Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Cross

I don't know the total mileage we did.  I am putting it down as 11.5. (comes out to 9:16 pace so seems about right)  We added some distance, cause we couldn't park where we normally do.   The park was roped off for some reason.  We parked closer at a school, and that took a good 2 miles off our route I guess.  Jerry, Jim, and I ended up adding more than we were supposed to.  We went too far at the new turnaround point.  It is a hard run.  I forgot how hard it was.  I only did "The Cross" once before.  Here are some pictures from not even the hardest leg.


Like I said it is a pretty hilly course!  There is no hiding here either.  The strong ones appear.  Bob and Kristen were the strongest.  The guy I carpooled with was stronger than someone else from the group, which surprised me.  He typically is slower in speed work, but was stronger today in the hills.  We learned a lot of stuff.  Jim is stronger than me and Jerry too.  We always caught up to him at the gatorade/water breaks.  :)  Only other thing to add to this was I felt great at the end, and kicked it into a pretty high gear for the last 1/2 mile to the car.  

Really not much else to report.  I was tired the rest of the day yesterday.  My nap was cut short, and so I just chilled the rest of the afternoon/evening.  I went to bed early, got a good night's sleep, and obviously am up early this morning.  

I am going to make @ Lisa some pancakes this morning.  A little later.

Hope you have a great day!!  :) 

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Beth said...

Whoa, those are some seriously big hills!!! Makes you strong, strong, strong though!

Hope the pancakes were good. And happy anniversary by the way... ;)