Sunday, March 21, 2010

Well Crap this is going to be long

First off I did think of that old guy after my race.  Glad I was alone, when thinking about him.  :)  It tells me something about my future.  I won't say anything about it.  I have hinted about it before.  Wanna know a great promise I have been given?  Everything that happens will be for good.  How about that?

A couple more things to get through.  A guy from work Emmanual is fighting the Golden Gloves Michigan tourney.  First round knockout yesterday.  He had to lose 13 lbs. this week to hit his weight.  Johnny and him had some tough workouts.  He fights at 165...BOXERS!!!  :)  He fights again Wednesday.

 I thought this course was fast.  People kept telling me it was pretty hilly.  I haven't run this race in a few years.  I have only run it once.  It was a p.r. for me.  24:22.  I beat the crap out of that time, but didn't break 22:00.  22:09.  :)

The whole race like I said was pretty hilly.  It wasn't an easy course at all.  I hit my first mile at 6:54.  By mile 2 I was at 14:17.  Something went wrong.  I think mile 2 is hard.  I remember a few years back someone who ran the race said his 2nd mile was pretty slow.  It was kind of a blur.  At mile 1 I thought I had it and at mile 2 I thought it was gone.  I still picked up the pace.  I saw a final straight away, and looked at my clock.  I got a shot.  I push, and push.  I look up...Shoot there is a turn and another straightaway.  :)  I won't do it, but I can still p.r.  Somewhere I go into a full sprint.  The one thing I am is fast for a sprint.  I didn't get it though.  I stopped my clock at 22:09, and that is what my chip time was.

Still not too bad.  A good race.  More track work, and my mile 1 and mile 2 split wouldn't have been so awful.   I didn't trust my pace.  I didn't run a good race, but like I said, I am still pretty darn fast for me.  :)

That is it for today.  I have another pretty easy week this week, as I have a fun 15K.  Kind of a slow down in training for my final push for the Riverbank.  I hope to help Jerry with some of his 20's too.  Need to sign up for a couple more races too.  Tulip Time 8K, and Town Crier which is a 10k, followed by a 5K.


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Beth said...

Soooooo close! Getting so close to 21:xx but not quite yet just keeps you coming back for more. GREAT job Steve!!