Friday, April 30, 2010

Bad = Good

Hard day for most of the day yesterday.  I kept wondering why???  why???  I got the answer.  The bad is for good, I guess I forget that.  There is a lot of stuff going on with me that cannot be seen.  As a matter of fact when I tried to show it before it didn't turn out that well.  No biggie, it is something I deal with, and you know how I say I keep my heart open for God to see.  He sees all with me, and knows all with me.  He has given me someone to share stuff with, so that is cool. 

So we will all have our personal rainy days, and we'll deal with them how we deal with them.  Like I said our rainy days help us turn into flowers.  So good comes from bad weather days, whether it be in nature or in our own lives. 

I am thankful for so much.  I think everyone is doing great!!  I know I blog in a weird way, but hopefully that gets better.  I said a little prayer about that.  I don't really think too much when I write, I just spit it out you know, and hope I don't offend.  It really is just my thoughts being rambled out.  Sometimes I think about what I write later in the day, and think.... Oh Shit, what if so and so thinks this or that about what I write?  Definitely not intended that is for sure.  :)

Anyway it is a good time of year.  If you read this I think you are great, and if you don't then you suck!!!  just kidding.  :)

Biked to work and back yesterday.  I knew I had nothing.  Today I get new running shoes.  My old ones have over 900 miles on them.....  oops!!!  :)

Have a good one!!!

Love you all!!  xo's!!  :)

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Toni McAlister said...

haha :-) I know how you feel about the whole offensive thing :-)

Just wondering, how do you get over the hill of "when I first started running the legs did not always agree with me, and what started as a run, ended up as a walk??"