Thursday, April 8, 2010


We did 8-800s yesterday.  Active recovery (200) for the most part, although I was less active on every other 800, as I stopped by the water/gatorade, and also chatted a bit.  My groin muscles sure don't feel that great.  Actually been bugging me for a while.  They loosen up real quick, but I start out like the tin man.  I am sure it is quite a sight.  Alan laughs at me.  It feels like you stop for a water break on mile 16 of a run, and start back up again.  Everything sure doesn't want to move right away.  My days off help with that.  I am sure it is from not stretching (rarely do) and long runs.  Most of my runs are on the long side.  Also didn't help I did 6 miles the night before. 

First two were 7:40 pace, dropped then to 7:20-7:30'ish, with my last one being 7:12.  I don't  go all out on the track.  Not sure if it is because I don't want to hurt that bad, or what.  Probably that.  On a long race I want everything to be comfortable for the first 1/2  at least and the longer the race the longer the comfortableness.  I don't want to speed up until I feel I am ready.  Usually always after the halfway point.

Goal update.  I wanted to run 7:40's in the Riverbank.  I think I messed up paces when doing 1200's or 1000's or something.  New goal is to run closer to 8:00s, which would be a 2:04 Riverbank race.  We'll see.  I don't think I am at top end speed yet.  I still have time though.  Either way we are looking at a 10 minute p.r. for a 15.63 mile race.  That is what I am shooting for. 

Got my weekend plans all situated.  My friend Doug who we have been friends since 7th grade won't be able to make it, but I get to hook up with xo's girl.  That should be a hoot.  She is a lively one.  Maybe a guy I used to hang out with Chris too.  I also will get to see my uncle and Dad either Saturday, or Sunday or both.  I am staying with my uncle, so will see him Saturday for sure.  He is in the process of moving from one house to the other.  Get to check out his new place.  Lisa can't make it as she will be working Saturday.  She started working every 3rd Saturday or so a while ago to help out.  She has been dealing with her mom's issues, and it seems the last couple days have been harder than normal.  Hope for brighter days soon. 

Hope everyone is doing great!!!

Not sure what I have going today.  Church runs are not going on for a couple weeks due to being too wet.  We'll see.  Maybe nothing.  Maybe I'll hook up my bike to the trainer, and maybe not.  You'll have to check back in tomorrow to see.  I know, it must have you riveted.  ha ha!!!

Think I am feeling a Thursday being Friday kind of night.  already!!!   :)  drinks, dinner, and music.  It's fun!!
that being said, If I am able to ride my work bike to work, and it isn't raining, just may tack on extra miles with that.  It is cold, so  work bike is better.  Slower speeds = staying warmer.  



Beth said...

I just have to say I laughed out loud when I read about your "tin man" and starting up in the middle of a long run if you stop for a drink or something... HAHAHA!!!! I TOTALLY know what you mean. The legs are like WHAT THE HECK??? And tin man ensues... Crack me up!!!

~L said...

what is YASSO?