I got started biking.  I got a little out of shape mid to late 30's, which I believe was due to a ruptured disc in my back.  One year or so of no exercise to speak, til surgery, and then a couple years to get back in the swing of things. My high point I believe was 217, and now I am around 165.  Why do I run???  I was in good shape biking... 174 lbs. so I thought like High School I would go out and run a few miles.  I made it one mile and the legs throbbed!!!  I was hooked, cause it was hard.

I knew people ran marathons and stuff, and I wanted to find out how.  You read about guys like Dean Karnazes, (Ultra Marathon Man)  You wonder how??  Then you realize, nope not me.  There are people who inspire me.  Lance has always been one too.  He helped me on this day.

I knew we were going to have crappy weather, but I thought perhaps I can get a bike ride in before the rains come.  Me being the lazy sort of person I am didn't really look at the weather close.  (Satellite view) just saw 60% chance of rain.  I went out.  All long rides go down 66th st.  I was about 10 miles out, and it started raining.  I thought of turning back, but thought of Lance.  I am sure he did plenty of bike rides in the rain.  So I kept going to Saugatuck, turned around and headed home.  I ended up with about 26.5 miles or so on the bike, and I loved every minute of it.  I was doing something I knew Lance would do.  That is how motivation is I think. 

Holy crap is this a long entry!!!  :)

I am a different runner than I was a couple years back.  A couple years back I increased my distance a ton.  I did not race any good races, as I was injured for all the ones I was training for.  The training you cannot take away.  Last year was a year of several P.R.'s, and it was also a year I started reading bloggers.  For those who don't know the original 4 were Beth, Audrey, Barb, and .... let's just say the shy one.  While everyone was sleeping I was reading them.  So they inspired me too.  (many days off were not taken, cause of how hard they worked)

Now one more thing, cause why not right??  Not everyone can run, not everyone can bike, and not everyone can swim.  Everyone can do something though right??  You all have gifts, you just have to use them.  Like I told Jen who is not a runner.  Everything she does is magical.  Great photographs, and love her updates.  Her heart is huge!!!  so impressed with her.   I love her blog.  I like reading everyone that I read.

One more thing to add....  crap!!!  forgot what it was.  Wait I remember.  I know some people are going through some hard times.  So far everyone is strong enough to get through it.  Take these words from Gina to heart, cause they are true.  God never gives us more than we can handle.  A rainy outside often times is a rainy personal day for us.  Not so fun, but it helps turn us into flowers.  We all end up having to deal with stuff, but keep your head high, cause my promise to you is it is for the greater good.

oops forgot something.  Didn't do crap after my workout.  Had a good time, and guess what?  Hal is coming to my house tonight, as he'll be in Michigan.  Woo Hoo!!  I have plenty of Coors Light on hand.... for me.  He'll have to bring the beer they named after him.  "Arrogant Bastard"  Ha Ha!!!  Might have to set my alarm for tomorrow.   Holy crap look what time it is, now I am going to have to really rush if I am to make it 20 minutes after the 2-1/2 hours early I'd like to be.  :))))

Best Wishes all

xo's.  :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sleeping In!!

Well I slept in til 7:00 a.m.  2 things:  I don't usually blog past early morning, and something else too,  it escapes me though.    :)   ahahahaaa!!!  now that is pretty bad. 

The run yesterday went pretty well.  I started off slow slow slow, just calm.  No hard breathing, as a matter of fact I don't think I breathed hard the whole run, so I wasn't going all out.  Once I hit the halfway point I picked it up a bit I believe.  I know my 2nd half time was 7 seconds quicker than the first half time, and the 2nd half has a 4-5 mile section of hills.  I don't ever remember it being so hilly, but it sure is. 

The people who zoomed by me in the first half got caught in the 2nd half.  Since it was a group training run, I think we go just a tad bit faster than a regular one, but at the end I still had plenty of kick, and could have gone on.  Not 10+ miles on, but further.  Doing a 25 K in May makes me happy I am not doing a marathon.  It is that crazy math.  15.53 is a long way to run, but adding 10+ miles is quite a bit.  I'll be ready for the fall though. 

Now starts a nice stretch for me.  8K race this weekend.  Hope to P.R....  I should.  25K race the next weekend, and then solo training for the Diemer 5K.  That 5K is a huge race for me.  You know I want to break that 22:00 barrier.  That sucker is going down!!!!  It won't be in my name cause I am a ringer for the corporate challenge.  (Ha Ha... just kidding on the ringer part)  filling in is what I should say, under some other person's name.  :)

Guess that is it.  Kudos to those who ran 20 as part of the Riverbank preview run.  The ones from our group started their 20 the same time I started my 15.53 run, and we finished the same time.

