Saturday, April 3, 2010


Here is the quick story. 

First off I raced the last two weekends, and don't remember what time the running group starts.  I hope it is  7:00.  I slept in til 5:15.  Quite a week. 

I don't know how many years ago this was, but we were still at the old store.  A person, Steve Rose looked me up at Menards.  We were High School friends.  We hung out  a few times here and there.  I went to a High School with a graduating class of 800 or so- hung out with many different people.  I know we did one of the homecomings together at his house.  Junior year I think.  I don't remember who else was there.  That was 463 years ago, and still forget stuff.

Anyway we kept trying to hook up in Michigan, but I was busy, or he was.  It never worked out.  I was always under the assumption things were going great.  Great job, wife, kids, etc...  Little did I know.  He had issues.  He was looking for meaning in his life.

Really a lot of sad stuff.  I think I could have helped, because people who come and hang out with us here, are generally happy.  We have a lot of positive stuff going on.  Lisa and I are happily married.  We still to this day have fought like maybe as many times as you can count on one hand. 

Well, whatever, that really hurts a lot.  He died like "into the wild" a man trying to find some answers.

God help us all!! 

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friend said...

did Steve Rose die recently or is this an old story? I didn't know.

peace be with Steve and his family.