Friday, April 2, 2010

Just in case

My first line of yesterday was not crazy talk, just in a spiritual sense you know??

"I don't always know where I am going, and what I am doing, but I really am enjoying my journey.  I follow people, see people, and see a lot of good." 
  • follow people- bloggers
  • going and doing (the path)
  • see good via FB and bloggers and life etc...

I kind of worried about that a bit.  Don't want people thinking I am crazier than I already am.  :)
(that is a joke too)  SHEESH you people!!  come on!!  :)

Oh and the title was I had nothing to write.  ME!!??  Lorraine's blog inspired me, and boom I had something to write.  I had nothing I swear to write, and boom, there it was.  (Now I am worrying about you, have a little faith.)  Ha ha!!!  :)

I don't have too much today, so this will be short.  Wednesday's workout, I didn't talk about.  I had other things on my mind.  I ended up doing 6-1000's some did 8, some did 5, I did 6.  My training has hit a slow down area it seems.  I didn't end up going anywhere near the 864,000 miles on the bike I planned.  I seem to be enjoying the weather instead.  :)  I'll get back to it today.

Listen to this craziness.  (really glad I kept Wednesday's workout at 10-K pace)


2-10:00 runs at threshold 2 minutes break in between
hour run
1-more 10 minute run at threshold
YIKES!!!  :)  I'll need a nap after that one I bet.  :)

(don't know what the hell threshold is, but I assume 5-8K pace  :))

Have a great day!!

xo's  :)


friend said...

thanks for the kudos! glad to help. And your posts are honestly not crazy family believes I'm ready for the funny farm (again) because they fail to ask me questions...after they do, then I'm ok, just back to being the weird sister, daughter, in-law, wife...God knows, He's helping me see too!

love you.

Steve said...

Our connection. We spent time in the funny farm. Me a 6 days in P.I.C.U.

If the Docs can see us now. :)

Toni McAlister said...

:-) How much do you normally run? I only did a 10K once...once!! That wasn't in a race either.

Steve said...

Toni, I run 3-4 times each week. usually 25-30 miles though, so that is hard on the legs, and I am injury prone. Wanna get to do more 4 days, with more trail running. (easier on the legs)

My yearly goal is always the marathon, but took me a few years to learn how to run 3 miles comfortably.

Beth, and the people I follow really help me. :)

Congrats again today. :)

Toni McAlister said...