Those fast feet!!!! 

White Sox another walk off.  Blackhawks tie short-handed with 14??  16??  seconds left, and win right after they killed off a 5 minute major.  Good day to be a Chicago fan.

I am out!!



Saturday, April 24, 2010

Going to Count the P.R. if it happens

Today we run the 25K course as a practice run.  I think my training run speed might give me a P.R.  I am counting it if it does.  Last year I P.R.'d the course with a 2:14 something I think.  The last 5 miles I couldn't "take off" due to calves starting to act a little finicky.  It still was a 10 minute p.r., but left some time on the road.  Obviously not going to race the training run, but I think the pace was 8:38 or something, so I think my training speed is quicker than that.  We'll see. 

Like I said I am going to count it!!!  :)

This will be my 5th year of running the 25K race.  At first it was a can I even finish the thing, and now I am trying to get down to the 2 hour mark.  Wednesday workout has me wondering.  I was shocked to see 7:07 as my overall pace.  I just timed the whole 8-1000's together, so really had no idea how fast we were going.  I would have expected 7:20 + pace. 

Don't really have much else today I guess. 



Friday, April 23, 2010


Man, am I cranky.  I don't know if it is this whole week or just recently.  SHEESH!!  Expect a good blog update when I get to the bottom of this. 

I feel anger inside me that is for sure.  SHEESH!!... 

Fine,  keep it in.  What do I care right??  well I do. 

Let it out!!!  That is what I am here for.  You think you can just view your life through me and keep it in.  I don't think so.  It will not be good for anyone to keep stuff in.

I know when I get angry people are trying to not look in the mirror.  You have to.  It is the ones I have been reading the longest who are holding back. 


Honesty is a step forward in a good direction.  For me it wasn't easy to start, but it was necessary.  I assume it may be that way for you.  Take the step, it is all for good. 

Let your light shine.  Truth is light.  God doesn't want you wallowing in the darkness. 

Nothing bad comes from being honest. 

Thursday = Friday, but after I biked to the church and ran the trail a couple loops.  So tack on a 3 mile run, on sore legs, and probably 14 biking miles.  A step in the right direction for me. 

No nice signature from me:

not in the mood. 

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Saved By Twitter

O.K. so my stupid watch has like 8 different time settings, or views it can switch from, I guess I should say.  Stop watch, alarm, some other stupid stop watch that counts down from an hour.  Blah, blah, blah.  I don't set my alarm downstairs, I just wake up naturally.  I woke up this morning and one of the things said 1:55.  Guess it is time to get up.

I am doing my normal thing, and to my phone comes a message.  At this hour...2:30 a.m, I believe. I figure it is some stupid e-mail thing.  Nope a tweet from @jefStark wondering if he is going to beat me to work.  I look, and think, what????  What is he doing up.  Time on the tweet says 5:25.   I am like what???  I look at my computer, and it says 5:25.  Ha Ha!!!  How does that happen?

Good news...  I am well rested for a day after the track!!!

Bad news... I am going to have to really rush now if there is any chance of me making it 20 minutes...... ahhhh never mind.

Last night:

4-mile warm up/ cool down

8-1000's @1 minute rest-- My pace 7:07

A little over two weeks out from my race, and I am starting to feel pretty good where I am at, as far as training.  We run the 25K course this weekend.

If the legs feel o.k., I think I might run the church trails after work.  We'll see.  It was a hard workout last night, but walking at work + biking to work loosens things up.

I gotta get going, cause that son-of-a bitch @jefStark will brag way too much about beating me to work.

Shit!!!!!  :)

Have a good one all!!

xo's.   :))

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

One Of Those Mornings

This is one of those mornings where I don't really know what I am going to write, so this will probably be long.  :)

Yesterday I didn't really get any workout.  Just a to work and a back from work, same as any non-raining day.  I had a lazy Tuesday.  I was enjoying myself, but the night ended up sucking a bit.  Not everything is always perfect right?   It isn't in this household either.

Here is something, and I will just put it out there, even though it is kind of personal.  My wife doesn't get me.  She doesn't understand what I write about.  She wonders why I don't read anymore.  I tell her I read blogs.  I wanna know what real people are doing.  That is why I read blogs. 

I am easy to get along with, but maybe hard to understand.

Well, I deal, and have dealt with a lot of stuff.  Don't look at me, with an accusing finger, look to yourself.  God knows I do.  I know I am not perfect, and I don't pretend to be.  I think before she judges me, which she does and did, look to yourself.  I don't judge her, I give everyone all the time in the world.  If you don't get me, and I have friends who do, don't worry about me having a friendship with them.  That is what life is.

