Thursday, March 25, 2010

Energy Day

Yesterday was a total energy day.  I woke up, and was totally energized the whole day.  I worked close to 10 hours, and think I am close to finishing the week on a good note.  (getting as much done as I wanted)  I came home, putzed around for just a bit, and did some stuff around the house.  Then 6:00 rolled around, and it was time to run to the track.  We meet at 6:30 after the daylight savings.

For track we did my favorite workout--mile repeats.  It is simply just a slow mile (marathon pace) followed by a tempo mile.  2 minutes recovery after the two.  We repeated it 2 more times.

A couple things to note on my marathon pace.  2-hour Riverbank is not out of the question. (7:40 pace is doable)  My tempo pace was 7:07, 7:20, (tried staying @10-k pace, first one too fast)  and the last one was a race. The 4 old guys started together.  We had the man with many first names just pace our first mile at 8:00.  (By old guys, I am by far the youngest of the 4)  After that mile Jim, and Jerry took off fast.  I kept my pace.  I felt confident in my pace.  I figured if they are going to go, then go.  At the halway point my pace was 7:20, and I felt good.  I still stayed comfortable, but perhaps picking it up a bit.  An idea surfaced to have a big 4th lap.  On the 4th lap I pick it up.  They are still a good distance ahead of me, but I feel good.  I know my last 200 is going to be big, and the last 100 will be a sprint.  I am really close to them on the turn, and the last 100 throw down!!!  It was fun, I felt good, and 6:53 for my last mile.

Man was that fun!!!

Race this weekend, hope the old guys don't beat me.  Jim is STRONG!!!!

I'm out!!!

I think the rabbit is very close to finding my sexy feet again.  Going to be one of them mornings...


Beth said...

Be afraid of the rabbit!!! :)

GREAT job on the track workouts Steve!! And good luck this weekend in your race! 15K correct?

Steve said...

Oh yeah a 15K. Should be a fun one. trails, hills, and stuff, so I am told.

Should be a good time. I told Jim it isn't very often he will have distinguished gentlemen like Jerry and I showing up at his house, so he better have breakfast ready. Jerry and I thought that made sense, unfortunately I don't think Jim did.

Ha Ha!! :)

Have a good night!!