Monday, April 19, 2010

ZOIKS, I missed a day

Big training weekend.

First off Saturday morning long run.  16.35 miles I think.  Tempo miles added.  Here is the workout:

7 miles warm up
1 mile tempo, followed by 1 mile marathon pace
1.5 mile tempo followed by 1.5 mile marathon pace
2 mile tempo followed by 2 mile marathon pace

I did pretty good on the 1 and 1.5 miler, but I doubt I had any real fast speeds on the 2 mile tempo.  We finished with a mile on the track, which was supposed to be our final marathon pace mile.  I think I hit 8:30/8:40 or so on that mile.  It was the only one I knew the time of.  Overall it was 8:35 pace I think.  Surprised at that, but whatever.  I remember really keeping the brakes on until we hit the 7 mile mark, so maybe that was it.  Who knows??  Hard workout,  didn't nap worth a piss, and hung out with some friends.  Highlight of the evening was a girl Summer.  I saw sadness in her eyes.  She pretended it wasn't there, but then acknowledged it.  That will be good for her.  Need to be truthful about it.  Another friend had the same kind of night.  I am very happy for Summer, and very proud of my other friend. 

Sunday was a big workout day.  My phone died Saturday night, and I just slept at Beau and Charity's on their really really comfy chair.  Lisa dropped me off, as she knew I at some point should not be driving.  :)  Sunday was a bike day, and I had a big one, at least for me.  70 miler.  A personal record for me.  It was a beautiful day.  I took my camera with me, but only took one picture, and that was taken with my phone.  :)

Legs felt good the whole way, so that was good.  I have my biking legs, and now want to add more miles.

A friend of mine has a special gift.  She can see things, but doesn't always know what they mean.  She saw the lady in white.  I was given a gift of knowing what it meant.  Spiritually after my final suffering I am the lady in white.  Obviously not a lady really, but I know what it means spiritually, and that I do not share with you... yet or perhaps never.  Perhaps it is something you find out on your own. 

I promised to add pictures, but not feeling it right now.  It takes sooooooo long. :)  I am tired, because after my 70 miler I slept like a giraffe.  4 hours max, and perhaps less.  My neck is sore, so gonna nap up.  :)  j/k on the neck thing.  giraffe... neck  get it ??  Ha Ha!!  I know real funny!!!

cya  and have a good day, and a good week.  :)

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Beth said...

HUGE weekend Steve! And that is one tough way to get a long run in with the tempo/marathon miles. Woo-hoo! Great training!