Okay, got that off my chest.  She may or may not read this, but whatever.

Ha Ha!!  Poor Lisa, who the hell wants their dirty laundry public like this??  YIKES!!!

Have a good day all.

Love you all!!!

Even you Lisa when you get around to reading this.  :)))


God Bless!!  :)))

Lisa may or may not get around to reading this, but I talked to her, and she gets me now.  What she cannot understand spiritually about me others can, and I talk to them.  She gets it now.  Going to be a great day.  Like I said up there.

Love you all!!

xo's  and

God Bless!!!   :))))))) 

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


People watch, people see, you may inspire,  you may help, and you may not know it.  For all that tell you, there are countless more who won't tell you how you help them.  It is even Biblical right??  Like when did we do this, or that, and the answer is when you did it to the least of these you've done it onto me. 

How about the Hebrews passage "Be kind unto strangers, because many have entertained Angels unawares."  Lisa's Aunt Myrna exchanged an angel story with me, and I exchanged one with her.  Mine came after an extremely difficult time.  A time where I would have wished God to let me die, or better off make it so I was never born.  That was pre-hospital, and it was done for a reason.  It was a shock to my system, and after those 6 days of suffering, I would never be the same.

My journey re-started over a year ago, perhaps it never stopped, but I did believe the 18 + years post-hospital til when I knew it restarted.  Every thing that happens now is part of it.  God leads me in the ways I go.  He has allowed me to enjoy these days, and I am thankful.  He even let me share stuff with Gina who is a kindred spirit.  I can share a lot of spiritual stuff with her, that I can share with no one else.  That is a gift too. 

Keep going, and keep doing. 

Yesterday a horrible sleeping Sunday.  Went into work later than normal, napped at lunch.  I noticed though... I noticed... the legs felt good.  On fumes I rode my bike the 4 miles to and the 4 miles back so I could run on the Santuary Woods trail.  I climbed the 170+ stairs to the trails, and then it got hard.  Only a 30 minute run, but most of it at 90% of my max heart rate I believe.  I forgot how hard that trail was.

My motivation???  The bloggers on my right hand side.  None inspires me more than Beth, Barb, and one other shy one!! She knows who she is though.  Also Johnny Garcia and Emmanuel, they keep going, and going, and going.  They post it to their FB wall too, so now I do too.

Get it done folks!!! 

Nothing more beneficial in my mind.  We all go at different speeds, but the newbies improve so much so fast. 

Have a good one all!!!


God Bless!!!  :))))

Monday, April 19, 2010

ZOIKS, I missed a day

Big training weekend.

First off Saturday morning long run.  16.35 miles I think.  Tempo miles added.  Here is the workout:

7 miles warm up
1 mile tempo, followed by 1 mile marathon pace
1.5 mile tempo followed by 1.5 mile marathon pace
2 mile tempo followed by 2 mile marathon pace

I did pretty good on the 1 and 1.5 miler, but I doubt I had any real fast speeds on the 2 mile tempo.  We finished with a mile on the track, which was supposed to be our final marathon pace mile.  I think I hit 8:30/8:40 or so on that mile.  It was the only one I knew the time of.  Overall it was 8:35 pace I think.  Surprised at that, but whatever.  I remember really keeping the brakes on until we hit the 7 mile mark, so maybe that was it.  Who knows??  Hard workout,  didn't nap worth a piss, and hung out with some friends.  Highlight of the evening was a girl Summer.  I saw sadness in her eyes.  She pretended it wasn't there, but then acknowledged it.  That will be good for her.  Need to be truthful about it.  Another friend had the same kind of night.  I am very happy for Summer, and very proud of my other friend. 

Sunday was a big workout day.  My phone died Saturday night, and I just slept at Beau and Charity's on their really really comfy chair.  Lisa dropped me off, as she knew I at some point should not be driving.  :)  Sunday was a bike day, and I had a big one, at least for me.  70 miler.  A personal record for me.  It was a beautiful day.  I took my camera with me, but only took one picture, and that was taken with my phone.  :)

Legs felt good the whole way, so that was good.  I have my biking legs, and now want to add more miles.

A friend of mine has a special gift.  She can see things, but doesn't always know what they mean.  She saw the lady in white.  I was given a gift of knowing what it meant.  Spiritually after my final suffering I am the lady in white.  Obviously not a lady really, but I know what it means spiritually, and that I do not share with you... yet or perhaps never.  Perhaps it is something you find out on your own. 

