Sunday, March 14, 2010

Absolutely Beat

Well you can't say I have not given it my all up to this point.  My track workout on Wednesday was hard. I only did 3- 10:00's instead of 4.  My long run was hard, I cut it short, only 14.4 miles, and walked the last mile home.  I could not stop myself from wanting to sleep yesterday.  I was absolutely beat.  I have a plan this week.  Monday and Wednesday run, and Saturday race.  I will bike a bit, but nothing too major, and nothing too hard core. Taper!!

I feel good about my training up to this point.  I mean if I spend the week before a 5K absolutely spent, then I have done all I can.  I have no predictions, although, I am feeling more and more confident.  I'll definitely know more after Wednesday.  One thing I thought about yesterday is I am hoping, hoping, and hoping to beat my p.r. by like 6 seconds.  I want to be sub: 22:00.  6 seconds!!!!  Makes you marvel at the smashed 5K P.R.'s a bit huh??  SHEESH!!  

Lisa and I went to the party last night.  It was fun.  The lady from the burbs of Chicago was there.  She is so funny.  She has a GREAT laugh, and she laughs a lot.  It was pretty fun.  Lisa and I stayed for a couple hours.  She didn't feel all that great, and I was tired.  I slept for 896 hours yesterday.

I guess that is about it.  I am going to JUST do some stuff around the house today.  No workouts.  I am going grocery shopping, and clean the house a bit. 

Hope you have a great day!!!  :)

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