Wednesday, April 14, 2010

In My Limited Experience

That is how it works.  A tough day, or period, and then a good day.  Tough days are sooooo long though, it seems.  swollen eyes was back to her bubbly self, and she even wore two different shoes for like 15 hours yesterday.  :)

I don't have much to write about today, I don't think, so this will be short.  I worked, duh.  I rode my bike and tacked on another 10 extra miles or so after work.  I cleaned the kitchen.  I think every dish was dirty.  Damn slobs live around here, I tell you.  :)  I helped Lisa by finishing her edging project.  We were going to do the garden, but are saving it for today.  YAY!!  Cooked on the grill, and boom that is it. 

Exciting life I know, but I enjoy my moments.

That is it,  I think I am going to take a nap before work.  Guess I wasn't a giraffe in a past life.  Who Knew???

for the record I didn't take a nap, and feel well rested.  Woo Hoo!!

Ha ha!!

Have a great day!!

Running in circles tonight.  :)

This Just came in,  Want you to know for the record we still are #2!!!  :)
Happiest people = Holland #2;  Honolulu #3  

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