Tuesday, April 13, 2010

In Our Darkest Hour

When we are having personal rainy days, it seems God is close by, and then when things get to normal, it changes.  Gina always says God never gives us more than we can handle.  We cannot handle it alone though.  It is together where we can handle it, I think. 

Just tonight Gina is up with puffy eyes from crying.  I use her name, cause I don't think she'd mind.  Another friend, not sure of using her name, is under countless stressful situations currently, and having problems sleeping.  I wanna help everyone, but God guides my heart.  I am thankful to help when and if I can.  God really does the helping though.  Very little I can do. 

I see flowers, and I see a sunset, and I see birds, and I see the sky, and that is what God wants us to look at every so often.  I see a lot of Robins these days too, my personal bird of faith.  I have a reason as to why it is the bird of faith, but I won't share yet.  It is my story though.  It is why I went into the hospital, and it is why I am who I am now. 

So let's try to see the beauty around us.  There sure is a lot of bad stuff to look at, but I think God wants us to see the beauty too.  Get out and take a look.  There is peace to be had in viewing things from nature I think. 

Oh well,  I see God working, and it keeps my heart at peace.  I hope you all can find a bit of peace today in between the regular life stuff.  It is my wish for you. 

Yesterday, all I did was bike around 18 miles or so.  I came home to help my wife with some stuff.  Didn't really accomplish much, but that is o.k.  We can get some stuff done today.  At least I feel better rested.

Anyway, just so you know.  I do love you all.  :)

Brighter days ahead!!

Check out a park or some flowers, or trees, or the sky today.  I think it helps.  :)

If you have the time that is, if not perhaps tomorrow.  I think God talks to us at these times.  :)

All my best.  :)

Like I said, I love you all 1,2???   100??  :)  I have no idea how many, but don't care. 



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~L said...

I love you too!

I agree that God talks to us when we walk among His natural beauty. I love photographing outside for this reason. Seems I can spend hours with my camera at the beach or the forest or my backyard...and I have been. Now if I can find time and more storage space on my computer to upload and share all of God's shots...

I'm happy for you today Steve. You know that you help people just by listening to them, seeing their struggles. Humans need other humans, whether they admit this or not. With God's grace, we give what is possible. Thank you for your gifts.