Thursday, April 22, 2010

Saved By Twitter

O.K. so my stupid watch has like 8 different time settings, or views it can switch from, I guess I should say.  Stop watch, alarm, some other stupid stop watch that counts down from an hour.  Blah, blah, blah.  I don't set my alarm downstairs, I just wake up naturally.  I woke up this morning and one of the things said 1:55.  Guess it is time to get up.

I am doing my normal thing, and to my phone comes a message.  At this hour...2:30 a.m, I believe. I figure it is some stupid e-mail thing.  Nope a tweet from @jefStark wondering if he is going to beat me to work.  I look, and think, what????  What is he doing up.  Time on the tweet says 5:25.   I am like what???  I look at my computer, and it says 5:25.  Ha Ha!!!  How does that happen?

Good news...  I am well rested for a day after the track!!!

Bad news... I am going to have to really rush now if there is any chance of me making it 20 minutes...... ahhhh never mind.

Last night:

4-mile warm up/ cool down

8-1000's @1 minute rest-- My pace 7:07

A little over two weeks out from my race, and I am starting to feel pretty good where I am at, as far as training.  We run the 25K course this weekend.

If the legs feel o.k., I think I might run the church trails after work.  We'll see.  It was a hard workout last night, but walking at work + biking to work loosens things up.

I gotta get going, cause that son-of-a bitch @jefStark will brag way too much about beating me to work.

Shit!!!!!  :)

Have a good one all!!

xo's.   :))

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