I promised to add pictures, but not feeling it right now.  It takes sooooooo long. :)  I am tired, because after my 70 miler I slept like a giraffe.  4 hours max, and perhaps less.  My neck is sore, so gonna nap up.  :)  j/k on the neck thing.  giraffe... neck  get it ??  Ha Ha!!  I know real funny!!!

cya  and have a good day, and a good week.  :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Well, I took  a billion pictures yesterday of Holland, but can't download it to the computer, cord isn't working or something, so not reading the camera.  Oh well.

found the cord that works, pictures later.  :)))

Short entry today, all I can say is Alan told Jerry and Jeff-John-Steve????  aka (man with many first names) not to add too many miles before we meet, because he has something special in store for us.

That = Ouch!!!

I thought the other long-run/speed workout was hard.  I have a feeling this one will be a nap workout!!

Can't wait!!!

Hey it is my blog I can do whatever I want!!

A picture of two of my favorites now, and no I do not have a crush on Gina!!  I did tell Lisa my girlfriend called when she did though.  :)

Always fun at the Pejchl household.  Lisa has a craft show, she makes jewelry holders, and always sells those suckers out.  She works hard at it, and is very creative.  She has fun with it too.  Should be a good day.  Seems like we had something planned for tonight, but cannot for the life of me remember.  Oh well.

Oh, stopped by Jacob, and Steph's house on my bike ride home from work.  (took 4 hours)  :)))   Saw their newborn.  I don't really do babies, but Lisa would love to hold it.

Gina is on the left and Jen is on the right.  I-phone pic, so forgive the quality.  :)


Friday, April 16, 2010

High School

So you know a H.S. friend of mine died a few weeks ago, I went to the Memorial and stuff.  I forget stuff about H.S. cause you know it was like 1000 years ago.  Anyway, I have another blogger to follow.  Jen Gray is her name, and she lives in the Chicago area.  I read some, but she goes way back so going to take a while.  I love this though.  :)  I think I do that all the time don't I???  Doubt my stuff is very glamorous.  :)  I don't go back on this blog like I always did on the other ones.  I'd always go back and read my stuff, but not anymore.  Guess I am just living day to day, and God has let me enjoy these days soooooo much,  I love it.  I know I am sooooo very much not perfect, but God accepts me.  I mean it is like everything I do turns to gold.  That is how I feel every day.  I have bad patches, but that is for the greater good too.

The only thing about Jen Gray's blog is no comment part.  You know I love to comment.  :))  Guess I'll just send her e-mails.  :)

Here is something that really cracks me up soooooo much.  It is on FB from Hal, you know my good friend from College days... well his college days, I think I graduated...  Here it is:

Stupid fat fingers!  Stupid little keys on phone! If I don't pay attention I end with postings that make me look even more retarded than I really am. 

ahahahahaaaa!!!  God I chuckle at that.  I am not sure if it is a you have to know Hal post or not, but that cracks me up sooooo much.

So one more thing...  I think just one more thing... I have become pretty good friends with Gina the xo's girl.  We text quite a bit.  She is funny, and has a great sense of humor and outlook.  My wife knows about her.  She knows I xoxoxoxo  all the time now.  To guys and girls it doesn't matter, I xo everyone.  Hey it is how I am.  Lisa knows I am not going to go all Tiger Woods on her and stuff like that, but I wanna be open about that, cause things can look the wrong way.  The stuff I am not open about, God knows about.  I am thankful for that.

Like I said I am not perfect, none of us are, but God accepts me, and that makes my life really really really fun.

For the record yesterday was a Thursday = Friday night.  I had a blast.  80 degrees and sunny.  Tonight, I will ride the bike, and Saturday I go long.  I did ride the bike to and from work, but at this stage it is no longer a workout.

I'd like to string together some good bike workouts soon.  I feel I have been neglecting that.  I think the novelty of the weather is making me want to enjoy relaxing outside instead of biking outside.  That will change.  :))

O.K.  this is long, but it was a fun post to write.

Hope you all have a great day!!

xo's  :))))

guess what,  I really putzed this morning.  I am going to have to really rush if i am going to make it 20 minutes after the 2-1/2 hours early I'd like to show up.  :)  Crap, didn't even check twitter.  YIKES!!!

Have a good one all!!!  Love you all!!!!   :)))))))))))))))))) 

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Back in the Swing

It appears my groin has been hampering more than I thought.  I had a pretty good workout today.  It was a hard one.  I have lost a bit, but nothing I cannot recover with some good weeks ahead.  My big race is May 8th I think, so I take two steps back to take 3 steps forward.

Last night we did 4-10:00's @ 2 min recovery.  Those puppies are hard.

