Thursday, March 4, 2010

Legs Are Toast!!

Yesterday after work I did not get much accomplished.  I didn't tack on any extra riding, because I was worried about my workout for the night, and how I felt a lot of my Tuesday run.  I biked home,  I may have checked the internet.  None of your business really if I did or not. :)   I then forced myself to nap.  I wanted to try and recover as much as possible for the night's speed work.  I then took the dogs for a quick walk.

For speed work I had to drive out to the Lake on the North-side, as we were running a hill.  The hill wasn't all that long, and our Wednesday was abbreviated. (abbreviated in our cool down was a 3-mile loop)  Alan wanted us to rest from "The Cross", and we are going long this weekend.  Probably anywhere from 16-20.  Jim is probably going 20, and if he is with me maybe I'll go with him.  If he is ahead of me (likely) I'll let him do his thing.  :)

For the record Wednesday was 55 minutes of running.  I have no idea how long, so just threw down 6 miles.  I cooled down with the fast feet.  Luckily the fast feet cool down slowly.  (slowly for them of course, but I felt good.)

Guess that is about it for today.  Looks like I will have great weather today, so I plan on going for a couple hours  on the bike.  Same route.  The tires are full, so hopefully I can go further.  No need for me to change into any special work out clothes on my "work bike"  :)

Have a great day!!  :)

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