Tuesday, April 20, 2010


People watch, people see, you may inspire,  you may help, and you may not know it.  For all that tell you, there are countless more who won't tell you how you help them.  It is even Biblical right??  Like when did we do this, or that, and the answer is when you did it to the least of these you've done it onto me. 

How about the Hebrews passage "Be kind unto strangers, because many have entertained Angels unawares."  Lisa's Aunt Myrna exchanged an angel story with me, and I exchanged one with her.  Mine came after an extremely difficult time.  A time where I would have wished God to let me die, or better off make it so I was never born.  That was pre-hospital, and it was done for a reason.  It was a shock to my system, and after those 6 days of suffering, I would never be the same.

My journey re-started over a year ago, perhaps it never stopped, but I did believe the 18 + years post-hospital til when I knew it restarted.  Every thing that happens now is part of it.  God leads me in the ways I go.  He has allowed me to enjoy these days, and I am thankful.  He even let me share stuff with Gina who is a kindred spirit.  I can share a lot of spiritual stuff with her, that I can share with no one else.  That is a gift too. 

Keep going, and keep doing. 

Yesterday a horrible sleeping Sunday.  Went into work later than normal, napped at lunch.  I noticed though... I noticed... the legs felt good.  On fumes I rode my bike the 4 miles to and the 4 miles back so I could run on the Santuary Woods trail.  I climbed the 170+ stairs to the trails, and then it got hard.  Only a 30 minute run, but most of it at 90% of my max heart rate I believe.  I forgot how hard that trail was.

My motivation???  The bloggers on my right hand side.  None inspires me more than Beth, Barb, and one other shy one!! She knows who she is though.  Also Johnny Garcia and Emmanuel, they keep going, and going, and going.  They post it to their FB wall too, so now I do too.

Get it done folks!!! 

Nothing more beneficial in my mind.  We all go at different speeds, but the newbies improve so much so fast. 

Have a good one all!!!


God Bless!!!  :))))


My Cange Through Running said...

oh wow! now thats encouraging :-) I have an angel story too :-) Really, with a witness. It totally was about being kind to strangers well, in this case a stranger :-) You know, I have struggled with doubt but every single time I do, I am reminded of that encounter and settle within myself. I may not understand everything but God is real. That is so cool about your journey...I love that :-) You are an encourager. Keep it up, pretty sure your a life line to others as well :-)

Steve said...

Thanks!! That was nice, I really appreciate that.

Good Luck!!! :)