Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just Letting The Light Shine

Every day you see just a little bit of light from people, and I think it is awesome.  God sure knows what he is doing.  Sometimes I despair a bit, and boom he picks me up.  I know I am learning things, and growing.  We don't grow 8 inches in a week though, so it goes along slowly.  That helps me enjoy the journey.

I think a lot of days I will have struggles, hard patches if you will, but it is all for good.  I see a lot of good out there, and it is pretty great.  We all have a bit of light, and might as well let it shine. 

Another list:

  • I sent xo's girl a message, I loved her xo's.  I told her she was one of my favorites now.  :)
  • She said she already thought she was.  Ha ha!!
  • I didn't bike very long yesterday.  I was going to, but got sidetracked
  • All my days aren't easy, but the good outweighs the bad
  • The good is really good, and even God uses the bad.  :)
  • track work tonight.  fun fun
  • I like the way drinking makes me feel.
  • I should probably drink less.   $$$$$   :)  
  • I don't miss workouts, and I don't miss work, and I still go in early!!!   :)

Guess that is about it for today.

Xo's to all!!!   :)

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