Sunday, July 4, 2010

Company, Poopy Pants...NO!!... and I am old Dammit!!!

Saturday was long run.  My legs felt good, because I took 2 days off of running before hand.  I had to cut it short, because I didn't want poopy pants.  I also didn't want to jump in the foresty areas, as there were 5 billion mosquitoes.  I tried, and got the heck out of there.  I ended up going 8.7 @ 8:34 pace.  It was surprisingly cool out, hence the fastish pace. 

Let me tell you who I saw.  The 67 year old guy who paced me to 7:30's on the track last year during one of my bad days.  I found out the 67 year old guy is going to be 66 this month sometime I think.  I think I'll take some of what he's been eating.  :)  His mileage is down from his Fargo marathon, as he is cut it down to 60 miles/ week...  Um.....what???  Before Chicago last fall he was running 90 miles/week.  There are some crazy awesome people out there huh?  Some do great things athletically, and some have a great viewpoint, and great outlook.  This gentleman, I totally forgot his name, but his son-in-law is running to be our Federal Representative.  His name is Jay Riemersma.  Yes that one.  He is proud of his son in law that is for sure.  We ran together a good 5 miles... give or take.  I'll see him Wednesday for speed work. 

We played volleyball at the beach yesterday.  Now I am not a good jumper that is for sure, but put me on sand it is pathetic.  1 inch off the ground maybe??  on a good jump!!  :)  It is fun though.  We lost the 3rd game to lose the series.  We were up 10-2 and lost 15-12.  :)  We were all beat, and tired.  I couldn't stop laughing at every little stupid thing that happened.  I was getting winded from laughing so much.  I think I strained every groin muscle I have too.  If there are 90 of those muscles I strained 467 of them.  :)   Ouch!!

We also jumped in the lake for a bit.  I even swam for a bit.  I thought... hmmm.  I went to bed as soon as I got home, because I am old dammit!!!  :)

That is it for this Sunday!!  :)

Hope you all have a great and Awesome day!!!  :)

xo's!!!!  :)

Love You All!!!   :)


Beth said...

Happy 4th Steve!! And I agree, poopy pants are never good. I hear ya on that one. ;)

Nancy said...

Should've asked me, Steve---I think I know where every bathroom stop is on that run out there :o)

Leigh Kminek said...

Nancy knows about bathroom stops and I know all about poop! Good choice to avoid poopy pants