Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Lisa and I forgot our anniversary...again.  I think we have a 50/50 shot at remembering our anniversary.  Obviously we don't get all sentimental over the dates and stuff.   I think the only thing we ever celebrated in earnest were our 40th birthdays.  Mine was a few years ago, and Lisa's was like 40 years ago.  Ha Ha!!  Just kidding, it was last summer.  For the record it has been 11 years.  I know cause she told me.  :)

Yesterday I did a bunch of stuff around the house, and rode the trainer for 75 minutes.  I wanted to go for two hours, but got bored.  It worked out pretty well, because after the trainer, I took a shower, took the dogs for a walk, and got stuff for a few meals.  By that time it was time for the Hockey game.  I watched that, and what a great game that was.  U.S. lost, but they weren't even supposed to get that far.  Toews and Kane of the Blackhawks both scored.  Crosby of the Penguins scored the winner.  Great game. 

That is it, I am thinking of riding my bike to work.  I think it got up to 40 degrees yesterday. 

Have a good week!!

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