My miles splits were:

3.- 7:25  (I think)
4:- 7:30

omg was that last one hard.  It took me 2-1/2 laps to get going on the 4th one.  I was able to reel in Jerry, and tried going for the man with many first names.  I couldn't catch him, but it was a good effort.  On my warm down, I made it a 1/2 mile and walked the rest of the way.  I was spent.  :)

Good workout.  Obviously I am going in the wrong direction on the laps.  I was supposed to try and go faster on the second 2, not slower.  :)

I have a couple good weeks of some long runs.  I am thinking 18-ish this week, and we run the 25K course as practice after that.

Guess that is about it.  Saw a great sunset last night.

Not much else today.

cya!!!  Have a great day!!!!  :))))

Going to be a warm one for us today.  Love that!!

A List, cause I am cool like that:
  • Hope everyone got a 2:00 a.m. phone call from their brother-in-law replaying a Hawk Harrelson trademark "You Can Put It On the Board"
  • Why do I only sleep 4 hours after a track workout??  Nuts
  • We decided the Hawk Harrelson thing was the first time that happened ever from Hawaii to Michigan.
  • funny stories!!! 
Have a good one!!  Now what do I do for 2 hours??? 

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

In My Limited Experience

That is how it works.  A tough day, or period, and then a good day.  Tough days are sooooo long though, it seems.  swollen eyes was back to her bubbly self, and she even wore two different shoes for like 15 hours yesterday.  :)

I don't have much to write about today, I don't think, so this will be short.  I worked, duh.  I rode my bike and tacked on another 10 extra miles or so after work.  I cleaned the kitchen.  I think every dish was dirty.  Damn slobs live around here, I tell you.  :)  I helped Lisa by finishing her edging project.  We were going to do the garden, but are saving it for today.  YAY!!  Cooked on the grill, and boom that is it. 

Exciting life I know, but I enjoy my moments.

That is it,  I think I am going to take a nap before work.  Guess I wasn't a giraffe in a past life.  Who Knew???

for the record I didn't take a nap, and feel well rested.  Woo Hoo!!

Ha ha!!

Have a great day!!

Running in circles tonight.  :)

This Just came in,  Want you to know for the record we still are #2!!!  :)
Happiest people = Holland #2;  Honolulu #3  

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

In Our Darkest Hour

When we are having personal rainy days, it seems God is close by, and then when things get to normal, it changes.  Gina always says God never gives us more than we can handle.  We cannot handle it alone though.  It is together where we can handle it, I think. 

Just tonight Gina is up with puffy eyes from crying.  I use her name, cause I don't think she'd mind.  Another friend, not sure of using her name, is under countless stressful situations currently, and having problems sleeping.  I wanna help everyone, but God guides my heart.  I am thankful to help when and if I can.  God really does the helping though.  Very little I can do. 

I see flowers, and I see a sunset, and I see birds, and I see the sky, and that is what God wants us to look at every so often.  I see a lot of Robins these days too, my personal bird of faith.  I have a reason as to why it is the bird of faith, but I won't share yet.  It is my story though.  It is why I went into the hospital, and it is why I am who I am now. 

So let's try to see the beauty around us.  There sure is a lot of bad stuff to look at, but I think God wants us to see the beauty too.  Get out and take a look.  There is peace to be had in viewing things from nature I think. 

Oh well,  I see God working, and it keeps my heart at peace.  I hope you all can find a bit of peace today in between the regular life stuff.  It is my wish for you. 

Yesterday, all I did was bike around 18 miles or so.  I came home to help my wife with some stuff.  Didn't really accomplish much, but that is o.k.  We can get some stuff done today.  At least I feel better rested.

Anyway, just so you know.  I do love you all.  :)

Brighter days ahead!!

Check out a park or some flowers, or trees, or the sky today.  I think it helps.  :)

If you have the time that is, if not perhaps tomorrow.  I think God talks to us at these times.  :)

All my best.  :)

Like I said, I love you all 1,2???   100??  :)  I have no idea how many, but don't care. 



Monday, April 12, 2010

What A Weekend

I hope to tell the story of Steve Rose, but don't think I am feeling it right now.  It hurt when I found out about his passing, as I thought I could help.  It really hit me yesterday though.  I got to know him better at the memorial.  He touched a lot of people's lives.

Here is one thing I really thought about.  He had a hard life, he struggled with many things.  His face didn't look like he  had a hard life.  He didn't have that aged hard life look.  He was a dreamer.  His thoughts were always outside the box so it seems.  He enjoyed being outdoors.  Like his good friend John Miller said, Steve would rather play and sing a U2 song at a campfire than go to the concert.  Of course he probably wouldn't have had the money to go see the concert in the first place.  :)  If he did perhaps his mind would change.

I will listen to his music soon, and pass it on. 

Gonna bike for a couple days, and hope to have my groin settle down a bit.  It feels better already I think, so should be good to go by Wednesday.

ttyl!!!  :)

Oh yeah, haven't seen xo's since H.S.  she is a hoot!!  :)  She cracks me up too.

