Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pre-race = No Race!!

I decided not to run the race this weekend after all.  My main goal for the weekend was miles.  Last year the run to the race was fine, the race was fine, but the run back sucked.  So I thought I am not going to pay for this race, when I can run with the group.  My goals for this Saturday will be accomplished.  My goals this year are 5K, 10K, 1/2 marathon, Marathon p.r.'s.  I have the 25K, and the 8K p.r. in the book already.  None would have happened on this race this weekend, so I saved...or at least didn't spend.... so called money on the race.  :)  I'll find something else to blow it on... or at the very least Lisa will.  :)

In other news I am mad at my stupid road bike.  I am not riding that piece of crap for at least a week.  Teach that sucker!!  I am going to leave him in the garage, and let him think about things for a while.  He is going to have to get on board if he wants to be part of my summer!!  ... excuse me a second..... YOU STUPID FUCKING ROAD BIKE!!!!....  there better!!!   :)

That means my plans on Sunday will change a bit.  I may take my work bike out for a couple hours, just bopping around town, and what not.  I may go to the beach after too, or hang outside and listen to music.  We'll see Sunday is up in the air.  Actually so is Saturday to be honest.  I'll only run til like 9:00 am or so.  We shall see. 

Tuesday we are going kayaking.  I am going to leave work early, and took a vacation day on Wednesday.  I may not want to wake up early.  :)   As we get toward the end of the kayaking session.  About 4 hours into it, we end up having to pee every 16 seconds.  Funny watching the  anti-mosquito bite pee dances.  Good to be a guy as far as that is concerned I guess.  Ha ha!!!

That is it for today!!

Hope you all have a great and awesome day!!  :)

xo's!!!  :)

Love you all!!!  :)

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