Friday, March 5, 2010


First off it was a Thursday = Friday night.  One thing different is I didn't come home exhausted, and start my "Friday" at 3:00 or whatever.  I started my Friday after I tacked on another 2 hour bike ride on top of my :20'ish to work.  No matter what anyone thinks that is a workout.  My legs were a bit rubbery when I first got off the bike.  I had that weird walk feeling you get.  I am hoping weather permitting to get my first 50 miler of the season this Sunday.  How great will that be??

Another thing is my Thursday = Friday didn't turn into me being sad.  My final song was Abba "Waterloo"  I love that song, and love that old video.  The blond from Abba was really pretty way back when.   I love how they danced too.  :)  cute.  Me not being sad, WOW!!  Gotta like that.

Anyway today is a day off, although I'll still get some biking in.  Woo Hoo!!  A great first week back to biking outside.  For the record a typical work week adds 40 miles to my biking week.  Not too shabby.  That should put me at 90 or so after today.  Sunday hopefully puts me at 140 +.  Not too shabby... for me.  Oh and also my dreadful hunger thing seems to be working its way out.  I shocked my system into a crazed hunger thing for a bit.  My system must know I am going to put it to the test this spring/summer/fall, and was just getting ready.  :)

I guess that is about it.

Happy Weekend to all... WOO HOO!!!


Steve  :)

Oh, I will leave you with a picture of Jake, Brian's dog.  Poor Puppies!!  :) Brian took the picture. Click for big version. (It's worth it, it is a great photo)

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