Have a good week!!!!

Love you all!!!  :)   xoxoxo  :)

If Steve blogged he would have probably signed his blog with love you all too from what I gather...  that is cool by me.  :)  Love it!!!  I stole copied xoxoxo  from someone else.  :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Excited For Today!!

Should be a fun day.  Long run today, I am only going 12-ish miles, due to going to Chicago.  My race is 15.63 though so who cares.  I have the distance down.  I am missing a tune up race this weekend.  A hard 10K course followed by a 5K.  Those are always hard races, but really no biggie, cause I have a very good amount of running in me since my last marathon.  Over 100 miles every month, so that is good.

The weather is making a nice change for the better,  I am happy about that.  Can't wait to see the H.S. people,  I have a feeling they all think I am a bit loony, as let's just say on social networking areas, I can be a bit whacky.  Not so in real life.  ;)  j/k.  I am a nut!!!  (not literally)  :)

I got a short run in yesterday.  3.13 miles.  Who knew I had a 5K course by my house??  funny.  It was good if for no other reason then to take my inserts out of my running shoes, so they dry up from Wednesday.  I forgot to tell you I think,  I got poured on.  Fun Fun!!

Don't have much else today.  "E" won his bout, and goes for Michigan Golden Gloves title today.  He is in the novice division, so they don't have a National Tourney, but wait til next year.  Johnny and him will kick some butt.

Guess that is it.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.

cya!!!!  :)

White Sox =  no worries, cause it is a long season.  :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Glass half full

We had our first audit of the year yesterday.  It was our first failed audit.  Glass is half full.  A fail is a good thing to get people hungry.  Everyone always thinks it is in the books, and gets lax.  Perhaps more attention to detail now.

I am not there at night at all.  We are open til 10:00 p.m. and I think there is down time.  I mean we get tested 3 times each year.  A little snapshot that says are we doing good or bad.  It would be a priority to me to always do good on those things you know?  Who wants to do bad on a test.

When I was a manager we never had those type of audits, but if I knew someone was going to be looking at my dept. with a prying eye, I'd want to look good.  I always had fun at work, but when push came to shove, I wanted everything looking good.  When I stopped having fun, I stepped down.

Then I started to run. 

Thank you God for leading me in a good way.  :)  I don't always know the direction, but your sight is better than mine.  I don't think I always trust, but even you help me with that.

xo's all

Thank you for this life.  It wasn't always easy, and it still isn't, but I am happy with my direction.  Took me a while, but happy where I am at.

Once again

xo's all    :)

Love You all!!!   :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010


We did 8-800s yesterday.  Active recovery (200) for the most part, although I was less active on every other 800, as I stopped by the water/gatorade, and also chatted a bit.  My groin muscles sure don't feel that great.  Actually been bugging me for a while.  They loosen up real quick, but I start out like the tin man.  I am sure it is quite a sight.  Alan laughs at me.  It feels like you stop for a water break on mile 16 of a run, and start back up again.  Everything sure doesn't want to move right away.  My days off help with that.  I am sure it is from not stretching (rarely do) and long runs.  Most of my runs are on the long side.  Also didn't help I did 6 miles the night before. 

First two were 7:40 pace, dropped then to 7:20-7:30'ish, with my last one being 7:12.  I don't  go all out on the track.  Not sure if it is because I don't want to hurt that bad, or what.  Probably that.  On a long race I want everything to be comfortable for the first 1/2  at least and the longer the race the longer the comfortableness.  I don't want to speed up until I feel I am ready.  Usually always after the halfway point.

Goal update.  I wanted to run 7:40's in the Riverbank.  I think I messed up paces when doing 1200's or 1000's or something.  New goal is to run closer to 8:00s, which would be a 2:04 Riverbank race.  We'll see.  I don't think I am at top end speed yet.  I still have time though.  Either way we are looking at a 10 minute p.r. for a 15.63 mile race.  That is what I am shooting for. 

Got my weekend plans all situated.  My friend Doug who we have been friends since 7th grade won't be able to make it, but I get to hook up with xo's girl.  That should be a hoot.  She is a lively one.  Maybe a guy I used to hang out with Chris too.  I also will get to see my uncle and Dad either Saturday, or Sunday or both.  I am staying with my uncle, so will see him Saturday for sure.  He is in the process of moving from one house to the other.  Get to check out his new place.  Lisa can't make it as she will be working Saturday.  She started working every 3rd Saturday or so a while ago to help out.  She has been dealing with her mom's issues, and it seems the last couple days have been harder than normal.  Hope for brighter days soon. 

