Saturday, March 27, 2010


Looked at the stupid tourney picks for the first time in quite a while.  Stupid Baylor!!!  What a bunch of horseshit!!!!  :)

I don't have much today...I don't think.  My bike ride to work yesterday was pretty cold.  It was hard though is the one thing I remember most.  I was out of the saddle the whole way, and actually had to stop peddling a couple times, cause I was winded.

I got tied up into another project at work too, so didn't leave til 3:00.  Getting tied up into projects is pretty good for the paycheck.  :)

Maybe a list is in order:

  • Hailey got called for a job.  :)
  • Should be a fun (run) race
  • Probably go easy til 3-4 miles left
  • That is it!!!
Boring entry today!!!!  :)

Have a GREAT day!!!   :)

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