Tuesday, March 30, 2010

So Many Titles to Choose From

Yesterday was quite the eventful day.  I woke up earlier than I needed, and still managed to putz around too much, and got into work at 5:20 instead of my desired 5:00.  Something that happens quite a bit M-F.  :)

3 things really stand out.  I sent 3 messages to 3 friends.  One was going through a rough patch.  We have only been friends for like a month.  I know her sister-in-law, and I went to school with her husband.  Her husband is new to FB, and non-existent to FB.  Anyway I like her and sent her words of encouragement.  I wasn't having the best of days yesterday.  I struggle with that a lot actually, although not everyone knows.  A friend of mine from H.S. posted something that really settled me down.  I think it will help me very long-term too.  I sent her a word of thanks.  I also sent another letter/ message to someone also from H.S. She has disappeared from FB, and just making sure things were o.k.  She gave it up for lent, also wine, chocolate, all things digital, and maybe even something else.  I told her I could give up chocolate, but that would be about it.  :)

Anyway it is those things that really make my day.  I love that the most.  Oh and there is another person too who is always having these awesome status updates.  She signs all her posts with XO's.  Don't know why, but I love the XO's signature.  I think it is cute or something.  She is pretty GREAT too.

Oh, and I had a run too.  Legs weren't all that great, so kept it at 5 miles.  I just raced Saturday, so that might have been it.  I wanted to do a trail run, but still a little cold, so wanted to stay in the sun.  8:45 pace.  Lisa worked in the flower beds, I hung out, and cooked out.

Really a pretty great day, and things are looking good for today too, since I will be biking.  :)  oh and probably cooking out too.  Gotta love Spring and Summer huh?

Gotta Run!!

Have a great day!!!  :)

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jessica said...

thanks for all the comments lately -- I'm a terrible commenter, probably the reason I'm one of the last 2 people in the US who hasn't joined Facebook ;)