Hope everyone is doing great!!!

Not sure what I have going today.  Church runs are not going on for a couple weeks due to being too wet.  We'll see.  Maybe nothing.  Maybe I'll hook up my bike to the trainer, and maybe not.  You'll have to check back in tomorrow to see.  I know, it must have you riveted.  ha ha!!!

Think I am feeling a Thursday being Friday kind of night.  already!!!   :)  drinks, dinner, and music.  It's fun!!
that being said, If I am able to ride my work bike to work, and it isn't raining, just may tack on extra miles with that.  It is cold, so  work bike is better.  Slower speeds = staying warmer.  


Wednesday, April 7, 2010


This has to be short.  A lot of people are just finding out about the death now, so asking questions.  His good friend is dealing with the death, which has to be very hard on him.  I found out Steve (deceased guy) had contact with someone else too.  He was positive with everyone he came into contact with, and we never saw the hidden details.  Can't keep that stuff buried.  Nothing good comes from keeping it buried.  Open and honest.  God helps with that though.

Here is my thought on the issue.  None of us is as fabulous as Tiger Woods was in everyone's eyes.  Turns out he was imperfect like us all. 

I got my run in yesterday.  I ran my 6 mile loop.  Legs didn't feel all that great.  Pace was a bit off,  8:48 I believe.  Felt good to get it in.  We had a big rain storm here in Holland, and water came in our basement windows.  I made Lisa clean all that crap up. Ha Ha!!  j/k  she ended up doing most of it though.  Just how it worked out I guess.  I did the dishes and kitchen though, and helped a bit downstairs.  Maybe I helped with 10% of the downstairs mess.  :)

We both did dinner, burgers inside.  Got cold again.  DRAT!!  Today is speed work, so that should be fun.

That is all today.  Anyway, memorial for Steve is this weekend, and it will be a H.S. reunion of sorts, so a sad meeting, but excited to see a bunch of people I came back into contact with just recently.

I haven't checked the weather, but sounds like no rain, so at least I'll be able to ride my bike to work.  That is always a good way to start out the day.

Hope you have a great day!!  Hope for good weather too.  warm sunshine is always nice.  Woo Hoo!!!  :)

til tomorrow.  :)

Do you notice I always put something like "That is all Today" and it never really is???   lol.   :)

One more thing also.  Only a 80% chance of precip.  I'll still ride my bike, but plan on getting wet at some point.  :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


We've been getting some rain here in West Michigan, which is good for the flowers, but also good for the grass.  Grass = Work.  Better make sure the lawn mower is ready.

Not much to comment on yesterday.  No workouts.  I had the worst bit of insomnia on Sunday, so when I got home from work, I napped outside.  You know how afternoon naps are:  nap, feel horrible when you wake up, and all of a sudden the energy comes.

I was able to clean the kitchen, Lisa fertilized, we sat outside for a bit on the green chairs, I'll put a picture up.  We were going to cook out, but got too cold too quick, and used the George Foreman grill inside. 

No workouts yesterday, which is a shame.  I cannot ride my bike to work today, as it is really rainy.  I did get the tire fixed though.

Guess I'll hope for good weather this afternoon, and get a run in.

I'll leave a picture of the chairs, and a picture from Brian.

Don't be fooled by Brian's picture though.  We are still #2, and he is #3.  :)

Oh yeah, hope you have a GREAT DAY!!!!  :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Great Sunday

It was really a great Sunday.  I woke up late for me, at 6:30 I think.  Had a bit of fun the night before.  I felt great when I woke up, and got my enchilada recipe.  I guess some people use the 5 hour version, YIKES!!  This one was only 30 minutes.  5 hour would be cool to try, although may just want to do something like that on a weekday in February.  :)

Anyway I did some grocery shopping, didn't feel like it though.  I needed to at least get stuff for enchiladas.  Good sales again, so got plenty of stuff for the week.  Let's just say we will be grilling out this week.  I forgot to get an inner tube for my bike.  I ran over a nail on Friday.  Won't be biking to work today.  :(    Hey, that gives me an idea.  I will run to work.  That will give me 4 miles.  I can leave with my wife, and make her get the inner tube with me, and fix my bike.  Not sure how the legs will feel after that.  May get another run, or some biking miles.  I may just do the bike.  (If it doesn't stop raining I won't do either)  :)

O.K. going to shorten this.  I got 32 miles on the road bike yesterday after shopping, and dug up a garden.  We decided to make a bigger one, and went in a different area.  That soil has been laying dormant for a while, so this garden is going to kick butt.  I can eat 8000 tomatoes each day.  We'll plant other stuff too.  I swear. 

Church trail run starts Thursday, that is always fun and challenging.  Monster hill!! 

