Monday, March 22, 2010

Productive Sunday

From Saturday to Sunday was quite a difference. Saturday snow, and Sunday sun. Gotta like it.

First off I woke up at my normal time, but fell back asleep til I think 6:00 or so. I did my blog thing I like to do, and really putzed around on line for quite a bit. I cleaned up the kitchen, once I got moving, and did a load of laundry. I then went grocery shopping. I was only going to pick up a few meals, but there were good sales, and I picked up enough for the whole week. We may need some more sides, but luckily our local lumber yard sells a lot of that stuff. :)

After groceries, I looked outside and decided I am going running. I only ran like 4 miles yesterday, so I was like screw it. I went on my 6 mile route. I stopped off at Beau and Charity's and talked to them for a bit. They were just chilling.

I finished my run. 6.2 @ 8:40. Putzed around on line for a bit, and made dinner. Spaghetti. Seems like we have an Italian theme on Sundays for some reason.

All is cool!! My heart is upbeat, and I am upbeat. My days are being enjoyed, I don't want you to worry about that, one bit. :)

Lisa is a bit under the weather, so hoping that is nothing serious. A sore throat, yuck!! Those never seem to turn into anything good. Seems like she is sleeping o.k. though. Maybe I should wake her up... nah, that might not turn out well. :)

That is it for today!!

I really really hope you have a GREAT day!!!

I think I will. :)


p.s. I have absolutely no idea what the healthcare thing is. I know some of my liberal tweeters hate it, and some like it. Me = no clue. Obama said he was going to do it though, so kudos to him. I hope it helps people. That would be my wish. Let the others bicker at each other. I am so over that crap. :) I'll take the run.

p.s. 2-- I am listening to the advice of one of my dearest friends. I'll let them do the tri's and I will run. I love to bike, so I will have some long ones of those. :)

Now cya!!! :)

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