Monday, April 26, 2010

Lazy Sunday For -bike ride

Lance does it again!!!!

Some know, some don't, I got started biking.  I got a little out of shape mid to late 30's, which I believe was due to a ruptured disc in my back.  One year or so of no exercise to speak, til surgery, and then a couple years to get back in the swing of things. My high point I believe was 217, and now I am around 165.  Why do I run???  I was in good shape biking... 174 lbs. so I thought like High School I would go out and run a few miles.  I made it one mile and the legs throbbed!!!  I was hooked, cause it was hard.

I knew people ran marathons and stuff, and I wanted to find out how.  You read about guys like Dean Karnazes, (Ultra Marathon Man)  You wonder how??  Then you realize, nope not me.  There are people who inspire me.  Lance has always been one too.  He helped me on this day.

I knew we were going to have crappy weather, but I thought perhaps I can get a bike ride in before the rains come.  Me being the lazy sort of person I am didn't really look at the weather close.  (Satellite view) just saw 60% chance of rain.  I went out.  All long rides go down 66th st.  I was about 10 miles out, and it started raining.  I thought of turning back, but thought of Lance.  I am sure he did plenty of bike rides in the rain.  So I kept going to Saugatuck, turned around and headed home.  I ended up with about 26.5 miles or so on the bike, and I loved every minute of it.  I was doing something I knew Lance would do.  That is how motivation is I think. 

Holy crap is this a long entry!!!  :)

I am a different runner than I was a couple years back.  A couple years back I increased my distance a ton.  I did not race any good races, as I was injured for all the ones I was training for.  The training you cannot take away.  Last year was a year of several P.R.'s, and it was also a year I started reading bloggers.  For those who don't know the original 4 were Beth, Audrey, Barb, and .... let's just say the shy one.  While everyone was sleeping I was reading them.  So they inspired me too.  (many days off were not taken, cause of how hard they worked)

Now one more thing, cause why not right??  Not everyone can run, not everyone can bike, and not everyone can swim.  Everyone can do something though right??  You all have gifts, you just have to use them.  Like I told Jen who is not a runner.  Everything she does is magical.  Great photographs, and love her updates.  Her heart is huge!!!  so impressed with her.   I love her blog.  I like reading everyone that I read.

One more thing to add....  crap!!!  forgot what it was.  Wait I remember.  I know some people are going through some hard times.  So far everyone is strong enough to get through it.  Take these words from Gina to heart, cause they are true.  God never gives us more than we can handle.  A rainy outside often times is a rainy personal day for us.  Not so fun, but it helps turn us into flowers.  We all end up having to deal with stuff, but keep your head high, cause my promise to you is it is for the greater good.

oops forgot something.  Didn't do crap after my workout.  Had a good time, and guess what?  Hal is coming to my house tonight, as he'll be in Michigan.  Woo Hoo!!  I have plenty of Coors Light on hand.... for me.  He'll have to bring the beer they named after him.  "Arrogant Bastard"  Ha Ha!!!  Might have to set my alarm for tomorrow.   Holy crap look what time it is, now I am going to have to really rush if I am to make it 20 minutes after the 2-1/2 hours early I'd like to be.  :))))

Best Wishes all

xo's.  :)

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