Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shiraz or Merlot??? questions to ponder...

Starting this sucker without a title,  as I have no idea what the heck I'll be writing about.  Last night was a typical night for us.  I biked to the grocery store after work (.25 mile perhaps)  Just bought some stuff for the grill, and a bottle of wine.  I was talked into getting a bottle of Shiraz.... for the record it was o.k.  A lot of times I go for the Merlot... as a more bang for the buck type of theory, but the Shiraz definitely tastes better.  I'll remember that.  It was on sale for $5.99.  I always always always buy the cheap wine.  :)

For me wine + outside + sky + plants + flowers =  GREAT NIGHT!!  wife too.  :)   We sit outside a lot... if you can't tell.  That is what I do.  I love that on the days I don't have other things planned.  Tonight I run in circles.  I know what we are doing, but am not telling.  The Marathoners have a tough one.  Mine won't be easy, but I get to do one less 12 minute run than them....   DOH!!!!! 

That is it for now, but may add some red-lined stuff later, as it is only 3:16 am.  I am determined to make it at 5:00 am today though, so we'll see.

I got it now.  Today is not about me in any way shape or form.  It is about you two.  I hope today is a good one.  One is missing her family, and one is cherishing.  Dessert tonight for everyone!!!  I don't do dessert, but going to let Hailey and Lisa go get some ice cream from Captain Sundae.  You know what???  I may have her get me a hot fudge Sunday.  May need it after my 3-12:00's

Love you all

xo's  Gotta love the double signature!!!   :)

Have a good one!!

xo's  :)

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