Saturday, April 10, 2010

Excited For Today!!

Should be a fun day.  Long run today, I am only going 12-ish miles, due to going to Chicago.  My race is 15.63 though so who cares.  I have the distance down.  I am missing a tune up race this weekend.  A hard 10K course followed by a 5K.  Those are always hard races, but really no biggie, cause I have a very good amount of running in me since my last marathon.  Over 100 miles every month, so that is good.

The weather is making a nice change for the better,  I am happy about that.  Can't wait to see the H.S. people,  I have a feeling they all think I am a bit loony, as let's just say on social networking areas, I can be a bit whacky.  Not so in real life.  ;)  j/k.  I am a nut!!!  (not literally)  :)

I got a short run in yesterday.  3.13 miles.  Who knew I had a 5K course by my house??  funny.  It was good if for no other reason then to take my inserts out of my running shoes, so they dry up from Wednesday.  I forgot to tell you I think,  I got poured on.  Fun Fun!!

Don't have much else today.  "E" won his bout, and goes for Michigan Golden Gloves title today.  He is in the novice division, so they don't have a National Tourney, but wait til next year.  Johnny and him will kick some butt.

Guess that is it.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.

cya!!!!  :)

White Sox =  no worries, cause it is a long season.  :)

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Toni McAlister said...

Rain Runs are my favorite! When is your next race?