Saturday, April 17, 2010


Well, I took  a billion pictures yesterday of Holland, but can't download it to the computer, cord isn't working or something, so not reading the camera.  Oh well.

found the cord that works, pictures later.  :)))

Short entry today, all I can say is Alan told Jerry and Jeff-John-Steve????  aka (man with many first names) not to add too many miles before we meet, because he has something special in store for us.

That = Ouch!!!

I thought the other long-run/speed workout was hard.  I have a feeling this one will be a nap workout!!

Can't wait!!!

Hey it is my blog I can do whatever I want!!

A picture of two of my favorites now, and no I do not have a crush on Gina!!  I did tell Lisa my girlfriend called when she did though.  :)

Always fun at the Pejchl household.  Lisa has a craft show, she makes jewelry holders, and always sells those suckers out.  She works hard at it, and is very creative.  She has fun with it too.  Should be a good day.  Seems like we had something planned for tonight, but cannot for the life of me remember.  Oh well.

Oh, stopped by Jacob, and Steph's house on my bike ride home from work.  (took 4 hours)  :)))   Saw their newborn.  I don't really do babies, but Lisa would love to hold it.

Gina is on the left and Jen is on the right.  I-phone pic, so forgive the quality.  :)



~L said...

Hi Gina and Jen! seems like you're in the room with us...thanks Steve!

Steve said...

sure does!!

Love it!!

jen gray said...

it was a fun night, wish the two of you could have been there! :)

toni mcalister said...

I'd like to see photo's of Holland :-) Visited once, barley remember anything :-( Just remembered it was pretty.