Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ha!! I swear I had nothing

I really am thankful.  I don't always know where I am going, and what I am doing, but I really am enjoying my journey.  I follow people, see people, and see a lot of good. 

It is good to be blessed. 

We ain't perfect, but I think God has given us all a pretty good set of eyes to see things, and that is Great. 

Wanna know something?  For me the Robin is the bird of faith.  Something about that big orange chest.  I forgot about that.  Every time I saw a robin on my summer of discontent (pre-hospital)  it kept me going.  For good or bad I know not, but it is what I believed, and still think good thoughts when I see a robin.  :)

Take Care!!

xo's  :)


friend said...

I like your positive posts. I think I'll follow your lead.

The robin is the only backyard bird that I have not shot this spring...hmmm.

friend said...

...and you know I mean shot with my camera, right?

Steve said...

ahahahaaa!!! Yeah, figured that. :)

Toni McAlister said...

thats too cool!

The Robin Bird means Bright Flame :-) Known most for the songs they sing.