Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sleeping In!!

Well I slept in til 7:00 a.m.  2 things:  I don't usually blog past early morning, and something else too,  it escapes me though.    :)   ahahahaaa!!!  now that is pretty bad. 

The run yesterday went pretty well.  I started off slow slow slow, just calm.  No hard breathing, as a matter of fact I don't think I breathed hard the whole run, so I wasn't going all out.  Once I hit the halfway point I picked it up a bit I believe.  I know my 2nd half time was 7 seconds quicker than the first half time, and the 2nd half has a 4-5 mile section of hills.  I don't ever remember it being so hilly, but it sure is. 

The people who zoomed by me in the first half got caught in the 2nd half.  Since it was a group training run, I think we go just a tad bit faster than a regular one, but at the end I still had plenty of kick, and could have gone on.  Not 10+ miles on, but further.  Doing a 25 K in May makes me happy I am not doing a marathon.  It is that crazy math.  15.53 is a long way to run, but adding 10+ miles is quite a bit.  I'll be ready for the fall though. 

Now starts a nice stretch for me.  8K race this weekend.  Hope to P.R....  I should.  25K race the next weekend, and then solo training for the Diemer 5K.  That 5K is a huge race for me.  You know I want to break that 22:00 barrier.  That sucker is going down!!!!  It won't be in my name cause I am a ringer for the corporate challenge.  (Ha Ha... just kidding on the ringer part)  filling in is what I should say, under some other person's name.  :)

Guess that is it.  Kudos to those who ran 20 as part of the Riverbank preview run.  The ones from our group started their 20 the same time I started my 15.53 run, and we finished the same time.

Those fast feet!!!! 

White Sox another walk off.  Blackhawks tie short-handed with 14??  16??  seconds left, and win right after they killed off a 5 minute major.  Good day to be a Chicago fan.

I am out!!



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Beth said...

I smell many PRs in the coming weeks.... Yeah!!