Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fantastic Day

After last week's total physical meltdown, I needed to taper.  I am tapering, and feel  good.  Yesterday all I did was bike probably 12-14 miles.  I went to the bike shop after work to get some lubricant for the bikes.  Nothing too hard, but I was sweating by the time I got home.  Lisa was in the back poop scooping, so I went out there and hung out with her and the animals.  I am tapering so I let her poop scoop. (It is an important race for me you know!!)  I did have to carry the 9000 lb. bag to the garbage though.  Still I love being outside.

Now you have my secret.  Why do I go into work so early??  To get out of work at 2:00 every day.  I get every afternoon off.  Now that is fantastic.  Granted I need a little help, and I have that.  I am blessed with a good amount of energy.  I don't need a ton of sleep, which helps.  Oh and working out a lot and being gassed by 8:00 p.m. helps too.  Helps me getting up early.

Let me add some spring pictures.  I sent them to Brian and told him it was why we are #2 and he is #3.  (Holland ranked higher than Honolulu)  He of course responded inappropriately with regards to #2.  A different #2.   :)

There you have it.  Proof Spring is here.  We'll have another bad patch of weather I am sure, but nothing too severe I hope.  One of the things I like doing is watching the perennials come up, and grow bigger and bigger day by day.  It doesn't really make me faster, but I like doing it.  :)

Track work tonight.  I should have a pretty good gauge of where I am at for this weekend's 5K.  Will 22:00 be broken this race or the Brian Diemer in June.  I should know more tonight, and I'll probably have a real good idea after Saturday's race.  :)

Hope you have a great day!!

Oh and FYI I have a 15K next week, but it really isn't an important one.  It is a hard course so I am told.  trails, hills, etc...  Just a fun run.  I have no real fast 15K's out there, so it should be a P.R., unless it is real hard.

O.K. gotta scoot.  cya!!!

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Beth said...

Yeah spring flowers!! Hope track goes well tonight!