Sunday, March 7, 2010

Run, Sun, and Fun!!

The breakfast thing didn't pan out.  Not enough planning involved I guess, so I had a lot of leftovers.  :)  No biggie though, cause we'll eat it. The run went better than expected.  I was given bad information.  Our out and back was supposed to be 6 and 6.  When I went home to map it out it was closer to 7 and 7.  I also tacked on another mile out and back.  All in all I have it as 15.7 miles, and the pace was 8:24.  It was cold.  One of those tweener days. said it was like 18.  I didn't believe it, because it also said the low for the day was going to be 31.  :)  I know I should have gone outside, but I wore a wicking shirt, and a cotton shirt over to block the wind.  I would have wore my light running jacket, but lost that last summer.  I was pretty cold, but not too bad.  I was happy about the run.  Especially when I mapped out the distance.  :)

My run was solo, as Jerry ran with Jim, which changes my plan of attack.  Jerry and Jim started at the opposite side of the out and back.  Maybe I will help Jerry on his long runs.  His marathon is 3 weeks after the Riverbank.  We'll see.  I don't really need any 20 milers, but would be willing to help.  They are hard.  One thought I had about the marathon yesterday is the 16 mile mark.  That is where the really bad math is.  16 miles is a looooong run.  10+ miles left after that.  No fast miles before 16, and probably 18 really, and maybe no fast miles at all.  :)

Anyway, (using that word again I see) the sun was out yesterday, so after my nap I was able to sit outside in the sun, and it was warm enough to sit out for an hour or so.  I took the puppies on the looong 2.3 mile route.  :)  Yes I know most of the mileage around my house.  My first marathon was run with a lot of 2.3 mile training runs.  I haven't run that thing in a couple years.  I take the dogs on it though when the weather is good, like now.

We also went to see the comedy thing at the church.  That guy was funny.  I grabbed a ticket, because I knew I might want to write his name down somewhere.  :)  Comedians name is Daren Streblow.  My stomach was hurting, I was laughing so hard.  @ Lisa said she liked it when I laugh like that.  :)

I guess that is about it.  I have a 5K race in a couple weeks.  A 15 K in 3 weeks, and am signed up under another name in the final 2 races of the corporate triple crown.  A ringer if you will.  Ha Ha!!  Just kidding, the guy who is signed up cannot run.  :)

Have a great day!!!   Should be a good one.  I am taking the road bike out.  Woo Hoo!!!

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