Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Good and The Bad

As you know I love biking to work.  I was thinking yesterday a typical workweek adds 40 miles to my biking each week right?  Well, that is a major workout.  So transportation gives me a major workout for the week.  That I think is great.  The bad??  Doing errands after work.  When biking, that doesn't happen.  Some things I can do, but some I cannot.  I don't want to bike to get a haircut.  I'd be sweating and walk in, can I get a haircut?  No Thanks!!  Also grocery shopping.  You cannot do too much on the bike.  I didn't make it grocery shopping last weekend.  Saturday long run, and Sunday long bike ride.  Definitely need to make time for that.  Ate like CRAP for lunch this week.  :)

Anyway, I got my bike ride in.  I remembered the mileage correctly.  26.9 miles is what it came out to.  :)  I am trying to think of what I thought on my bike ride.  I thought about 66th street.  Long bike rides, and starting today we go to 66th for long run.  I'll be hitting this road a lot this season.  I love going through downtown Saugatuck.  It is filled with a ton of shops.  Starting on Memorial day it is hopping all the time.  Lisa and I will make it there a couple times for some rum runners.  Lisa rarely drinks, but she'll have one rum runner.  I'll have 3 or 4.  :)

Okay I wasn't going to say it, but I thought of Lisa's side of the family too.  Wondered how they were doing.  Lisa's Aunt still lives very close to there.  I also wondered what God had in store for me.  Interesting.

Well that is about it I guess.  I made some spaghetti last night, and damn did that hit the spot.  I went to bed really early.  I am surprised how tired  I was.  I guess biking is tiring.  Who knew??

Hope you have a great day!!

I think I'll be close to 18-19 miles this morning.  :)

Running Party tonight.  Should be a fun one!!


p.s.  My legs blew up after 90 minutes of running, so I cut the run short.  I will talk about this tomorrow I am sure, but 14.4 miles @ 8:22 pace.  

Two Things:

  1. 66th route is flat not hilly like our winter long runs.  
  2. I am fast (for me) right now
  3. I can't count
  4. It wouldn't surprise me if I was running 38 minute miles the last 1/2 hour.  :) 
Now cya!!!  :) 

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