Monday, April 12, 2010

What A Weekend

I hope to tell the story of Steve Rose, but don't think I am feeling it right now.  It hurt when I found out about his passing, as I thought I could help.  It really hit me yesterday though.  I got to know him better at the memorial.  He touched a lot of people's lives.

Here is one thing I really thought about.  He had a hard life, he struggled with many things.  His face didn't look like he  had a hard life.  He didn't have that aged hard life look.  He was a dreamer.  His thoughts were always outside the box so it seems.  He enjoyed being outdoors.  Like his good friend John Miller said, Steve would rather play and sing a U2 song at a campfire than go to the concert.  Of course he probably wouldn't have had the money to go see the concert in the first place.  :)  If he did perhaps his mind would change.

I will listen to his music soon, and pass it on. 

Gonna bike for a couple days, and hope to have my groin settle down a bit.  It feels better already I think, so should be good to go by Wednesday.

ttyl!!!  :)

Oh yeah, haven't seen xo's since H.S.  she is a hoot!!  :)  She cracks me up too.

Have a good week!!!!

Love you all!!!  :)   xoxoxo  :)

If Steve blogged he would have probably signed his blog with love you all too from what I gather...  that is cool by me.  :)  Love it!!!  I stole copied xoxoxo  from someone else.  :)

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