I will add some pictures from yesterday.

That will be it for today. 

Don't let the cute little Easter bunny fake you.  He may be cute, but he will still try to do speechless things to your feet.  Damn bunnies!!  :)

No clue what I am doing up so early!!  I will be tired at some point I bet.  SHEESH!!  Oh well.

Have a good week :)

Oh dear look what time it is.  I'll be driving into work.  Check back in tomorrow.  :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Jerry Building

Now I had a tough workout, but it was Jerry who had the toughest.  Jerry has been trying to qualify for Boston for several years, and he is doing something special this year. 

His workout:

6 miles with Jim @ 7:30 pace

2-10:00 runs on the track

9- miles after that.  Me and the man with many first names paced him in low 8's on the run for a few miles. Maybe 4 or 5.

What was a hard workout for me was nothing compared to Jerry.  He didn't have time to finish his last 10:00, his wife had to go somewhere and they have a kid with special needs.  Anyway Jerry is looking strong.  His qualifier is 3:45 I believe, he's got that I would think.  Go Jerry Go!!

In other news Jerry after the wind/hill 15K race went home and finished to-do-lists.  Jim and I took naps.  :)

What a guy. 

We ran with angels yesterday.

saw a lady again who I used to see all the time running with her dog.  Stopped seeing her, and then I saw her walking a lot.  Now I see her running again.  I like seeing her, she seems nice.  :)

Have a good day all.  Seems like it will be a pretty nice day. 

Take care!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Here is the quick story. 

First off I raced the last two weekends, and don't remember what time the running group starts.  I hope it is  7:00.  I slept in til 5:15.  Quite a week. 

I don't know how many years ago this was, but we were still at the old store.  A person, Steve Rose looked me up at Menards.  We were High School friends.  We hung out  a few times here and there.  I went to a High School with a graduating class of 800 or so- hung out with many different people.  I know we did one of the homecomings together at his house.  Junior year I think.  I don't remember who else was there.  That was 463 years ago, and still forget stuff.

Anyway we kept trying to hook up in Michigan, but I was busy, or he was.  It never worked out.  I was always under the assumption things were going great.  Great job, wife, kids, etc...  Little did I know.  He had issues.  He was looking for meaning in his life.

Really a lot of sad stuff.  I think I could have helped, because people who come and hang out with us here, are generally happy.  We have a lot of positive stuff going on.  Lisa and I are happily married.  We still to this day have fought like maybe as many times as you can count on one hand. 

Well, whatever, that really hurts a lot.  He died like "into the wild" a man trying to find some answers.

God help us all!! 

Friday, April 2, 2010

Just in case

My first line of yesterday was not crazy talk, just in a spiritual sense you know??

"I don't always know where I am going, and what I am doing, but I really am enjoying my journey.  I follow people, see people, and see a lot of good." 
  • follow people- bloggers
  • going and doing (the path)
  • see good via FB and bloggers and life etc...

I kind of worried about that a bit.  Don't want people thinking I am crazier than I already am.  :)
(that is a joke too)  SHEESH you people!!  come on!!  :)

Oh and the title was I had nothing to write.  ME!!??  Lorraine's blog inspired me, and boom I had something to write.  I had nothing I swear to write, and boom, there it was.  (Now I am worrying about you, have a little faith.)  Ha ha!!!  :)

I don't have too much today, so this will be short.  Wednesday's workout, I didn't talk about.  I had other things on my mind.  I ended up doing 6-1000's some did 8, some did 5, I did 6.  My training has hit a slow down area it seems.  I didn't end up going anywhere near the 864,000 miles on the bike I planned.  I seem to be enjoying the weather instead.  :)  I'll get back to it today.

Listen to this craziness.  (really glad I kept Wednesday's workout at 10-K pace)


2-10:00 runs at threshold 2 minutes break in between
hour run
1-more 10 minute run at threshold
YIKES!!!  :)  I'll need a nap after that one I bet.  :)

(don't know what the hell threshold is, but I assume 5-8K pace  :))

Have a great day!!

xo's  :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ha!! I swear I had nothing

I really am thankful.  I don't always know where I am going, and what I am doing, but I really am enjoying my journey.  I follow people, see people, and see a lot of good. 

It is good to be blessed. 

We ain't perfect, but I think God has given us all a pretty good set of eyes to see things, and that is Great. 

Wanna know something?  For me the Robin is the bird of faith.  Something about that big orange chest.  I forgot about that.  Every time I saw a robin on my summer of discontent (pre-hospital)  it kept me going.  For good or bad I know not, but it is what I believed, and still think good thoughts when I see a robin.  :)

Take Care!!

xo's  :)