Saturday, April 24, 2010

Going to Count the P.R. if it happens

Today we run the 25K course as a practice run.  I think my training run speed might give me a P.R.  I am counting it if it does.  Last year I P.R.'d the course with a 2:14 something I think.  The last 5 miles I couldn't "take off" due to calves starting to act a little finicky.  It still was a 10 minute p.r., but left some time on the road.  Obviously not going to race the training run, but I think the pace was 8:38 or something, so I think my training speed is quicker than that.  We'll see. 

Like I said I am going to count it!!!  :)

This will be my 5th year of running the 25K race.  At first it was a can I even finish the thing, and now I am trying to get down to the 2 hour mark.  Wednesday workout has me wondering.  I was shocked to see 7:07 as my overall pace.  I just timed the whole 8-1000's together, so really had no idea how fast we were going.  I would have expected 7:20 + pace. 

Don't really have much else today I guess. 



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Beth said...

Hey, a PR is a PR, in a race or not!! Can't wait to hear about it...that is after you dry off. :)