Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Lot To Get Through

I think I know why I haven't been following College Basketball as much as I used to pre-College, and during College.  No horses in the race.  I have been a DePaul fan forever, and they have pretty much sucked for a long time.  Tourney time is fun.

Here are my picks:

Villanova to win it all.  No reason for it, it just worked out that way.  Every year I do my bracket, and my Champion isn't who I expect it to be.  I have them playing Kansas in the Championship game.  Minor notes:  Gonzaga over Syracuse.  Gonzaga going to the elite 8.  Not good.  Cornell had a tough draw.  I have them beating Temple and then Wisconsin, and then losing to Kentucky.  If Wisconsin ends up beating Cornell, they may have a shot at beating Kentucky.  I have Alford's New Mexico team going to the Sweet-16, only to lose to West Virginia.

My Elite-8's are 1 and 2's, except for the West.  Gonzaga and Pittsburgh.  Pitt to the final 4???  Oh brother.  Should be fun.  If Gonzaga pulls the upset I will look like a Guru!!  Ha ha!!  Hope they don't get clobbered.

Track last night told me nothing.  The workout was 6 or 8 -800's with an active 200 recovery.  I did 5.  :)   I actually wouldn't have made it home if I did more.  Bathrooms weren't open, and one more hard effort would not have been pretty.  I had to run home too.

My times ranged from 3:21- 3:31.  Like I said real close.  I told Alan it I were to guess my time it would be anywhere from 21:58-22:02.  :)  Maybe worse.  We'll see.

Funny Story:

Yesterday Lisa had a spill.  Just a brief glimpse in what it is like living with me.  Lisa was raking the leaves in front, and I was taking a nap on the grass with the puppies.  (I am tapering remember!!!)  She said she was going to go in back to lay down, and read.  I asked if she wanted to take the puppies for a walk.  She gave me a not interested look, but came anyway.  We were going pretty short anyway.  We are walking and she makes a noise.  A noise girls don't like to make, and a noise guys always seem to find funny.  First thing I do is look back, look at her, and grab my phone.  She knows I am thinking of tweeting it.  A struggle ensues for the phone.  We are laughing, and she stumbles and falls hard on her front.  Laughing ends.  Her finger hurts like hell now, and her knees are a bit banged up.  Nothing serious, but she'll be hurting for a while.  The fall was not graceful.  We laughed about it later some.  I was worried at first, and so was she.  Poor Lisa, you know I will tell people at work.  Ha Ha!!!

I guess that is about it for today.  Nothing major on the workout front today.  I may tack on some to my bike ride home, but that will be about it.  I have some laundry to do, dinner to make, and  a little basketball to watch.

Have a great day!!!  :)


Beth said...

Man...Villanova needing overtime in the FIRST ROUND GAME???? You better hope Gonzaga wins a big one for you!!!! HAHAHA! :)

And hey - GOOOOOOOD Luck this weekend in your race! That 22 is going down as hard as Villanova in the 2nd round.... ;)

Steve said...

Ha Ha!! You really crack me up!!

I haven't given up my tourney hopes yet though. I hope to at least beat you. :)

Have a great night!! I think you are GREAT!!! :)