Tuesday, February 23, 2010


There sure aren't many posts on this blog.  Weird.  No I am just kidding.  Obviously I had a hard week last week.  Anyway I used one of the trainers at the Livestrong thing I did.  I liked it, so I bought a trainer for my bike.  Should I have?  I don't know, I know it will help me with cycling, and that is such a big boost to me for when I start cycling when the weather warms up.  After my swim (1250) I think I rode the bike downstairs for an hour.  I watched 2 Seinfeld episodes and an "Office" episode.  Well, at least 1/2 of one.  :)  I then ate some dinner and went to bed at...a pretty early time.  Maybe a little tired from all the typos this weekend.

Weird thing that happened.  I switched my checking account Friday at the Credit Union from a points based one to an interest bearing one.  I don't know why, I let them talk me into it.  They did it.  Gave Lisa and I new cards, but the funds didn't transfer from the one account to the other.  We bounced like 6 credits over the weekend.  I went and straightened it out.  They have that all figured out.  They still have the  $30 fees out of my account, but perhaps it will update those out of there this morning.

That is about it.  Tonight I run downtown, and maybe I'll ride the trainer some more.  Maybe not though too, my butt is sore.  It needs to get back into riding gear too.  My recollection is it usually only takes a week or so to get the butt unsore.  I think maybe I will just do pull ups and push ups before my run.  we'll see.  I have to go grocery shopping today too.  Need stuff for a few meals.


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Beth said...

Yeah!! Glad you have a trainer - it will help with the bike training - that is once the butt becomes un-sore. ;)