Monday, April 5, 2010

Great Sunday

It was really a great Sunday.  I woke up late for me, at 6:30 I think.  Had a bit of fun the night before.  I felt great when I woke up, and got my enchilada recipe.  I guess some people use the 5 hour version, YIKES!!  This one was only 30 minutes.  5 hour would be cool to try, although may just want to do something like that on a weekday in February.  :)

Anyway I did some grocery shopping, didn't feel like it though.  I needed to at least get stuff for enchiladas.  Good sales again, so got plenty of stuff for the week.  Let's just say we will be grilling out this week.  I forgot to get an inner tube for my bike.  I ran over a nail on Friday.  Won't be biking to work today.  :(    Hey, that gives me an idea.  I will run to work.  That will give me 4 miles.  I can leave with my wife, and make her get the inner tube with me, and fix my bike.  Not sure how the legs will feel after that.  May get another run, or some biking miles.  I may just do the bike.  (If it doesn't stop raining I won't do either)  :)

O.K. going to shorten this.  I got 32 miles on the road bike yesterday after shopping, and dug up a garden.  We decided to make a bigger one, and went in a different area.  That soil has been laying dormant for a while, so this garden is going to kick butt.  I can eat 8000 tomatoes each day.  We'll plant other stuff too.  I swear. 

Church trail run starts Thursday, that is always fun and challenging.  Monster hill!! 

I will add some pictures from yesterday.

That will be it for today. 

Don't let the cute little Easter bunny fake you.  He may be cute, but he will still try to do speechless things to your feet.  Damn bunnies!!  :)

No clue what I am doing up so early!!  I will be tired at some point I bet.  SHEESH!!  Oh well.

Have a good week :)

Oh dear look what time it is.  I'll be driving into work.  Check back in tomorrow.  :)


Beth said...

I love the pictures - especially the one of that darn bunny!!!!!! :)

~L said...

so you live with a bunny? like, as a pet? ahhhhh! I think you got it's good side in your photo. I like.
Hi Lisa!