Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Too Fast!!! What on a Tuesday???

Not sure what is up with Tuesdays.  Jerry and I still went  a little faster than we should have.  I suspect it is from two days off in a row that makes our legs feel strong.  We ended up going 6 miles @ 8:06 pace.  My legs feel it today.  Luckily we are running some monster hill tonight, and that is usually easy on the legs.

I biked to and from work again yesterday.  I didn't tack on anymore, cause we were running, I thought about it, but figured I'd like to still bike to work all week, and don't want the legs to be obliterated.  I am thinking Thursday I can go long-ish on the bike as it won't be a run day.  We'll see how it pans out.  Oh, only 4 people showed up last night, and it was a great night.  How do you miss out on a running night in good weather??  weird. 

March is really starting off on the right foot.  Sun, Sun, Sun.  Gotta love it.

I do have a couple other things to report.  Biking to work makes me hungry all the time.  I think I ate 90,000 calories yesterday.  I couldn't stop eating.  I had that stomach empty feeling all day.  Luckily I ate mostly good stuff.  I did snack on some chips.  I made a stir fry for dinner, and ate a ton of fruit yesterday.  After my run I had the other half of cantaloupe, and 3 oranges.  I put salt on it too.  I don't put salt on anything, but fruit for some reason.  Strange I know. 

Oh well, I am just blabbering now.  Guess I will go.  It was a pretty good day yesterday though.  Puppies got a walk too.  I talked @ Lisa into going with me.  I think we may have got some stuff done around the house.  I know I at least cleaned the kitchen,  after dinner too.  Woo Hoo!!

My friend Jeff doesn't call Lisa, Lisa.  He calls her @ Lisa.  :)  We are geeks!!  :)

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