Thursday, April 29, 2010

Season Done Except For the Racing

My year in a nutshell.  5K New Years Eve, then start training for spring races.  I basically have been in training since January for my Spring races.  Missed my 22:00 on the 5K, but met the man who lost his wife of 61 years.  So now starts my Spring races.  There are two more.  An 8K this weekend.  I ran last year in 39:40, and I think this year I can knock a couple minutes off that p.r.  The following week I have the Riverbank, and I should be able to add another p.r. as long as I race faster than I train.  :)

So for the 5K, a 8K, and a 25 K I do this.

Jan--120.28 miles
Feb--102.91 miles
Mar--119.86 miles
Apr--112.78 miles

I also do biking a lot, as it helps keep my legs healthy, and helps me do more.  I don't keep track of my biking miles as a total, but will keep track of miles for workouts.  So far most of my biking is to work and back, but have been able to get some long-ish ones here and there weather permitting.

You know yesterday wasn't so hot for me.  It was a tough day.  I think I will say that here, but I am not going to tell people everything I am thinking like I did last summer.  Some people I can tell stuff to, and some aren't ready to hear it.

I know for my life, especially now, nothing is random.  I look at everything, and wonder the plan.  Not knowing obviously, but out of the blue I think of a lot of people, who over 1 year ago probably never even heard of or hadn't thought about in several years.

Some things frustrated me last night, while I was at the track.  I am better.  Last summer I was solo, but one friend stayed with me, and although she didn't know what I was going through, it helped me immeasurably stay together.  She should know who she is.  I didn't let her in on stuff til, well... before Thanksgiving.  Just checked it was Early November.   

I'll tell you something, and this may seem weird maybe not.  The summer of me going to the hospital was one summer.  Last Summer was another summer.  This is the last of what I am doing.  This one is relatively easy, as it is not solo.  God has allowed me to enjoy these days.  I know the ending, and so does one other.  I knew the ending before the hospital.  It isn't the ending of my life, don't want you to think that, but a beginning.  An ending of one way and a beginning of a new way.   I'll still be here. 

Not sure how much you will actually get to know of what I've been through, but I have a feeling sometime this Autumn it will be explained, and you will know.

I give thanks it is easy now.

Last summer was hard!

Crap the workout:

4- mile warm up/ cool down

3-10:00 runs

mile splits were 7:11,7:15,7:20

I know it looks like I was going in the wrong direction, but this was an easy workout.  I could have gone faster on all of them, but no need.  I was doing 10:00's others were doing 12:00's I had no one to follow, it was a solo workout of sorts.  It was pretty easy.  I am in pretty good shape.  Now I am ready to grab a couple more P.R.'s the next two weeks.  After that I solo-train for the Diemer 5K.  I put the pedal to the medal on those track workouts.

Have a good one all!!


stayed after yesterday to see if one of the guys from our group could get 2 miles on the last 12:00.  He hit the 2 mile mark at 11:50.  WOW!!!  That was impressive.  I told him I would have beat his ass if he didn't do it, cause I was done, and could have been home eating spaghetti.  :)  j/k.   That was great.  

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