Sunday, April 4, 2010

Jerry Building

Now I had a tough workout, but it was Jerry who had the toughest.  Jerry has been trying to qualify for Boston for several years, and he is doing something special this year. 

His workout:

6 miles with Jim @ 7:30 pace

2-10:00 runs on the track

9- miles after that.  Me and the man with many first names paced him in low 8's on the run for a few miles. Maybe 4 or 5.

What was a hard workout for me was nothing compared to Jerry.  He didn't have time to finish his last 10:00, his wife had to go somewhere and they have a kid with special needs.  Anyway Jerry is looking strong.  His qualifier is 3:45 I believe, he's got that I would think.  Go Jerry Go!!

In other news Jerry after the wind/hill 15K race went home and finished to-do-lists.  Jim and I took naps.  :)

What a guy. 

We ran with angels yesterday.

saw a lady again who I used to see all the time running with her dog.  Stopped seeing her, and then I saw her walking a lot.  Now I see her running again.  I like seeing her, she seems nice.  :)

Have a good day all.  Seems like it will be a pretty nice day. 

Take care!!

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