Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Planes Trains and Automobiles

Don't really have anything today... I don't think.  That is why I stole the title.  Yesterday was a Monday, but nice weather in our neck of the woods.  We had full sun all day.  Lucky us!!

Workout wise was just my 6.2 mile route.  It came out to around 8:50 pace.  My legs started feeling pretty good at the 4.5 mile mark.  :) 

My friend Hal stopped by for a couple hours, and we talked and laughed as usual.  I'd tell you what we talked about, but what happens in college stays in college!!  That's the philosophy I am going with anyway. 

Like Hal said....or something to this effect....  You'll be telling a story, and people will think they are with some lunatic,  this guy should be locked up,  wonder if they should  be scared???  end the sentence with "In College"... and you get a free pass.   Ha ha!!

Luckily I have grown up and haven't done anything like those type of things for .....hmmm..... at least a year I'd say.  Progress......!!!  :)

One thing I remember similar about Hal's time in College and mine... we did a lot of soul searching.  We had a lot of fun, but our eyes were open inside our head a lot.  It is these times as much as any other where we find ourselves, or perhaps step out from our upbringing and view the world objectively.  I remember one time perhaps right after I graduated.  I told my Dad we are no longer Father and Son, but friends.  It was my life, and my decisions.  Success or Failure depended on me,  no one else. 

That is where we all stand. 

Good times!!!

One other thing, we were standing outside, and last night the sky looked great.  Huge bright moon, you could see the clear sky and some puffy white clouds.  I am always looking at the sky to look at God's canvas.  :)   (Gina's term)  

Guess that is it, and guess I did have stuff to say.  Who knew?? 

Hope you all have a GREAT day!!  I don't have much on the docket today.  I will get into work late today (probably half hour early)   :)

I am thinking of cooking something on the grill tonight.  No major workouts, just whatever gets done with the bike.  :)

Love You All!!!

xo's   :)

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